Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Manufacturers and suppliers of optical spectroscopy equipment, optical spectroscopy instrumentation (FTIR, NIR, FTNIR spectrometers, Raman spectrometers, UV-Visible spectrophotometers, fluorescence spectrometers, fluorometers, refractometers, polarimeters, atomic-absorption spectrometers, optical-emission spectrometers, atomic-emission ICP spectrometers, OES metal analyzers, alloy sorters, mercury analyzers, process FTIR, NIR, Raman spectrometers, IR, NIR, UV photometers, online refractometers, fluorimeters, NIR, FTIR food, grain composition and moisture analyzers, diary analyzers, FT-IR-NIR tablet analyzers, FT-NIR, FTIR gasoline, diesel fuel analysers. Производители и поставщики оборудования для оптической спектроскопии (ИК-Фурье, БИК, Рамановские спектрометры, УФ спектрометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, рефрактометры, поляриметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрометры, оптические эмиссионные спектрометры, атомно-эмиссионные спектрометры ИСП, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы металлов, анализаторы ртути, промышленные спектрометры, фотометры, рефрактометры, флуориметры, ИК-Фурье, БИК анализаторы состава зерна, пищевых продуктов, лекарственных средств, анализаторы нефтепродуктов).
Manufacturers and suppliers of process optical spectroscopy instrumentation, process spectrometers, photometers, refractometers (at-line, in-line, on-line UV, IR photometric analyzers, NIR, FTIR, Raman instruments for continuous chemical analysis, composition and moisture measurement). Производители и поставщики промышленных спектрометров, фотометров, рефрактометров (промышленных фотометрических анализаторов, ИК-Фурье, БИК, Рамановских спектрометров для непрерывного аналитического контроля, измерения влажности).
International companies index. Международный указатель компаний.
ABB process control instrumentation, process analytics.
ABB (ABB Instrumentation and Analytical) is the process control instrumentation, process analytics manufacturer and instrumentation solutions supplier. Instrumentation includes actuators and positioners (a complete family of valve automation products), flowmeters (gas flow meters, steam, liquid, slurry flow meters), temperature transmitters and sensors, pressure transmitters and remote seals, remote sensing measurement devices, industrial process signal monitoring and logging devices, process recorders and controllers, process gas analyzers (continuous gas analysis and emission monitoring instruments, SEMS, hydrogen purity analyzers, purge gas analysers, combustibles analyzers, zirconia oxygen analyzer), at-line gas chromatographs, laboratory gas chromatographs, process gas chromatographs (GC system for simulated distillation, sulfur in fuel GC analyzer), gas chromatograph sample handling systems, multiwave process photometers (fiber optic photometer, IR, UV photometers), laboratory and process FTIR-NIR spectrometers (FT-IR / Near-IR composition and moisture measurement analyzers, on-line gasoline analyzer), physical property measurement analyzers (on-line Reid vapor pressure analyzers), hydrogen sulfide analyzer for the measurement of hydrogen sulfide in gas streams, water quality analyzers.
ABB Instrumentation and Analytical manufactures and supplies a broad range of process analytical instruments and complete analyzer systems for quality control of water: ammonia monitors, chloride monitors, dissolved organics, dissolved oxygen monitors, pH, conductivity, ORP monitors, fluoride analyzers, hydrazine monitors, nitrate monitors, phosphate monitors, silica monitors, sodium monitors, turbidity systems, water hardness monitors.
Packaged Analyzer Systems (pre-assembled water analysis and monitoring systems)- complete instrumentation for water analysis. These systems can be used to measure everything from pH and conductivity through to silica and phosphate. Supplied fully pre-manufactured and pre-tested, the water analysis system assemblies are delivered to site ready for operation. Only connection to samples, drains, power supply and signal outputs is necessary on site.
Process analytical instruments and systems for the continuous gas analysis and emissions monitoring (gas analyzers for the continuous measurement of process gases): Cement kiln gas analysis system with special gas sampling system for an effective monitoring of the combustion process in a cement plant. Continuous emission monitoring systems (SEMS) for the measurement of hazardous emissions, based on NDIR and FTIR analyzer technology. Continuous gas analyzer system for simultaneous determination of up to 12 measuring components like HCl, CO, NO, SO2, NO2, N2O, NH3, H2O, CO2, HF, O2 and C total.
Metallurgy analyzers (FTIR-NIR molten metal analyzers) for the inclusion identification and quantification analysis, hydrogen measurements in liquid aluminum (liquid aluminum purity analyzers, metal quality measurement systems). ABB offers a complete range of analytical solutions to the aluminum industry: hydrogen analyzer, inclusion analyzer, melt cleanliness analyzer. A metallographic analysis service is also available.
Raw material identification FTIR-NIR system (measurement time only 5 to 10 seconds per sample) requires no sample preparation and can be performed by unskilled operators in the laboratory or at the receiving dock. Solids and liquids can be analyzed through plastic bags and glass containers to avoid sample cross-contamination, accessory cleaning and cleaning procedure validation.
