Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Manufacturers and suppliers of X-ray spectroscopy equipment, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry instruments, X-ray diffraction instruments (X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, portable XRF spectrometers, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for metal sorting, alloy checking, handheld portable XRF metal analyzers, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for precious metals analysis, XRF gold analyzers, X-ray fluorescence sulfur-in-oil analyzers, XRF total sulphur analyzers, process X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, process XRF analyzers, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for surface microanalysis, element mapping and imaging, X-ray microanalysis systems, X-ray microspectrometers, XRF microanalyzer systems, X-ray diffractometers, XRD systems). Производители и поставщики оборудования, приборов для рентгенофлуоресцентного анализа, рентгеноструктурного анализа (рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры, портативные, ручные рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры, рентгенофлуоресцентные анализаторы состава металла, марки сплава, спектрометры для определения содержания драгоценных металлов, золота в сплавах, рентгенофлуоресцентные анализаторы содержания серы в нефти, нефтепродуктах, промышленные рентгенофлуоресцентные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные аналитические микроскопы, рентгеновские микроспектрометры, рентгеновские дифрактометры.
International companies index. Международный указатель компаний.
Analytical X-Ray Systems (AXRS).
Analytical X-Ray Systems Co. Ltd. is the official representative of PANalytical B.V. (Netherlands) in Russia. PANalytical (formerly Philips Analytical) is one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray diffractometry and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry instrumentation worldwide, with more than half-century experience in this field. PANalytical manufactures a complete range of XRD and XRF instrumentation: X-ray fluorescence spectrometers with wave-length dispersion (classical X-ray fluorescent spectrometers, XRF systems), energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (ED-XRF spectrometers, EDXRF analyzers), X-ray diffraction instruments (X-ray diffractometers, XRD systems), automated analytical systems, accessory equipment for X-ray diffraction analysis and X-ray fluorescence analysis. PANalytical also manufactures X-Ray tubes for X-ray spectrometers and X-ray diffractometers.
Analytical X-Ray Systems delivers and supports the complete model range of X-ray analytical and research instruments manufactured by PANalytical without any exceptions. The company provides service and application method support for X-ray diffractometry and X-ray spectrometry instrumentation.
APC Analytische Produktions-, Steuerungs- und Controllgerate GmbH.
APC GmbH is a manufacturer of process analytical equipment (process X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, online XRF analyzer system) for mining industry, cement industry, mineral processing and power plants. APC GmbH manufactures process XRF analyzers (on-line X-ray fluorescence spectrometers) and equipment for bulk sample preparation (hammer mills). APC GmbH manufactures a fully automated multi-element on-line XRF analyzer system for bulk materials such ase coal, ores, minerals and comprises a sample taking device combined with XRF analyzer. The XRF analyzer system may be positioned at conveyor-belts, crushers or attached as analyzer to an automated sampling system of different make. The online XRF analyzer system is equipped with the process X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, which allows simultaneous analysis of up to eight elements from Al to U. APC GmbH manufactures on-line sampling equipment for for bulk material, and equipment for sample preparation, including two hammer mills, an air mill and a sample dryer.
Bourevestnik (St. Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of X-ray diffraction and X-ray spectroscopy instruments, X-ray analyzing crystals, X-ray detectors, high voltage power supplies, electrochemical analysis equipment, osmometers (milliosmometers).
Bruker Corporation.
Bruker is a manufacturer of quadrupole, ITD, TOF mass-spectrometers, GC/MS, MS/MS, LC/MS/MS systems, FTIR, FT-NIR, Raman spectrometers, NMR, EPR spectrometers, NMR analyzers, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, portable XRF analyzers, X-ray diffractometers, single crystal diffraction instruments (XRD, SCD systems), spark-OES metal analyzers, combustion elemental analyzers, portable ion mobility spectrometers, portable FTIR analyzers, biological, chemical and nuclear detection instruments. Bruker Scientific Instruments Division (Bruker AXS, Bruker BioSpin, Bruker Daltonics, Bruker Optics) offers a broad range of instruments and solutions for analytical chemistry, life sciences, clinical research, materials research, environmental analysis, forensics, lab automation, process control, quality control.
Bruker AXS manufactures a broad range of X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for quantitative elemental analysis, portable XRF spectrometers (handheld XRF analyzers), X-ray fluorescence microanalysis instruments (micro-XRF spectrometers, X-ray microanalysis systems), X-ray diffraction instruments, single crystal diffraction systems (SCD systems), and X-ray components (X-ray sources, detectors, X-ray optics). Bruker AXS also manufactures sparc optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis (spark OES metal analyzers) and combustion analyzers for metals. Bruker AXS manufactures atomic force microscopes / scanning probe microscopes (AFM/SPM systems). Bruker AXS offers radionuclide spectrometers.
CAMECA (France) is a manufacturer of surface microanalysis and elemental mapping instruments for research, materials science, geology, geosciences, semiconductors, and metrology equipment for semiconductor industry. CAMECA is a business unit of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division. CAMECA manufactures low energy X-ray emission spectrometry systems, SIMS microprobe analyzers, secondary ion mass spectrometry systems for semiconductors materials science and geosciences, EPMA, electron probe microanalysis systems for materials science and geosciences, laser assisted tomographic atom probe microanalysis and imaging systems for materials and semiconductors. The CAMECA instruments provide elemental and isotopic composition data from micron down to sub-nanometer scale. The company manufactures a broad range of secondary ion mass spectrometers for surface microanalysis: universal magnetic sector SIMS system for materials and semiconductors, magnetic sector SIMS system for advanced semiconductors, magnetic sector SIMS system for geoscience laboratories, ultra high sensitivity magnetic sector SIMS system for geoscience labs, high performance SIMS system for isotopic and trace element analysis at high spatial resolution, universal quadrupole SIMS system for semiconductors and materials, shielded magnetic sector SIMS system for radioactive samples (on request). CAMECA manufactures laser assisted tomographic atom probe microanalysis and imaging system providing quantitative atomic scale 3D elemental mapping of chemical heterogeneities in materials. Laser assisted tomographic atom probe microanalysis and imaging system features atomic scale depth resolution in semiconductors, excellent mass resolution even on low thermal conductivity materials, large area of analysis (up to 100 nm in diameter) for a better statistics on composition measurements, flexible and fast dedicated FIM (field ion microscopy) detector for metallurgical applications. CAMECA manufactures electron probe microanalysis system (EPMA system) for materials science and geosciences. Electron probe microanalysis system featured fully integrated optical microscope, up to 5 wavelength dispersive spectrometers (WDXRF spectrometers), + energy dispersive spectrometer (EDXRF spectrometer), high voltage electron gun operates at up to 40 kV for elements with high atomic number, trace element measurements and high speed X-ray mapping. Also manufactures shielded electron probe microanalysis system for radioactive samples. Electron probe microanalyzer system are equipped with a complete kit of built-in microscopy tools that allow simultaneous X-ray (WDXRF and EDXRF), SEM and BSE imaging. CAMECA manufatures process control systems for the semiconductor manufacturing industry (metrology tools): in-line low energy X-ray emission spectrometer system, near-line full wafer magnetic sector SIMS analyzer, automated, full wafer quadrupole SIMS analyzer.
CCS Services.
CCS Services (russian representation of CCS Services SA) supplies portable arc OES alloy sorter, portable and desktop spark OES spectrometers - metal analyzers, handheld XRF spectrometers - metal analyzers, atomic absorption spectrometers, hollow cathode lamps and graphite parts for AAS instruments, ICP-AES spectrometers, ICP-MS spectrometers, sample introduction systems for ICP-OES and ICP-MS spectrometers, mercury analyzers, GC, GC/MS systems, HPLC systems, LC/MS systems, FTIR spectrometers, UV-Visible-NIR spectrophotometers, fluorescence spectrometers. CCS Services supplies microwave digestion systems, microwave ashing systems, microwave extraction systems, microwave sub-boiling acid distillation system (Milestone Srl). The company supplies laboratory water circulators, water chillers, circulating water baths. CCS Services supplies vacuum pumps (dry scroll pumps, rotary vane pumps, diffusion pumps, turbomolecular pumps, ion pumps), high vacuum turbomolecular pumping systems, ion and titanium sublimation pumping systems, vacuum and controllers, helium mass spectrometer leak detectors, high vacuum fittings and valves, spare parts for Varian pumps (now Agilent Technologies).
Chemplex Industries.
Chemplex Industries is a manufacturer of x-ray (XRF) spectroscopy sample preparation equipment and accessories (grinding and blending equipment and supplies). Briquetting Equipment- series of the 30, 40 and 50 Ton Force SpectroPress Sample Briquetting Systems, automatic MultiAxial Powder Blender, automatic SpectroMill Ball Pestle, Impact Sample Grinder and the automatic sample grinding machine, the GyralGrinder. Dies and Supplies, Grinding and Briquetting Additives. Thin-Film Sample Supports- Continuous Rolls, Precut Squares and Circles. Microporous Film Gas Permeable Pressure Equalization Membrane. XRF Sample Cups for Philips, Asoma, Horiba, Oxford, Siemens, Rigaku, EDAX, Spectro, Metorex, Spectrace, Outokumpu, ARL and other instruments and XRF Sample Cup Accessories. SpectroStandards and XRF Powdered SpectroStandard Preparation Kit. Non-Aqueous Single Element Formulations, Non-Aqueous Sulfur Sets, Organo-Metallic Salts and Chelasol Solubilizer. Miscellaneous XRF Accessories and Supplies- X-Ray Borate Fusion Fluxes, Aluminized Thin-Film Detector and Vacuum Chamber Replacement Windows, XRD Mineralogy Set.
Cianflone Scientific Instruments Corporation.
Cianflone Scientific Instruments Corporation is a manufacturer of lab (bench top) X-ray spectrometers for composition and coating thickness measurements (XRF analyzers), and related laboratory sample preparation equipment (blender mill for sample grindind and electric arc furnace for sample remelt).
Computer Power Supply, CPS.
Computer Power Supply, CPS is a developer and manufacturer of the high-precision high voltage power supplies used for focused electron beam, scanning electron microscopes, electrophoresis, focused ion beam, X-Ray sources and many other applications. The high voltage power supplies feature exceptionally low drift, ripple, and temperature coefficients. Computer Power Supply, CPS has developed numerous power supply systems for E-Beam and Ion-Beam applications. Custom higher voltage supplies can be designed.
Detora Analytical, Inc.
Detora Analytical Inc is a manufacturer of on-line Corrosion Product Metals Monitoring (OCPM) Systems for on-line detection of metals in the sub-part-per-billion range in flow streams. Using XRF and a patented technology, Detora's On-line Metals Monitoring Systems achieve ppb and sub-ppb detection of metals spanning Aluminum to Uranium. The OCPM features real-time data display with direct connections to sample lines. The OCPM requires very little maintenance, needs no reagents, and produces no waste. 
The On-line Metals Monitoring System (OCPM) measures concentrations of parts per trillion to percent, operates on-line for monitoring a fluid stream or off-line to analyze samples, monitors single or multiple sample streams and adapts to water, oil, chemical, gas and air streams. The OCPM device incorporates patented technology to achieve superior detection limits for all but the lightest elements. Both particulate and dissolved elements can be monitored.
The OCPM MP500 Mini-Portable On-line Metals Monitoring System is a portable, more compact version of the original OCPM system, which has been used commercially for corrosion product monitoring in the nuclear power industry.
The CST - 2000 Series laboratory XRF analyzers for general use and the CST - 3100 Series on-line elemental analyzers. Detora provides on-line XRF analyzers for easy elemental monitoring of single or multiple sample streams. The analyzers use an established analytical technique, energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (XRF), for simultaneious, multi-element analysis. Applications include monitoring wastewater, coating solutions, petroleum, chemical solutions, cooling water, food processes, and many other fluids.
EDAX (a member of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division) is a manufacturer of micro-XRF analyzers, EDS and WDS detectors for SEM systems, TEM systems (X-ray microanalysis systems for electron microscopes), EBSD systems for scanning electron microscopes (crystallography, microstructural analysis using electron backscatter diffraction). EDAX manufactures wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometers that will fit on all electron microscopes (SEM, TEM systems). EDAX also manufactures integrated material characterization systems: EDS + EBSD system, EDS + WDS system, EDS + EBSD + WDS system. EDAX manufactures micro-XRF analyzers (micro-XRF spectrometers)- X-ray microanalysis instruments for non-destructive micro-spot elemental analysis, coating thickness and composition measurements, quality control in microelectronic industry, RoHS, geology, mineralogy, forensic inquiry.
FEI Company.
FEI Company is a manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes (SEM systems), transmission electron microscopes (TEM systems), dualbeams instruments (SEM/FIB systems), and focused ion beam instruments (FIB systems). FEI Company manufactures scanning electron microscopes (SEM systems) with EBIC, STEM, EDS, WDS, EBSD, and field emission gun (FEG/SEM) capabilities. FEI Company manufactures transmission electron microscopes (TEM systems) and scanning / transmision electron microscopes (S/TEM systems). FEI Company manufactures FIB/SEM systems for transmission electron microscope sample preparation (TEM sample preparation), microanalysis, 3D microscopy, 3D defect characterization, failure analysis, industrial failure analysis, process control applications, and . The FIB/SEM systems features three SEM imaging modes (high vacuum, low vacuum, ESEM), integrated focused ion beam (FIB) adds cross sectioning capabilities. ESEM mode allows in situ study of the dynamic behavior of materials at different humidity levels (up to 100% RH) and temperatures (up to 1500° C). FEI Company offers full wafer DualBeam microscopes with 300mm capability for fast and accurate 3D defect characterization, failure analysis and transmission electron microscope (TEM) sample preparation. FEI Company manufactures defect analyzer system combining tool automation, electron imaging, focused ion beam milling, and proprietary beam chemistry technology to enable three-dimensional analysis of advanced process defects. FEI Company manufactures focused ion beam systems (FIB systems) provides effective cross-sectioning, imaging and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation.