The MB Pharma FTIR-NIR analytical system  (14000-3800 cm-1) can analyze solid samples in diffused reflectance mode by either using the hand-held fiber optics probe, for remote sampling, or by using the Powder Samplir main compartment accessory. Liquids can be identified with the disposable glass vial sampling accessory. The FTLA Pharma FT-NIR analyzer - main building block for pharmaceutical QA/QC solutions. Wavelength repeatability (±0.002 cm-1) of the instrument and the wavelength reproducibility (±0.04 cm-1 ) between instruments enables ABB to guarantee method transferability. The FLTA Pharma accommodates the mounting of two separate sampling accessories. The open design of the Arid-Zone sample station makes for effortless sample loading and analysis. The various prealigned sampling accessories can be installed without adjustments.
Moisture measurement in solids and lyophilized products - Moisture or solvent determination can be achieved in less than a minute without sample preparation. The analysis is non-destructive and is normally done using glass vials. Lyophilized solids can be analyzed through a normal (freeze-dried) vial without loss of its valuable contents. The rotating Powder Sampling Accessory provides highly repeatable moisture measurements because of the sample averaging performed during the disposable vial rotation. Moisture content of powder material can be determined down 0.1-0.2 % with very high precision.
The FTLA2000-PH60 Pharma NIR analyzer analyzer can analyze coated and uncoated tablets, caplets, capsules, gelcaps, in less than a minute. Content uniformity analysis can normally be performed with very high precision (<2% relative) for tablets with API concentration as low as 0.5%. Analysis requires no sample preparation, can be performed by unskilled operators, and can be automated using a 30-sample carousel. Both active ingredient and excipient concentrations can be measured in a single analysis. Content uniformity analysis can easily be done in a production environment near the tablet press. The Tablet Samplir accessory comes with 2 universal trays for the analysis of spherical and cylindrical shaped dosages.
Altech Environment U.S.A.
Altech Environment is a supplies of gas analysis instrumentation, air pollution monitoring, emission monitoring, combustion control instrumentation (continuous emission monitoring systems, CEMS, multi-component infrared gas analyzer, chemiluminescent gas analyzers, gas sampling systems, particulate analyzer). Altech Environment is a part of Environnement S.A.
Atago Co. Ltd.
ATAGO is a manufacturer of refractometers and polarimeters (Brix meters, saccharimeters). ATAGO manufactures a line of portable refractometers: digital hand-held pocket-size refractometers - saccharimeters (sugar content meters), digital hand-held pen-size refractometers, clinical refractometers, and a family of portable wine refractometers. ATAGO manufactures Abbe refractometer, multi-wavelength Abbe refractometer, digital refractometers, automated digital refractometers, automated polarimeters - saccharimeters. ATAGO manufactures process in-line refractometers (sugar content meters, online Brix monitors). ATAGO also manufactures portable digital pH meter, portable digital conductivity meter, portable digital salt-meter.
Axiom Analytical, Inc.
Axiom Analytical is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of sample interfacing equipment for laboratory mid-IR spectrometers, near-IR spectrometers, (NIR spectrometers), UV-Visible spectrometers, FTIR spectrometers, Raman spectrometers, and process spectroscopic analyzers. Axiom Analytical, Inc. is a manufacturer of robust sampling equipment (probes, flow cells, multiplexed sampling systems) for at-line, in-line, on-line analysis of gases, liquids, slurries, powders. Axiom Analytical manufactures a full line of sampling accessories and custom sampling systems, including: ATR probes, ATR cells for liquid analysis and solids analysis, diffuse reflectance probes for remote sampling, immersion probes, non-contact probes, process transmission probes, liquid transmission cells, fiber optic coupled liquid flow cells, Raman probes. Axiom Analytical manufactures transmission gas cells, multipass gas cells, process gas cells, high pressure short path transmission gas cells, corrosion resistant gas cells for in-line, on-line gas analysis. Axiom Analytical offers a broad line of fiber-optic coupled sampling equipment for use with all near infrared spectrometers (NIR analyzers) and UV-Visible spectrometers. Axiom Analytical offers a complete line of NIR and UV-visible liquid sampling accessories, sampling systems for bulk solids, powders, thin films analysis. Axiom Analytical manufactures sampling equipment for the analysis of hot polymer melts. The company also offers software platform for instrument control, data analysis and networking.
B&W Tek, Inc.
B&W Tek, Inc. is a spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer of array spectrometer modules, miniature spectrometer systems, Raman spectrometers, laser systems and modules, laser components, light sources and sampling accessories for optical spectrometers. B&W Tek manufactures high power lasers systems, laser systems and modules for analytical and scientific instruments, including DPSS (diode pumped solid state) and diode lasers, multi-channel lasers, spectrum stabilized lasers, fiber lasers and amplifiers, fiber coupled lasers, broadband light sources. B&W Tek manufactures compact optical spectrometers (miniature UV, Vis, NIR array spectrofotometers, array spectrofluorometer - oil analyzer), mobile and portable Raman spectrometer systems, process Raman spectrometer, broadband (UV, Visible, Near Infrared) on-line analyzer, and fiber coupled Raman probes for on-line process measurement and control.
Broadband (UV, Visible, Near Infrared) on-line analyzer system features high speed spectra capturing (more than 100 spectras per second), industrial design (NEMA 4X or IP65 enclosure, temperature cooled and regulated). The non-contact systems incorporate a long lifetime light source and a grating based broadband array spectrometer. Various spectrometers can be used to select wavelength ranges between 190 and 2900 nm. An air curtained sampling window, and a temperature regulation system are also included as standard items. These analyzer systems are designed for use in industrial applications as on-line process measurement and control units by measuring sample diffuse reflectance, transmittance, fluorescence, or Raman scattering characteristics.