FAST ComTec GmbH.
FAST ComTec (FAST ComTec Communication Technology GmbH, scientific instrument company, Germany) is a manufacturer of ultra fast "Time-Resolved" ion counters and photon counters, high speed analog to digital converters, PC-based multichannel analyzers, multiparameter multichannel analyzer systems, and complete spectroscopy instrumentation (X-ray - gamma ray spectroscopy systems, Mossbauer spectroscopy system). FAST ComTec GmbH has specialised in the design and manufacturing of instruments for ultra-fast pulse counting. FAST ComTec GmbH manufactures electronic, opto-electronic and photonic devices for alpha, beta and gamma spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, fluorescence decay studies, high-resolution TOF mass spectrometry (time-of-flight mass-spectrometry), laser-induced photo-electron spectrometry, single molecule counting and single photon counting. FAST ComTec manufactures ultra low background, thermoelectrically cooled X-ray and gamma rays detector systems. Customized ultra low background X-ray / gamma ray spectroscopy system features low background Germanium Detector (HPGe detector), active and passive shields.
Gatan, Inc.
Gatan manufactures instrumentation and software used to enhance and extend the operation and performance of electron microscopes (SEM, TEM systems). Gatan is a manufacturer of spectrometers, spectrum imaging devices for SEM and TEM systems, X-Ray microscopes, specimen preparation equipment, specimen holders for transmission electron microscopy. Gatan manufactures a range of analytical holders, cooling and cryo transfer holders, environmental cell and vacuum transfer holders, heating, straining and multiple specimen transfer holders and tomography holders. Gatan manufactures cooled CCD cameras for transmission electron microscopes (CCD cameras provides a TEM with both high-resolution digital imaging and analytical capabilities). Gatan manufactures electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy-filtered TEM (EFTEM) systems for analytical TEM applications. Spectrometer systems for analytical TEM provides information about material samples probed by a transmitted electron beam, including sample thickness, elemental and chemical composition, electronic structure and energy levels, frequency-dependent dielectric response, and element-specific radial distribution of atoms. Gatan offers devices and software to enhance and support scanning-mode TEM (STEM) analysis, including digital beam scan and imaging systems, STEM detectors optimized for the STEM EELS technique, EDS data acquisition and analysis software, spectral imaging and analysis software. Gatan manufactures cathodoluminescence imaging systems, spectroscopy and spectrum imaging systems, cryo-SEM equipment. Gatan offers software suite for EELS and EFTEM compositional mapping, TEM auto-tuning, diffraction pattern analysis, and 3D tomography-acquisition. Gatan manufactures a specially designed ultra-microtome for life science researchers, operating in situ within a variable pressure, field emission SEM, allowing automated acquisition of 3D ultrastructure by sequentially imaging the freshly cut, resin embedded block face. Gatan also manufactures the SEM-hosted high resolution X-ray microscope providing an internal view of the structure of samples without cross-sectioning (X-ray microscopy + scanning electron microscopy = 3D tomographic imaging).
Helmut Fisher GmbH.
Helmut Fisher GmbH is a manufacturer coating thickness measurements instruments (coating thickness meter, thickness gauges, X-ray fluorescence coating thickness and composition analyzers) and material testing instruments (hardness testing instruments, microhardness measurement instruments, coating porosity testing instruments, sealing quality tester for anodic coatings on aluminum). Helmut Fisher manufactures energy dispersive X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers for materials and multi-dimensional coating analysis, RoHS and WEEE testing. In combination with the application kit Gold Assay, these XRF instruments also provides the fast, non-destructive and accurate gold content measurement in jewelry and precious metals.
Horiba is a manufacturer of optical spectroscopy instruments (fluorescence, Raman spectrometers and microscopes, NIR spectrometers, NDIR, FTIR gas analyzers, UV spectroscopic process gas analyzer, ambient ozone monitor, UV fluorescence sulfur in-oil analyzer), electrochemistry instruments, elemental analysis instruments (ICP-OES, glow discharge spectrometers, XRF spectrometers, EDXRF microspectrometer, XRF sulfur in-oil analyzers, C, H, N, O, S analyzers), environmental analysis instruments, emissions measurement instruments (air pollution analyzers, engine exhaust gas analyzers, stack gas analyzers, continuous emission monitoring systems, CEMS), water analysis instruments (handheld water quality meters, process water analyzers, water quality monitors), particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, and surface area analysis instruments (particle size, particle shape analyzers, surface area analyzers, zeta potential analyzers), thin film measurement instruments (ellipsometers). Horiba also manufactures gratings and OEM mini CCD spectrometers.
Innov-X Systems, Inc.
Innov-X Systems is a manufacturer of portable XRF spectrometers, handheld XRF metal analyzers, portable XRD instruments, at-line, in-line XRF analyzers. Innov-X Systems manufactures field portable X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers: handheld XRF metal analyzers, alloy sorters, mobile XRF spectrometer (compact, rugged, battery powered X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer). Innov-X Systems manufactures field portable X-Ray difractometer for on-site rock and mineral analysis (battery powered, rugged XRF / XRD instrument). Innov-X Systems manufactures portable XRF analyzer system for predictive engine failure detection by instant metals determination in fuels and lubes. Innov-X Systems also manufactures at-line, in-line XRF analyzer (on-line process XRF spectrometer system) and in-line scrap sorter (a fully automated XRF-based system that instantly identifies and sorts material by its chemical composition).
International Crystal Laboratories.
International Crystal Laboratories is a manufacturer and supplier of spectroscopy optics, spectroscopy supplies and accessories for sample preparation, such as briquetting laboratory presses, grinding mills and mortars, pellet dies, solid sampling supplies for IR and XRF spectroscopy, heated platens & film makers.
Solid sampling supplies and accessories- KBr SpectroGrade powder and random cuttings, paper inserts, magnetic pellet and film holders, disposable pellet mounting cards, agate mortars and pestles, grinding mills and diamond compression cell. 
Manual lab presses, automatic pneumatic presses and compact hydraulic presses- E-Z Press 12, 20 30 and 40 ton manual hydraulic presses, AIR-EZ Press 20, 30 and 40 ton automated pneumatic presses, hydraulic column presses and automated hydraulic column presses. A user's guide to chosing a lab press.
Pellet Dies- KBr pellet dies and XRF briquetting dies, replacement anvils.
Heated Platens and Film Makers- heated platens with temperature controller, heated platens with thermostat, constant thickness film maker, film maker kits, roto-film polymer film maker, tensioner polymer film maker.
IXRF Systems, Inc.