B&W Tek manufactures high resolution compact, mobile Raman spectrometer, portable benchtop Raman excitation laser, battery operated portable Raman spectrometer. B&W Tek manufactures miniature CCD spectrophotometer for sample transmission and absorption measurements from 190-1050 nm., and CCD spectrofluorometer, both features compact and highly reliable non-moving part design.
Brimrose Corporation of America.
Brimrose Corporation is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of the AOTF-NIR spectrometers for real-time, on-line industrial process control, raw materials identification, quality control in chemical, petrochemical, food, dairy, cosmetic, pharmaceutical operations (portable, laboratory, process NIR analyzers). Brimrose Corporation is a US manufacturer of and laser diode modules for OEM users. Brimrose Corporation manufactures near-infrared and mid-infrared spectrometers for at-line and batch process monitoring, features small size, high speed and robust construction. The Brimrose AOTF-NIR spectrometers have a compact, rugged, industrial hardened design without any moving parts to be suitable for industrial applications. The Acoustic Optic Tunable Filter Near Infrared (AOTF-NIR) technology enables the Brimrose spectrometer to scan very fast and without using moving parts. The AOTF-NIR spectrometer collects spectral data up to 16,000 wavelengths per second. The Brimrose 16 channel multiplexer provides cost-effective measurement of multiple streams in a production process. Analyzers can be placed at numerous points in the process and calibrations can be transferred from the laboratory to the industrial process. Brimrose Corporation manufactures miniature "Hand-held" NIR analyzer, miniature laboratory NIR analyzer, bench top laboratory NIR analyser, process NIR analyzer, process NIR analyzer with built-in multiplexer, miniature Free Space process NIR analyzer, ThinFilm NIR analyzer, dual purpose NIR analyzer, gasoline blend control NIR analyzer, "Seed Meister" NIR analyzer, Tablet NIR Analyzer.
Miniature "Hand-held" NIR Analyzer is a solid-state AOTF-NIR spectrometer system designed for the field portable non-destructive, contact, non-contact measurements of chemical and physical properties of powders, solids, liquids, gels in diffuse reflectance mode. Additional probe attachments allow use same analyzer for liquid transmission measurements. Battery operation optional. Miniature solid-state AOTF-NIR laboratory analyzers are designed for measuring the chemical and physical properties of liquids, solids, powders, gels in labs and warehouses, field by using variety of probes, flow cells, sample attachments.
The ThinFilm analyzers are designed for measuring on line chemical and physical properties on a wide range of substrates and coatings. Provides measurement of chemical composition, coating weight and thickness, non-contact analysis, real time at-line, in-line, on-line monitoring and control. Applications include thickness of organic lacquer or lubricant on metallic foils, tin-plate, sheet steel, metalized polymers and similar products. Coating weight of adhesive and residual solvent are also routinely measured. The analyzer can either be mounted on a traveler and scan across the web or measure statically.
The Free Space AOTF NIR diffuse reflectance analysers provides high performance measurements by direct placement in sample lines for applications such as: inspection of tablets and vials, seeds and feed measurements on pipes, in-situ measurement of pellets, films and coatings, cotton/polyester ratio directly in the web, moisture monitoring, thickness and coating measurements directly in the webs for the need to measure chemical composition, physical parameters and additives in their many polymer products.
The Seed Meister is a system specifically developed for high-speed discrimination, quantification, and sorting of Hybrid seeds (corn, soybeans, coffee, watermelon, peanuts). This system data acquisition provides the capability of sorting up to 60 individual seeds per minute. Provides important constituent information such as oil, protein, starch, moisture, low / high oleic, sugar content are measured simultaneously. In many cases, Vigor / Emergence of seeds can be predicted as well. Also fruit inspection, sorting of apples, pears and oranges, analyzing of juices and more (real-time online monitoring sugar content, pH, acidity, firmness and brix of juices). Fish feed inspection and quality analysis for the protein, oil, and moisture content.
Tablet NIR Analyzers are designed for the non-contact, non-destructive measurements of chemical and physical properties of tablets in tablet transmission and tablet diffuse reflectance modes. The solid-state AOTF-NIR analyzers include special belt-driven mechanism to create total automatic solution for tablet manufactures. Spectrometer can simultaneously analyze tablets on belt of another sampling system in transmission and diffuse reflectance modes at same time. System includes NEMA 4X stainless steel optical module with transmission and reflection detectors, NEMA 4X belt driven orientator, embedded computer.
California Analytical Instruments Inc.
California Analytical Instruments (CAI) is a manufacturer of gas analysis instrumentation (gas analyzers) for the measurement of CO, CO2, NO, NOx, O2, SO2, CH4 (methane), THC (total hydrocarbons), TNMOC (total non-methane organic carbon) in air, automotive emissions measurement, heavy duty diesel systems exhaust measurement, evaporative emissions measutement, boilers optimization. California Analytical Instruments manufactures infrared gas analyzers, chemiluminescence gas analyzers, UV fluorescence gas analyzers, oxygen analyzers, flame ionization hydrocarbons-in-air analyzers, FTIR spectrometers for gas analysis (FTIR spectrometer analyzer systems), photoacoustic IR gas analyzers, integrated gas analysis systems, automotive engine emissions analyzers,  heavy duty diesel engines exhaust measurement systems, CEMS. California Analytical Instruments manufactures a complete line of ambient monitoring and sensing equipment. The products range from FTIR and NDIR to automatic stream selectors to allow complete analysis of indoor air quality, and hazardous compound measurement. A complete product line of gas phase analyzers including photo acoustic IR and FTIR for the measurement of over 500 gases from PPb to percent levels. California Analytical Instruments also supplies peripheral equipment for gas analyzers, gas measurement systems: multipoint samplers, heated sample diluter, dilute constant volume sampling systems, gas divider, gas sampling pump, zero air generator.