IXRF Systems is a manufacturer of EDS microanalysis and imaging systems for electron microscopes, EDS detectors, EDS system upgrades, integrated X-ray fluorescence microanalysis systems for scanning electron microscopes (integrated XRF analysis in the SEM). IXRF Systems manufactires a complete EDS systems, EDX/EDS microanalysis systems, upgrades for existing EDS systems, EDS detector upgrades, such as light element windows, crystal changes. IXRF Systems manufactures X-ray fluorescence (XRF) microanalysis instruments for scanning electron microscopes: collimated X-ray source providing a 500 micron to 5mm X-ray spot analysis in the SEM, and micro-XRF analyzer system (X-ray spot sizes around 40-60 microns or larger). The key benefit is a reduced background - very low elemental analysis (ppm) can be performed. The X-ray fluorescence (XRF) microanalysis instruments uses SEM stages for creating elemental maps at the ppm level. The micro-EDXRF spectrometer system for scanning electron microscopes incorporates a polycapillary focusing optic to focus the x-ray beam, creating an excitation area of about 40 microns. The collimated X-ray source for SEM and micro-XRF spectrometer system can be adapted to just about any electron microscope and used with any EDS system.
JEOL Ltd is a manufacturer of transmission electron microscopes (TEM systems), scanning electron microscopes (SEM systems), electron probe micro analyzers (EPMA), Auger microprobe analyzers (AES), scanning probe microscopes (SPM systems), X-Ray  photoelectron spectrometers (XPS systems), nuclear magnetic resonance spectometers, electron spin resonance spectormeters, mass-spectrometers, MS/MS, GC/MS systems, LC/MS systems, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, amino acid analyzers, clinical biochemistry analyzers, laboratory information systems. JEOL manufactures a broad range of electron microscopes and surface microanalysis instruments, including: transmission electron microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, analytical scanning electron microscopes (SEM + optional energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer, EDS for elemental analysis), scanning probe microscopes, field emission Auger microprobe analyzers, electron probe microanalyzers (EPMA, up to 5 energy dispersive X-ray spectrometers for elemental analysis), X-Ray photoelectron spectrometers. JEOL manufactures double-focusing magnetic sector mass spectrometers and MS-MS systems, dioxin analysis MS system, magnetic sector GC-MS system, quadrupole GC-MS system, TOF GC-MS system, and TOF API HPLC-MS system. JEOL manufactures high performance, research grady nuclear magnetic resonance spectometers, electron spin resonance spectormeters (high resolution NMR spectrometers, ESR spectrometers). JEOL manufactures X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (XRF spectrometer). JEOL also manufactures amino acid analyzers, clinical biochemistry analyzers.
Jordan Valley Semiconductors Ltd.
Jordan Valley Semiconductors is a manufacturer of automatic film thickness and composition measurement systems, multichannel thin-film materials research and quality control instruments. Jordan Valley Semiconductors provides metrology solutions for thin films based on rapid, non-contacting and non-destructive X-ray technology for the semiconductors industry. Jordan Valley Semiconductors manufactures a comprehensive suite of X-ray metrology tools for for the semiconductor and microelectronics industries. In April 2008, Jordan Valley Semiconductors extended its business with the acquisition of Bede, a supplier of high-resolution XRD metrology solutions for the semiconductor and compound industries. The company offers a complete family of automation metrology solutions based on high-speed, non-destructive XRR (X-ray reflectance), micro-XRF (micro-spot X-ray fluorescence), SAXS (small angle X-Ray scattering), HRXRD (high resolution X-ray diffraction) and WAXRD (wide angle X-ray diffraction) technologies. Jordan Valley Semiconductors manufactures flexible X-ray diffraction instruments for thin-film materials research, process development, and quality control. Jordan Valley Semiconductors manufactures high resolution X-ray diffractometer - high resolution X-ray diffraction tool for semiconductor development and quality control.
Kratos Analytical Limited.
Kratos Analytical Limited is a manufacturer of XPS instruments for surface analysis and mass-spectrometry instruments for life sciences (MALDI TOF MS systems for biochemical applications, proteomics, combinatorial chemistry). Kratos Analytical is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Shimadzu Corporation. Kratos Analytical manufactures a family of X-ray photoelectron spectrometers (XPS microanalysis systems) for surface analysis and imaging.
MOXTEK is a manufacturer of X-ray components (miniature X-ray tubes, ultra-thin X-ray windows, X-Ray tube controllers, EDXRF detectors) for the analytical and scientific instrument companies. MOXTEK manufactures ultra-thin films, specialty coatings, ultra-low noise electronics, junction field effect transistors (JFET) and preamlifiers, Beryllium and ultra thin polymer X-ray windows, miniature X-ray sources (miniature x-ray tubes) and Si-PIN x-ray detectors for EDXRF spectrometers, WDXRF spectrometers, EDXRF microanalysis instruments (micro-XRF analyzers), XRD instruments. Moxtek manufactures EDXRF detectors - Si-PIN X-ray detectors for the energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) instrument manufacturers. Moxtek manufactures low power, miniature X-ray tubes for a variety of applications including handheld and bench top instruments. Moxtek also manufactures X-ray tube controllers.
NITON LLC is the spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer of lab and portable x-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers and metal analyzers, such as the XLt Series handheld XRF spectrometers, using miniature XRF tube technology. The XLt Series handheld XRF spectrometers provides laboratory quality of results, high speed multielement analysis of samples of any shape and dimension without using special sample preparation technique.
NITON designs and manufactures two product lines: Portable XRF analyzers - state of the art handheld instruments offer high performance analysis of metal alloys for PMI, scrap metal recycling and QA/QC, as well as analysis of soils and sediments, environmental monitoring, lead in paint assessment, geochemical mapping, and much more. Laboratory XRF analyzers - specially designed for harsh industrial conditions, these rugged analyzers offer advanced performance for laboratory and / or production floor environments. NITON alloy analyzers have become the standard for material analysis in applications ranging from scrap metal sorting to petrochemical PMI (positive material identification), to in-house QA/QC of alloy components in manufacturing. NITON analyzers are used by environmental protection agencies worldwide, including all US EPA field offices; military commands, US state and municipal environmental protection and health departments; leading environmental consulting firms; and leading universities and research departments. Key features include: ergonomically designed exterior, high-strength, injection molded plastic housing, fully integrated touch-screen display with advanced user interface, quick-swappable batteries allow for continued use with minimal down time, integrated bar-code scan engine for the fastest data entry, PC interface.