Carl Zeiss AG.
Carl Zeiss is a manufacturer of analytical and scientific equipment: optical microscopes, fluorescence microscopy systems, microimaging systems for biology and medical sciences, materials analysis, scanning electron microscopes, transmission electron microscopes, optical and electro-optical components (gratings, spectral sensors, spectrometer components), spectrometer systems, dedicated analytical solutions (process analyzers, concentration measurement systems). Carl Zeiss manufactures lab and process spectrometer systems (UV-VIS-NIR range)- at-line, in-line, on-line analyzer systems for the measurement of color, concentration and layer thickness. Carl Zeiss manufactures fiber optic process spectrometer - analyzer system for process measurement and control.
CFTI Analytic (ЦФТИ "Аналитик").
CFTI Analytic (St.-Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of process gas analyzer systems based on time-of-flight mass-spectrometer (TOF MS systems for on-line gas analysis), mobile TOF MS systems for gas analysis, flue gas analyzers, portable gas analyzers. The company manufactures TOF MS gas analyzer systems, quadrupole mass-spectrometers for residual gas analysis (residual gas analyzers, quadrupole RGA systems), magnetic sector mass-spectrometers for gas analysis. The company manufactures TOF MS gas analyzers for metallurgical furnace control, flue gas analyzers, continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), gas sampling equipment. CFTI Analytic manufactures transportable, mobile TOF MS gas analyzer (mobile time-of-flight mass-spectrometer for gas analysis). The company manufactures portable, handheld gas analyzers. The company also manufactures vacuum components, high vacuum valves.
ChemImage is a manufacturer of spectrometer systems for chemical imaging (molecular spectroscopy + digital imaging = molecular images that detail material morphology, composition, structure, concentration). ChemImage manufactures Raman spectrometer based chemical imaging system for a wide range of researh and industrial applications (Raman chemical imaging + broadband UV-excited fluorescence chemical imaging + laser-excited fluorescence chemical imaging + near-infrared or NIR chemical imaging + visible absorption chemical imaging)- for materials analysis, pharmaceuticals analysis and quality control (blend uniformity and particle sizing of tablets, coating layers chemical identity, percent composition determination of active and inactive ingredients, thickness uniformity and interfacial chemistries of controlled-release systems, ingredient-specific particle sizing of nasal sprays, emulsions, suspensions). Spectrometer system provides the non-invasive pharmaceuticals imaging and analysis through packaging, such as blister packs, glass containers, plastic bags.
ChemImage manufactures macroscopic chemical imaging system for forensic applications, such as determination of forensic samples morphology. ChemImage manufactures transportable, mobile fluorescence microscope + Raman spectrometer system for on-site detection and identification of hazardous materials, chemical warfare agents, patogenic organisms in a wide range of solids and liquids. ChemImage is a developer of chemical imaging software that allows simultaneous visualization and manipulation of images and spectra.
CIC Photonics Inc.
CIC Photonics Inc is a manufacturer of Industrial Gas Analysis Systems, Fiber-Optic Chemical Analyzers and FTIR Accessories. CIC Photonics, Inc. produces a selection of long path gas cells and gas analysis systems that can detect undesirable gaseous impurities. CIC Photonics Inc design and manufacture precision analytical instruments for chemical spectroscopy in research, environmental, and industrial applications. Short and long path gas cells, fiber-optic probes, multiplexers, spectrophotometers, and FTIR/VIS/UV sampling accessories. New products: LASR16 16-meter gas cell for laser spectroscopy; VARR variable field reflectance and Raman probe; Auto-Fresnel multiple sample single bounce ATR.
Turnkey Industrial System for Moisture Analysis in Corrosive Gases - A turnkey Integrated Real-time Gas Analysis System (IRGAS), consist of a newly-designed 4-meter pathlength White Cell which has been combined with a low-cost FT-IR spectrometer, multi-feature stainless steel gas handling manifold, high-vacuum corrosive gas pumping stations, industrial-ruggedized computer hardware and software package, and purgeable stainless steel safety enclosure. The software permits overall operation and control of individual system components as well quantitative analysis of moisture content.
Custom Sensors & Technology (CS&T).
Custom Sensors & Technology (CS&T) is a manufacturer of oxygen analyzers, fiber optic based photometric analyzers and fiber optic accessories designed to work in a process area, pilot plant or industrial laboratory. CS&T is a suppler of fiber optic accessories for Agilent Technologies spectrophotometers (formerly Hewlett-Packard Company). CS&T manufacture oxygen, photometric and spectrophotometric analyzers for the chemical, petrochemical, refinery, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, and the food and beverage industries. The applications include tank inerting, oil and water, dye markers, effluent monitoring, cleaning validation, dissolution, and antioxidants in polyolefin additives. CS&T offers two full-feature analyzers and one low-cost Two-wire Oxygen Transmitter. Accessories for any of the preceding include oxygen sensors and safety barriers for installations in hazardous areas.