Laboratory XRT 800 Series Analyzer designed for rapid identification and chemistry of metal alloy composition and grade verification for applications including quality control, scrap sorting, positive material identification and failure analysis. Portable XLi / XLt 800 Series Analyzer designed for rapid identification and chemistry of metal alloy composition and grade verification for applications including quality control, scrap sorting, positive material identification and failure analysis. Handheld XL-300 designed for rapid on-site testing of lead-based paint, lead in soil, lead dust and airborne lead. Portable XLi / XLt 700 Series Analyzer designed for multi-element testing of soils, air filters, and thin-film samples. NITON's XLi/XLt 700 Series multi-element analyzers set the industry standard for high performance and portability for XRF analyzers used to perform on-site metal contamination testing. XLi / XLt 500 analyzers designed for the rapid on-site testing of metals for numerous industrial applications including mining, coatings, precious metals, and powder samples. XLt features a miniaturized x-ray tube for efficient excitation of a broad range of elements while minimizing the regulatory requirements most countries place on isotope based instruments.
Portable XLi / XLt 500 PMA - Precious Metals Analyser. Use the XLi / XLt 500 PMA to measure: Au, Ag, Pt, Rh, Ru, Ir, Pd, Cu, Zn, Ni, Co, and Fe. The XLi / XLt 500 PMA uses an Am241 isotope for efficient excitation of all the platinum and gold alloys. The NITON XLi / XLt 500 PMA reports alloy chemistry and grade name to the LCD, stores up to 3000 tests with spectra, and downloads to any PC running MS Windows. 
The Precious Metals Analyser has an alloy grade library of up to 250 alloy names with specifications. The operator may edit, add and delete alloy grades at any time and upload into the NITON via a standard serial port PC connection. Alloy chemistry and grade name is provided within 5 seconds. The separation of two similar gold Karats can easily be achieved in less than a 2-minute test.
Nytek Instruments.
Nytek Instruments is a supplier of fluorescence spectrometers and microscopes, Raman spectrometers, Raman microscopy systems, thin film measurement instruments (ellipsometers), ICP-OES systems, glow discharge spectrometers, XRF spectrometers, EDXRF microspectrometer, XRF sulfur in-oil analyzer, UV fluorescence sulfur in-oil analyzer, C, H, N, O, S analyzers. Nytek Instruments supplies optical components and modules, instrument parts, accessories and consumables for chromatography and spectroscopy. The company also supplies pure gas generators, oilless compressors, pure air generators.
Outotec Oyj.
Outotec Oyj. is a manufacturer of minerals processing equipment, process automation and control equipment, including on-stream analyzers. Outotec manufactures on-stream samplers, sampling systems, process particle size analyzers, and process elemental analyzers (on-line, on-stream XRF spectrometer systems). Outotec manufactures flotation machines, filtration equipment, filters, thickening equipment, thickeners for mineral processing, hydrometallurgical applications. Outotec provides process control solutions range from crushing, grinding, flotation and de-watering to metal refining: process automation systems for minerals and metals processing, practical expert system solutions for minerals and metals processing. Outotec designs, manufactures and markets various types of on-stream WDXRF (Wavelength Dispersion X-Ray Fluorescence) analyzers for automatic slurry samples elemental analysis of the flotation plant and particle size process analyzers for the real time control of the grinding circuit results. Analyzer systems assay automatically representative slurry or solution samples from the process streams. Sampling, analysis and sample return are fully automatic and do not require operator attendance. Slurry samples do not require any preparation before analysis. Also on-stream analyzer system for solids containing solutions typical in copper, zinc and nickel refinery applications (distributed sample handling systems are able to dilute, settle, filter, and pressure and temperature control highly corrosive samples). The Courier 3SL analyzer can be equipped with both wavelength and energy dispersive technology at the same time.
The on-stream slurry particle size analyzer for mineral processing plants (particle size instrument) measures the size of a representative sample of particles with high repeatability. Its measurement principle is based on a direct measurement of particle size using a high precision electronic caliper. There are two versions of the instrument: single stream and a multi-stream unit. Several options are available for primary sampling, simple and reliable density measurement option.
Oxford Instruments plc.
Oxford Instruments (UK) is a manufacturer of analytical instruments and scientific equipment. Oxford Instruments manufactures portable X-ray fluorescence instruments, handheld XRF metal analyzers, alloy testers (hand-held XRF analyzers for PMI, positive material identification, alloy analysis, alloy identification, RoHS, hazardous material analysis), laboratory XRF spectrometers (XRF sulfur in oil analyzer, sulphur in petroleum analyzers), coating thickness and material composition measuring instruments (coating gauges, XRF coating analyzers), optical emission metal analyzers, OES alloy testers (mobile OES metal analyzers, OES PMI systems,OES alloy sorters, laboratory high performance OES metal analyzers). Oxford Instruments manufactures X-ray microanalysis attachments, microspectrometer systems for scanning electron microscopes, SEM systems, transmission electron microscopes, TEM systems (EDS, energy dispersive microanalysis system, WDS, wavelength dispersive microanalysis system, EBSD, electron backscatter diffraction microanalysis system). Oxford Instruments manufactures X-ray tubes and components (low power X-ray tubes, small focal spot X-ray tubes, highly stable X-ray tubes, mono-blocks packaged X-ray tubes, microfocus X-ray source, portable X-ray sources).
PANalytical B.V.
PANalytical (Netherlands, formerly Philips Analytical) is one of the leading manufacturers of X-ray diffractometry and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry instrumentation worldwide, with more than half-century experience in this field. PANalytical manufactures a complete range of XRD and XRF instrumentation: X-ray fluorescence spectrometers with wave-length dispersion (classical X-ray fluorescent spectrometers, XRF systems), energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (ED-XRF spectrometers, EDXRF analyzers), X-ray diffraction instruments (X-ray diffractometers, XRD systems), automated analytical systems, accessory equipment for X-ray diffraction analysis and X-ray fluorescence analysis. PANalytical also manufactures X-Ray tubes for X-ray spectrometers and X-ray diffractometers.
Analytical X-Ray Systems delivers and supports the complete model range of X-ray analytical and research instruments manufactured by PANalytical without any exceptions. The company provides service and application method support for X-ray diffractometry and spectrometry instrumentation.
Parallax Research, Inc.
Parallax Research is a manufacturer of X-ray microanalysis instruments (X-ray microspectrometers), X-ray optics and X-ray components for scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes, electron probe microanalyzers, Auger microanalyzers. Parallax Research manufactures wavelength dispersive microspectrometers (WDS), energy dispersive microspectrometers (EDS) and WDS + EDS microanalysis package for SEM and TEM systems, electron probe microanalyzers (EPMA), Auger microanalyzers. The company specializes in low energy (light elements) X-ray microanalysis. Parallax Research manufactures attachable low-energy X-ray optic for energy dispersive microspectrometers. Parallax Research also manufactures proportional counters for use in X-ray microanalysis instruments and XRF spectrometers, components for interfacing X-ray microanalysis instruments to SEM systems.
Premier Lab Supply.