Engineered systems- Custom Sensors manufactures complete oxygen and photometric analyzer systems, integrated instrument and sample handling system. Most sample systems are customized to the users requirements.
Delta F Corporation.
Delta F Corporation is a manufacturer of process oxygen analyzers, moisture analyzers and dual moisture and oxigen analyzers. Delta F oxigen analyzers incorporate the Delta F coulometric sensor uses a non-depleting, ambient temperature oxygen reaction. The optional Stab-El system removes acids and ionic impurities from the electrolyte that could compromise the sensor's performance. Non-Depleting Gas-phase oxygen sensors provide unsurpassed long-term stability and eliminates periodic replacement, frequent calibration. Every analyzer is factory calibrated to NIST standards. Products: Nano Trace II Oxygen Analyzer (75 ppt Low Detection Level, Automated Maintenance Log, Automated Data Logging, Ultimate in ultra-trace oxygen detection), Nano Trace Oxigen Analyzer (200 ppt Low Detection Level, Industry standard for UHP trace oxygen measurements), Platinum Process Oxygen Analyzer (Microprocessor based electronics, Class 1, Division 1 or 2 versions available, Temperature Compensation), General Purpose Analyzer (Single or Triple Range, Ranges from 0-10 ppm to 0-25%, Remote NEMA 4 or NEMA 7 Sensors), Low Cost Analyzer (Ranges from 0-10 ppm to 0-25%), OEM Analyzer for system integration.
Delta F provides comprehensive assistance for a broad variety of application problems including sample gases with acids, hydrocarbons, particles and other contaminants. Depending on the model, Delta F analyzers can be configured to provide a wide choice of outputs for data collections and process control systems. Most Delta F analyzers can be configured for remote operation and all can be ordered with classified area enclosures.
The Delta F 700 Series analyzers (DF-750 NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer and DF-760 NanoTrace Dual Moisture and Oxygen Analyzer ) use TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) technology to measure moisture in gases. TDLAS is a spectroscopic technique that utilizes a diode laser as its light source. TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) has advantages over other techniques because the moisture sample only comes in contact with a few optical components that are made from very robust materials. It works according to the fundamental principle of Beer's law, therefore, the reading is stable over time and does not even require calibration.
Dr. Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH.
Dr. Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH, Seelze, Germany, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of automatic refractometers, automatic polarimeters, chiral detectors for HPLC as well as analytical instrumentation and computerised laboratory systems for the sugar industry. Dr Wolfgang Kernchen GmbH manufactures automatic polarimeters (laboratory and process instruments), automatic refractometers (laboratory and process instruments), chiral detectors for HPLC, analytical instruments and computerized laboratory systems for the sugar industry (sugar content, dry substance content, purity, reflectance color of white sugar, quality of sugar beet or sugar cane), automatic dilution and dosage system. On-Line Process Analyser for Carbohydrate Syrups. 
The PROPOL Digital Automatic Polarimeter - Chiral Detector for HPLC. Self-balancing polarimeter with magneto-optical compensation by Faraday effect.
Electron Machine Corporation (EMC).
The Electron Machine Corporation (EMC) designs and manufactures industrial measuring and control instrumentation. Electron Machine Corporation (EMC) is a manufacturer of refractometers, polarimeters, solids analyzers, density analyzers, density transmitters, solids transmitters and process analyzers. These instruments provides refractive index measurement, polarization measurement, stock consistency measurement, diameter and thickness measurement.
Products: E-Scan Refractometer- A microprocessor-driven critical angle refractometer that is used to measure the refractive index of process fluids and may be used as an error indicator or an integral part of a complete process control system. Monitor Divert System designed to monitor black liquor solids to the recovery furnace and automatically divert the liquor should the solids concentration fall below 58% or other pre-selected point. Isolation Valves. X-Ray Thickness Gage. Analyzer for Black Liquor for measurements of black liquor dissolved solids. Stereoptic Laser Micrometer for critical diameter measurement of wire and cable. The microprocessor-driven critical angle dual refractometer - polarimeter for measurement of the refractive index of process fluids which directly correlate with customer requests for dissolved solids or other meaningful measurement.
Emerson Process Management.
Emerson Process Management is a supplier of products, services, and solutions that measure, analyze, control, automate, and improve process-related operations. Emerson Process Management (formerly Fisher-Rosemount) specializes in process-automation products and technology as well as measurement, analytical, and control instrumentation. Emerson Process Management offers engineering, consulting, maintenance, and project management services.
Environnement S.A.
Environnement SA is a manufacturer of conventional and open-path air quality monitors, instrumentation for measurement of gas and dust emissions, on-line water quality analyzers for surface waters, drinking water, industrial water and waste water analysis.
Air analyzers: UV Fluorescent SO2 Analyzer, Chemiluminescent Dual Channel NO - NOx - NO2 Analyzer, CO analyzer, Ozone analyzer, Hydrocarbons analyzer, BTX analyzer (Gas chromatograph with Photo Ionisation Detector, optional Flame Ionistaion Detector), Dust analyzer, Calibrators, Data acquisition and Software. A multi-gas, long path, air quality monitoring system- SANOA, based on UV Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometry (DOAS) for simultaneous measurements of a number of important pollutants including criteria pollutants and Volatile Organic such as BTX and Formaldehyde.