Premier Lab Supply is a manufacturer and distributor of XRF sample preparation consumables (press pellet supplies, binders and grinding additives, fluxes for sample fusion, thin films, liquid sample cells and sample cups for X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers). Premier Lab Supply provides a unique Platinum Re-Fabrication Service where can turn your metal back into new for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new. Premier Lab Supply consumables include XRF liquid sample cells, thin film sample support materials along with a comprehensive line of products and accessories for press pelletizing or fusion applications. Featured products: Premier Lab Supply manufactures the liquid sample cups for X-Ray fluorescence spectroscopy analysis. Sample cups for X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers includes 47 mm X-Ray Sample Cups for ARL, Horiba, 32 mm X-Ray Sample Cups for Asoma, Jordan Valley, Kevex, Spectrace, 32 mm X-Ray Sample Cups for Oxford analyzers (Oxford LabX-3000). Consumables for sample pressing and pelletizing - Premier Aluminum Caps for producing XRF and OES Pellets. These affordable caps have a straight wall, lubricous coated feature design that easily collapses under pressure to reinforce the resultant pellet with reinforced aluminum on all sides not withstanding of sample surfaced to be analyzed.
Choice of Fluxes manufactured by Sigma Chemicals Pty Ltd - Sigma Fluxes offer a simple method of sample solution preparation for coarse refractory materials such as iron, ore, slag’s and other materials which are often resistant to acid attack. An effective method of disintegrating the sample matrix to reproducible form for accurate results. Lithium Tetraborate, Lithium Metaborate or a blending of the two will dissolve almost anything when bonded with oxygen. These pre-fused lithium borate have uniform composition at the particle level eliminating the potential for separation during handling and mixing.
Quantum Equipment Co. Ltd.
Quantum Equipment Co Ltd is a manufacturer of X-ray fluorescence analyzer, gold alloy analyzers and thickness meter, for laboratory, process and on-site applications. Product lines: GoldCheck - Gold Alloy Analyzer, LX-400P - Laboratory XRF Elemental Analyzer, ComPact - XRF Thickness Tester.
GoldCheck - Gold Alloy Analyzer is a karatmeter for gold alloys and precious metals. Gold Check is the proper tool for fast, non-destructive and accurate karat measurement of precious metals and finished jewellery. The results are displayed in karat (percentage) on computer monitor and can be printed on any standard printer. Only in a few minutes the determination of the content of metals in alloys with accuracy of <0.3% and lowest concentrations of 0.5%. Measurement of feligree parts of a sample can analysed by the collimation of the exciting beam to 0.3 or 0.5 mm. The compact sample chamber dimensions allow testing of all kinds of different dimensioned parts. Positioning of even the smallest parts can be done with video microscope with 25-x magnification and an electronic crosshair. The size of the X-ray beam on the sample is indicated electronically on the monitor. 
Gold Alloy Analyzer is robust and work satisfactorily in any harsh and friendly environments, thus making it the most suitable to keep in jewellery showrooms, boutiques or any outlets where personnel can operate very easily. Several options software models are available for elemental analysis, thickness measurement, plating both analysis, alloy sorting, report generation, statistical database prevention.
X-ray Compact - XRF Thickness Tester provides a universal coating / plating thickness measurement and material chemical analysis at extremely reasonable price. The modular design of the system allows customer to grow with his needs in addition to high precision, ease of use and versatility. The precise non-destructive thickness measurement, even of multiple layers is performed in few seconds. The thickness and composition of alloys can be determined simultaneously with full qualitative and quantitative possibilities. Additionally the unit performs a plating bath analysis and is a complete solution for plating, electronic, connector, printed circuit board and related industries. Number of comprehensive range of optional accessories like X-Y-Z programmable stage, auto focusing, point and shoot, statistical calculation packages etc. are available.
LX-400P - Laboratory XRF Elemental Analyzer measures elements from sodium (Na) to Uranium (U) on periodic table from few ppm to 100% in various forms of samples ranging from powder, solid, liquid, granules, slurry, pastes. This standalone analyzer with built-in LCD display and alpha-numeric keypad is a good choice of laboratory XRF elemental analyzer for all analytical needs. The options like auto-sampler, sample spinner, computer interface package are available and can be upgraded even at later stage.
Petrotech Analytical Corp. Ltd.
Petrotech Analytical is a supplier of petroleum testing equipment, portable instruments and complete mobile labs for gasoline analysis, diesel fuel analysis. Petrotech Analytical supplies a whole range of petroleum testing instruments and complementary laboratory equipment. The company supplies laboratory apparatus for petroleum distillation, crude oil distillation, determination of evaporation loss, aniline point testing, flash point testing, cloud point, pour point, freeze point, cold filter plugging point testing, softening point testing, demulsibility, oxidation, penetration testing, vapor pressure, viscosity measurements. Petrotech Analytical supplies portable FTIR gasoline analyzer, FTIR diesel fuel analyzer, Pensky-Martens closed-cup flash point tester, Reid vapor pressure analyzers (Reid vapor pressure testers), viscosity analyzer. Petrotech Analytical supplies mobile gasoline and diesel fuel testing laboratories (mobile gasoline analysis and diesel fuel analysis labs). Petrotech Analytical supplies elemental analyzers, total sulphur analyzers, UV fluorescence sulfur-in-oil analyzers, XRF suphur-in-oil analyzers (X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for the analysis of sulfur in fuels, petroleum, crude oil). The company supplies asphalt binder analyzer, reometer system for low-temperature asphalt binder test (low thermal cracking testing).
Richardson Electronics Ltd.
Richardson Electronics Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of electro-optical products, including hollow cathode lamps for atomic absorption spectrometers, deuterium lamps for spectrometers and spectrophotometers, power grid tubes for induction coupled plasma generators, photo tubes and photomultipliers, X-ray tubes for both diffraction and fluorescence spectorometry equipment, ionization gauge tubes, microwave tubes, microwave generators and accessories. Richardson Electronics Ltd manufactures a full range of radiation detectors. Replacement components are available for Spectrophotometry, Atomic Absorption, Liquid Chromatography, Radiation Detection and X-Ray Analysis. Richardson Electronics Ltd manufactures and supplies an extensive line of Lamps and Bulbs for various applications in Industrial, Broadcast, Medical and Analytical Laboratory equipment. The full line of Cathodeon manufactured Deuterium Lamps and Hollow Cathode Lamps for Spectroscopy and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry.
Richardson Electronics offers direct replacements of many of the XRD and XRF X-Ray tubes (included manufactured by Varian, AEG, Siemens, Enraf-Nonius, Seifert, ATPS and Toshiba). Also end and side window X-Ray Proportional Counters, Position Sensitive Detectors, BF3 and He3 Neutron Proportional Detectors, Ionization Chambers and Fission Counters as well as the more common Geiger Mueller Tubes.
Rigaku Corporation.
Rigaku Corporation and its subsidiary companies manufactures X-ray spectrometers (WDXRF, EDXRF instruments), X-ray diffractometers (single crystal X-ray diffraction instruments, protein and small molecule XRD systems), small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) instruments, thermal analysis instruments, and lab automation products (laboratory robotics). Rigaku manufactures bench top total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) spectrometer, performs elemental analysis down to PPB levels, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) elemental analyzers, in-line X-ray transmission sulfur analyzer (process, on-line XRT sulfur gauge for crude oil, marine bunker fuel and blending operations). Applied Rigaku Technologies, Inc. division in Austin, Texas USA is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and supporting EDXRF benchtop spectrometers - elemental analyzers as well as at-line, on-line, real-time process control elemental analysis instrumentation (provides both elemental analysis + thickness and composition measurement of multi-layer thin films). The company manufactures the semiconductor metrology instrumentation. Rigaku specializes in manufacturing XRF, XRD and XRR metrology tools to measure critical process parameters like thin film: thickness, composition, roughness, density, porosity, and crystal structure. Rigaku manufactures process TXRF and VPD-TXRF tools for contamination measurement, including in-line X-ray metal film monitor designed for high-throughput, product-wafer measurements. Rigaku manufactures X-ray optics, X-ray generators and detectors for scientific instruments, including microfocus rotating anode X-ray generator, X-ray sources for macro-molecular crystallography, low-noise CCD imaging detectors. Rigaku Corporation also manufactures X-ray stress analyzer for materials science.
Rigaku Corporation manufactures a complete range of protein crystallography instruments, small molecule crystallography instruments, including modular and expandable protein crystal imaging and analysis system. Rigaku Corporation manufactures a complete suite of laboratory automation products for protein crystallography, including protein crystal growth integrated storage, retrieval, and imaging systems and crystal scoring software.
Rigaku Corporation manufactures thermal analysis instruments: thermogravimetric analysis - differential thermal analysis instruments (humidity-controlled, high temperature TG-DTA system), differential scanning calorimetry instruments (DSC systems, differential scanning calorimeters), thermomechanical analysis instruments (humidity-controlled thermomechanical analyzer, high temperature thermomechanical analyzer, options for TMA instruments). Rigaku also offers evolved gas analysis (EGA) solutions: temperature programmed desorption systems, TG-DTA-GC-MS system, TG-DTA-mass-spectrometer system.
Roenalytic GmbH (formerly Roentgenanalytik Messtechnik GmbH).
Roenalytic GmbH (Germany, until October 2008 known as Roentgenanalytik Messtechnik GmbH) is a manufacturer of X-ray fluorescence analyzers (X-ray fluorescence instrument company). Roenalytic GmbH manufactures X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for coating thickness and composition measurement, microanalysis, determination of precious metals, fast, non-destructive and accurate Karat-measurement of precious metals and finished jewellery. Roenalytic GmbH manufactures XRF precious metals analyzer - X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for fast, non-destructive and accurate Karat-measurement of precious metals and finished jewellery (noble metals analyzer, XRF gold analyzer features sample positioning by a video system and a sample stage). The company manufactures a family of micro-XRF analyzers for small parts and inclusions spot analysis, materials and coatings elemental mapping, ROHS/WEEE measurements (micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometers with beam concentration by capillary optics, possible spot sizes range from 20 µm to 300 µm). Roenalytic GmbH manufactures XRF sediment core analyzer - a micro beam X-Ray fluorescence spectrometer designed specifically for the measurement of the elemental distribution of layered sediment cores.
Scientific Instruments (Научные Приборы).
Scientific Instruments (Saint Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of  X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (laboratory XRF analyzer, portable XRF analyzer), XRF microspectrometer, XRD instruments (X-ray diffractometers, X-ray microdiffractometer), laser particle size analyzer.
SCP Science.
SCP Science is a manufacturer and supplier of analytical standards, consumable products and reagents for inorganic analysis. SCP Science specializes in the production of accurately calibrated inorganic solutions. SCP Science offers a complete range of products designed to assist in putting your samples into solution, powder, or pellet form - from large volume crushers to micro-digestion systems. SCP Science a manufacturer and distributor of ICP and AA standards, matrix modifiers, titrants, buffers, BOD, IC and other specialty reagents. 
Product lines: XRF spectroscopy - films, cells, Alucaps, fluxes, reference standards. Atomic absorbtion spectroscopy - AA supplies, AA standards, Hollow Cathode Lamp (precious metals excluded), EDL Lamp, Graphite Furnace Tubes. ICP spectrometry - glass / quartzware, supplies and accessories. Sample preparation-  Laboratory mills, grinders, pulverizers, presses. Kjeldahl analysis - digestion, distillation.
Shanghai SK Petroleum & Chemical Equipment Corporation Ltd.
Shanghai SK Petroleum & Chemical Equipment Corporation Ltd (Shenkai) is a manufacturer of petroleum exploration instruments, petroleum machinery, and petroleum testing equipment. Shenkai manufactures a broad range of analytical instruments and laboratory apparatus for motor fuel testing, LPG, lubricating oil and grease testing. Shenkai manufactures gasoline octane number testers, NIR gasoline analyzer, open-cup flash point and fire point testers, closed-cup flash point testers, sulfur in oil analyzers (XRF sulfur-in-oil analyzer, sulfur in dark petroleum products analyzer), kinematic viscosity testers, capillary viscometers, distillation apparatus, density meters, colorimeters, solidification point testers, pour and cloud point testers, cold filter plugging point testers, acid number and acidity testers, ash content testers, mechanical impurities testers, demulsibility testers, cone penetration testers and dropping point testers for grease, foaming characteristics testers for lubricating oil, softening point tester for bitumen, water content testers for crude oil and petroleum products. Shenkai manufactures benchtop NMR spectrometer for crude oil analysis (NMR crude oil analyzer).
Shimadzu Corporation.
Shimadzu Corporation is one of the world's leading analytical instrument and scientific instrument companies, a manufacturer of analytical equipment (gas chromatography, liquid chromatography instruments and systems, portable ion chromatography systems, mass spectrometry, optical spectroscopy, X-Ray spectroscopy instruments and systems, elemental analyzers, thermal analyzers), laboratory equipment (electronic laboratory balances, analytical balances, moisture determination balances - balance moisture analyzers), measuring equipment (calorimeters, moisture meters, viscometers, rheometers, particle size analyzers, force gauges, specific gravity meters), scientific equipment (XRF spectrometers, X-ray diffractometers, surface analysis instruments: scanning electron microscopes, scanning probe microscopes), materials testing equipment (material testing machines, hardness tester systems).
Shimadzu Corporation manufactures a broad range of elemental analysis and spectroscopy equipment, instruments, systems: TC, TN, TIC, TOC analyzers (total carbon analysers, total nitrogen analyzers, total inorganic carbon analysers, total organic carbon analyzers), atomic-absorption spectrometers (flame and graphite furnace AAS instruments), spark optical emission spectrometers for metal analysis and alloy identification (OES metal analyzers), ICP spectrometers, FT-IR spectrometers and FTIR microscopes (FT-IR microanalysis systems), UV-visible spectrophotometers, fluorescence spectrometers, MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry systems, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy and X-ray diffractometry instruments (X-ray fluorescence spectrometers and X-ray diffractometers), optical components (holographic gratings), consumable products, parts and accessories for spectroscopy and elemental analysis.