Stack emission analyzers: MIR 9000 Multi-Component Infrared Analyzer (HCl / NH3 / SO2 / CO / CO2 / N2O / HC / CH4) and Single Gas analyzers with and without dilution, Sec Probe and Dilution Probe gas sampling sysytems, BETA5M Dust analyzer and Stack Flow Rate and Temperature measurement.
Water analyzers: Specific Ions Analyzers by Selective Electrode (NH4+, NO3-, CN-, F-, Ag+, Ca2+, Na+, etc.), Total Organic Carbon Analyzer by Selective Electrode, Polarographic heavy metals analyzer, Infrared Spectrophotometric Hydrocarbon Analyzer, AUTO-MICROTOX Automatic Bioluminescent Bacteria Analyzer for Acute Toxicity, Multi parameters (T°, pH, dissolved O2, conductivity) analyzer and Permanent sampler.
Equitech Int'l Corporation.
Equitech Int'l Corporation is a manufacturer of fiber-optic analytical instruments for industrial process control and laboratory measurement in the UV-Vis spectrum. Products include: The Equispec Family of On-Line Process Analyzers - Chemical Process Analyzer, Color Analyzer, Film Thickness Analyzer. Process and laboratory probes and cells for UV-Vis and NIR. Component Products - Millennium 3 Spectrometer, MPX2009 Nine-Position Multiplexer. Manufactures fiber optic spectrometers, fiber optic multiplexers, fiber optic probes, fiber optic sensors, fiber optic cells. Equitech’s product offerings include a multiplexed spectrophotometer system, a full line of absorption and Raman probes and a spectrophotometer. Multiplexed UV-vis Spectroscopy System and Simultaneous Multichannel UV-vis Spectroscopy System.
Multiplexed Spectrophotometer System: This product incorporates many of the latest developments in fiber optic technology including: holographic optics, chemometric (translational) software, CCD detector and an on-board computer. Because it's multiplexed with either 9 or 18 channels, it allows companies to control the entire process with just one spectrophotometer.
FOSS Group.
The FOSS Group consists of the parent company FOSS A/S in Denmark, 3 R&D and manufacturing companies in Denmark, Sweden and USA, an R&D unit in the UK, and 18 sales & service companies and representative offices world-wide. FOSS Group is a manufacturer and supplier of analytical solutions (quality analyzers) for analysis and quality control of the production of agricultural, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. FOSS is a manufacturer of dairy analyzers, food and agricultural products analyzers, Foss Electric and Foss Tecator are manufacturers of wet chemistry analyzers and wet chemisrty apparatuses.
The range of automated grain analyzers supplied by Foss Tecator-Products for Grain Analysis: Infratec series Grain Analyzers, Whole Grain Analyzer, Whole Grain On-line Analyzer, GrainCheck Analyzer. Products for Feed and Forage Analysis: Feed and Forage Analyzer, NIR On-line Feed Analyzers, WinISI Software Products.
FOSS offers solutions for the routine analysis of beverages. Applications ranges from classical wet chemistry Kjeldahl protein to fully automatic analysis of all the basic parameters of wort/beer or wine. The fully automated SCABA 5610 Beer Analyzer can measure the specific gravity, alcohol, pH * and colour* of any type of beer or wort. WineScan FT 120 is a fast and convenient tool for measuring a wide range of wine quality parameters. These include ethanol, reducing sugars, pH, folin C index, gluconic acid and total acid.
Dairy industry- The FOSS concept of Integrated Milk Testing offers high-speed, cost-effective analysers providing such data: MilkoScan for compositional analysis, Fossomatic for somatic cell counting and CombiFoss, a combination of the two. As part of the same concept, the BactoScan provides total bacteria count. MilkoScan S 50 for milk and cream applications, MilkoScan FT 120 for more complex liquid products and specific parameters, Infratec 1255 for cheese and butter, Routine Dairy Analyzer for powders.
Rapid Analysis of Meat and Meat Products, Compositional Testing of Meat Samples- The Meatspec instrument from FOSS makes meat testing easy and reliable, analysis is based on Near-Infrared Transmission and PLS calibration. Meatspec is used to determine fat, moisture and protein in raw meat and meat raw materials. The Infratec 1265 Meat Analyser is the at-line instrument for easy meat testing, determining fat, moisture, protein and collagen in raw meat, in meat blends also containing other ingredients, and in final meat products.
Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc.
Galvanic Applied Sciences (formerly Galvanic Analytical Systems) is the process analytical instrument company. Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures process analytical and contol instrumentation for the natural gas industry (process on-line gas chromatograph for natural gas BTU measurement, natural gas flow and pressure measurement system, H2S and total sulfur in natural gas analyzer), chemical and petrochemical industries (gas chromatographs - sulphur analysers for lab and process sulphur measurement, H2S and total sulphur in liquids analyzer, on-line amine analyzer), emissions monitoring (continuous emission monitoring systems, CEMS), water treatment process (water quality monitors). Galvanic Applied Sciences is a manufacturer of equipment, instruments, systems for composition measurement for gases and liquids, continuous natural gas analysis, sulphuric gases analysis, determination of hydrogen sulphide and total sulphur levels in process gas streams and liquids, measurement of the both rich and lean amines content in process gases.
Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures at-line, in-line, on-line gas chromatographs (GC systems with sulfur chemiluminescence detector), GC natural gas analyser, infrared gas analyzer (CO2, CH4, and CO analyzer), volume correctors and pressure recorders for the natural and process gas streams, in-line viscometers, in-line optical and acoustic transmitters for process liquids. Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures the lead acetate series of total sulphur analyzers for low-level sulphur measurement in pipeline and process gases, the acid gas analyzer system for continuous and accurate determination of the hyrogen sulphide concentration in the sulfur plant inlet acid gas stream, and the sulfur plant tail gas analyzer system.
Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures equipment, instruments, systems for continuous viscosity measurement of liquids (the Nametre in-line viscometers, viscosity sensors and transmitters), continuous turbidity, suspended solids and color measurments of liquids (the Monitek in-line turbidity, suspended solids and color monitors and sensors). Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures the Tytronic dual wavelength UV-Color analyzer provides accurate measurements of dissolved organics and colored species in drinking water, process water, surface water, wastewater).
Guided Wave Inc.
Guided Wave Inc is a manufacturer of process analytical systems (process analyzers) for VIS and NIR in-line composition monitoring, process probes and flow cells for the chemical and materials processing industries. Guided Wave designs and manufactures near infrared spectrophotometric analyzers that provide real time information about a chemical or laboratory process. Guided Wave supplies probes manufactured in compliance with ASME or CSA pressure vessel standards when required by the application. GW is unique in that it is the only VIS/NIR instrument manufacturer designing and building their own spectrophotometers, probes, and fiber optic cables. Products:
Process NIR Analyzers: Model 412 - Known for reliability, stability and sensitivity, this dual beam system has a patented multiplexer for 3 to 12 channel operation. CLASS-PA software interfaces easily with DCS systems for digital control. Lab 412 - For Pilot Plants, at-line measurements, and QC Labs, the Lab 412 provides Model 412 technology in an affordable 1 or 3 channel transportable NIR unit. Client-Server software allows the transmission of results, alarms, and a wide variety of other information between the analyzer and the plant DCS or other plant computers.
H2O2 Vapor Monitor - Reliable and fast monitoring of hydrogen peroxide and water vapor in sterile barrier operations.
Process Probes and Flow Cells: SST Probe - The Single Sided Transmission Probe is the most popular Guided Wave probe. It offers direct insertion into the process line, no troublesome sample system required. It is available in two designs, one with gold brazed windows and one sealed with o-rings. A wide variety of materials of construction along with process interfaces are available, including permanently mounted flanges.
Process Flow Cells - Several durable flow cells are available. Stainless steel is standard but Teflon is also available for semiconductor and acid use. For lethal service, the patented high Safety Flow Cell offers in-line monitoring with backup seals and a sniffer port. A wide variety of o-ring seals are available.
Extruder Probe/Cell - A pair of these high temperature and pressure probes with a spool piece allows monitoring an extruder process in real-time. Like many Guided Wave probes, it is available in UV, visible, and NIR Long. Path Flow Cell – This axial-flow cell is used for samples requiring pathlengths from 25 mm to 100mm. It is ideal for trace chemical detection. Also Specialty Remote Optical Sensing Assembly and Fiber Optic Cable.
Laboratory Accessories for Spectroscopy: Bulbs, Printed Circuit Boards, Purge equipment, GW Rated Calibrated SMA Torque wrench, I/O Box and Validation Filter.
Hach Company.
Hach Company is a manufacturer and supplier of measurement instruments, analytical instruments, test kits, reagents and chemicals for water quality testing, drinking water industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater analysis. Hach Company manufactures a complete selection of portable, laboratory and on-line process instruments for water testing and analysis of water quality. Hach Company is a manufacturer of rugged, field portable test kits, portable water quality testing instruments and on-line, continuous process analyzers of drinking water, boiler water, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater. Hach supplies prepared chemical reagents for water testing and analysis of water quality, microbiological analysis of water, electrochemical analysis or ion selective analysis of water, test strips and test kits. Hach Company is a manufacturer of portable datalogging colorimeters, portable spectrophotometers, UV-VIS laboratory spectrophotometers, portable turbidimeters, laboratory turbidimeters, process turbidimeters, particle counters for chemical analysis and conrol of water turbidity, chlorine contents, BOD, COD, pH, soil sodicity or soil salinity. Hach Company is a manufacturer of continious analyzers for nitrate, ammonia, alkalinity, monitor hardness of water, and on-line turbidimeter.
Hamilton Sundstrand - Applied Instrument Technologies (AIT).