Shimadzu Corporation manufactures scanning electron microscopes (SEM systems), analytical scanning electron microscopes (SEM-EDX combined microanalysis system), scanning probe electron microscopes (SPM systems), electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA), and energy dispersive micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (micro-EDXRF spectrometer system).
Skyray Instrument.
Skyray Instrument (China) is a manufacturer of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (EDXRF spectrometers), wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (WDXRF spectrometers), ICP-AES system, spark OES metal analyzer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, CS analyzer. Skyray Instrument manufactures lab and portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometers for elemental composition analysis, metal analysis, plating thickness measurement, jewellery alloys and precious metals analysis, RoHS / WEEE compliance testing. Skyray Instrument offers XRF spectrometers designed for RoHS substance detection (Cd, Pb, Cr, Hg, Br), element composition analysis, precious metals testing and plating thickness measurement. Skyray Instrument manufactures XRF spectrometers (XRF analyzers) specially designed for jewelry and precious metal analysis (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd), plating thickness analysis (plating thickness measurements of jewelry coatings). Skyray Instrument manufactures WDXRF spectrometer specially designed for cement, steel, and mine production quality control, features excellent performance for light elements as Na, Al, K, Ca, Mg, Si, P. Skyray Instrument manufactures process, on-line XRF spectrometer. The company also manufactures ICP-OES system, spark OES metal analyzer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, CS analyzer.
Specac Inc.
Specac Inc is a manufacturer of sampling accessories for infrared spectroscopy, optical components for FTIR spectrometers, process cells optics, custom accessories, UV/Vis accessories, XRF sample preparation equipment (presses). Products includes the Golden Gate diamond ATR system, polarizers, and windows for spectroscopy, manual hydraulic presses and dies for XRF sample preparation. 
Oil and Fat ATR Analyser - heatable infra-red analyser for oils and fats. This has been designed to operate at temperatures from ambient to 200C with very high temperature stability. Applications for this include determination of saturation / unsaturation in a range of oils and fats, isometric composition and phase changes in confectionary products. This easy to clean unit uses the ATR effect and may be used in any currently available FTIR spectrometer. The Omni-Cell from Specac is a new low cost universal accessory for the transmission analyses of mulls and liquid films at ambient temperatures and pressures.
SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH.
SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH (Berlin, Germany) is a manufacturer of specialized spectrometer systems for surface microanalysis and imaging (surface spectroscopy and microscopy systems). SPECS Surface Nano Analysis manufactures electron spectrometers, fully automated ESCA system, secondary ion mass spectrometry + secondary neutral mass spectrometry system (SIMS + SNMS system), X-ray  photoelectron spectrometer (ultra high resolution XPS analyzer), Auger spectrometer (AES system), electron energy loss spectrometer (EELS system), low energy electron microscopy + photoelectron emission microscopy system (LEEM + PEEM system), low energy electron diffraction analyzer (LEED surface analyzer), photoemission spectrometer, time-of-flight spectrometer, scanning tunneling spectroscopy and microscopy system (STM system). SPECS GmbH manufactures a line of high resolution hemispherical energy analyzers for electron and ion spectroscopy, non-contact atomic force microscopy instrumentation (NC-AFM system), the Joule-Thomson scanning tunneling microscope. SPECS GmbH offers customized systems combining thin film preparation (MBE) with spectroscopic and microscopic options. The company also manufactures a variety of sources for deposition, excitation and charge neutralization as well as analyzers, monochromators, detectors.
Spectro Analytical Instruments.
Spectro Analytical Instruments (a member of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division) is a manufacturer of ark spectrometers, arc/spark spectrometers, ICP spectrometers, X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometers. Spectro Analytical Instruments manufactures of portable metal analyzers (hand-held alloy sorters), mobile and laboratory metal analyzers: portable ark spectrometer - metal analyzer (hand-held OES alloy tester), portable XRF spectrometer - metal analyzer (hand-held XRF alloy tester, alloy sorter), mobile arc/spark spectrometer - metal analyzer (mobile OES alloy sorter), laboratory arc/spark spectrometers (stationary OES metal analyzers). Spectro Analytical Instruments manufactures ICP spectrometers, benchtop XRF spectrometers, precious metal analyzers.
Spectron (Russia) is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of X-Ray spectroctroscopy instrumentation (X-Ray fluorescence spectrometers). Spectron manufactures XRF spectrometers and ED-XRF spectrometers for industry and science. Light elements (Al, Mg) may be measured under vacuum.
SPEX CertiPrep Inc.
SPEX CertiPrep is a manufacturer of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) and calibration standards for analytical spectroscopy and chromatography. The company offers a full range of organic and inorganic CRMs for ICP, ICP-MS, IC, AA, GC, GC-MS, HPLC, ISE, XRF, and XRD. SPEX CertiPrep accredited by A2LA for both Organic and Inorganic CRMs under ISO 17025:2005 and ISO Guide 34-2000. The company also manufactures дaboratory equipment and supplies for sample processing that includes pulverizing, blending, pressing, pelletizing and fusion equipment (grinders, mills, mortars and pestles, presses, fusion equipment) and liquid sample handling supplies for X-ray Fluorescence analysis (XRF) analysis. Also offesr XRF accessories: dies, XRF cells, caps and films, fusion fluxers.
SPEX CertiPrep introduces a series of brand new calibration standards for ILM 0.5.2 and ILM 0.5.3. Also a new ICP-OES instrument calibration and verification kit, ICV-3, comprised of ICV-3 and PLSB7-2X. A new Certified Reference Material Kits for analyzing Extractable Metals from plastic toys based on ASTM F963-07 - Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety. This is a voluntary U.S. standard applicable to toys distributed in the U.S and employs test procedures for analyzing lead and other extractable metals in plastic toys.
The SPEX CertiPrep Handbook of Sample Preparation and Handling is the source for helpful advice for the preparation of samples for inorganic analysis. Among the topics covered are grinding and pelletizing techniques, contamination sources and their control, fusion fluxing, and sample digestion. Their uses cover many different fields of spectroscopy: XRF, XRD, ICP, ICPMS, AA, DCP, IR, UV-VIS, and the applications range from forensics to geology.
Yuzhpolymetal-holding (Moscow, Russia) is a manufacturer of X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (XRF analyzers). Yuzhpolymetal-holding manufactures lab and portable X-ray fluorescence analyzers (handheld XRF analyzers).
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Analytical and laboratory equipment companies, scientific instrument companies. Производители и поставщики аналитического и лабораторного оборудования.
Manufacturers and suppliers of X-Ray spectroscopy equipment, instruments, systems (X-ray spectroscopy instrumentation, X-ray fluorescence spectrometry instrumentation, process, lab and portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, XRF analyzers, handheld metal analysers, alloy sorters, gold analyzers, karat meters).