Hamilton Sundstrand - Applied Instrument Technologies is a manufacturer of process and laboratory FT-IR and NIR, process mass spectrometers, process gas chromatographs and FIA analyzers. Hamilton Sundstrand - Applied Instrument Technologies (formerly AIT is the process analytical business unit of the Sensor Systems Division of Orbital Sciences Corporation) manufactures Analect FTIR / NIR Analysers, MGA Process Mass Spectrometers, PIONIR Near-Infrared Analyzer, Foxboro Process Gas Chromatographs (the AIT/Foxboro 931 Series PGCs) and CS 200 Amine Stream Analyzers. High reliability, high precision and the ability to perform in harsh environments are common features of all AIT analyzers and analytical instruments. Hamilton Sundstrand's chromatographic and spectroscopy technologies can monitor gases, liquids, solids, slurries, and supercritical fluids in a broad range of temperatures and pressures, as well as in hazardous environments. Product lines:
Analect near-infrared and mid-infrared on-line process monitoring systems offer a variety of enclosures, sampling interfacing and control hardware, and data processing options. FTIR / FTNIR Analect has over 1,000 process development and on-line FTIR/FTNIR systems serving the chemical, petrochemical, refining, pharmaceutical, and general manufacturing industries worldwide in a wide range of product configurations. The patented Transept IV refractively scanned interferometer is the core technology used in all Analect FTIR and FTNIR systems. These rugged instruments are configured into reliable and low maintenance analyzers that provide real-time, repeatable data under the most extreme conditions. Solid sampling accessory for powders and pellets. A variety of software packages for QA/QC and reaction monitoring with add-on modules for advanced quantitative analysis and other special applications. 
The ChemEye - An FTIR or FTNIR system for real-time dynamic monitoring of reaction chemistries such as end point determinations, reaction kinetics, organic synthesis, and fermentation. Probe flexibility and a small footprint allows the ChemEye to fit inside a normal fume hood and it is compatible with all automated reactors and reaction calorimeters.
PIONIR 1024 Process NIR Refinery Analyzers- Simultaneously measures multiple properties - including RON, MON, PON, oxygenates, distillation points, gravity, aromatics, and olefins in gasoline and unit stream analysis. Also used to monitor properties such as cetane number, cetane index, aromatics, and distillation points in heavy distillate streams including diesel fuel. PIONIR MVP Near-IR Systems- Features the same optics and delivers the same analytical performance as the PIONIR 1024 process analyzer for use in model development or as a stand-alone analyzer. The analyzer features a fixed holographic grating and photodiode array detector with no critical moving parts. The PIONIR and MVP use fiber optic cables to transmit light to the sample probe, allowing remote installation of multiple sample probes. Fiber optics allow probe placement up to 1 km from analyzer. Complete Sample systems are available.
Horiba is a manufacturer of optical spectroscopy instruments (fluorescence, Raman spectrometers and microscopes, NIR spectrometers, NDIR, FTIR gas analyzers, UV spectroscopic process gas analyzer, ambient ozone monitor, UV fluorescence sulfur in-oil analyzer), electrochemistry instruments, elemental analysis instruments (ICP-OES, glow discharge spectrometers, XRF spectrometers, EDXRF microspectrometer, XRF sulfur in-oil analyzers, C, H, N, O, S analyzers), environmental analysis instruments, emissions measurement instruments (air pollution analyzers, engine exhaust gas analyzers, stack gas analyzers, continuous emission monitoring systems, CEMS), water analysis instruments (handheld water quality meters, process water analyzers, water quality monitors), particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, and surface area analysis instruments (particle size, particle shape analyzers, surface area analyzers, zeta potential analyzers), thin film measurement instruments (ellipsometers). Horiba also manufactures gratings and OEM mini CCD spectrometers.
HunterLab specializes in solving color measurement problems and manufactures color measurement systems. HunterLab is a manufacturer of portable, benchtop, and on-line color measurement instruments including spectrophotometers, colorimeters and glossmeters for quality control, process control, color formulation and matching, science research and development. HunterLab's spectrophotometers and colorimeters are used in the pharmaceutical, textile, food, chemical, plastic, paint and coating, paper, building materials and other industries. Features products: The MiniScan XE spectrophotometer is a field portable color measurement device measuring color outside the laboratory. Measure samples on the plant production floor, in storage areas, shipping departments or virtually any place that is convenient. The MiniScan XE family of spectrophotometers features laboratory performance in a light weight, take-anywhere design. Flexibility is the cornerstone of each HunterLab portable system for color measurement. Both 45°/0° and sphere (diffuse/ 8°) geometries are available for color measuring instruments. Small, large, granule, powder, flake, smooth, textured, and many other types of samples are easily accommodated. The LCD screen displays numerical and graphical data with automatic storage and retrieval of tristimulus or spectral data. For even greater capability, any of the HunterLab color measurement and color formulation software packages can be used to analyze color data.
Infrared Analysis, Inc.
Infrared Analysis, Inc specializes in the measurement of gases. Infrared Analysis, Inc is a manufacturer of long pass gas cells, quantitative database, infrared gas analysis software, and automated measurement system allows real time monitoring of hundreds of gases simultaneously down to ppb levels. Infrared Analysis, Inc manufatures long path cells for gas measurement, with optical paths from 1 meter to 1 kilometer. Supplies database of infrared gas phase reference spectra for quantitative analysis and QASOFT automated and user-interactive computer programs for measuring and reporting gas concentrations. Adjustable-focus retro-reflector and multiple-pass optics for open path gas measurement. Infrared Analysis, Inc is a supplier of complete anaytical systems for FT-IR multi-component gas analysis that work both in extractive mode and open path mode. Infrared Analysis will supply a ready-to-use gas handling system with one of its absorption cells.
Infrared Focal Systems, Inc.
Infrared Focal Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of infrared transmitting fiber optics, bulk glasses and spectrometers for sensor and laser power delivery applications, handheld infrared spectrometer based on the acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF) and software or plastics identification. 
Infrared Focal Systems has developed a handheld infrared spectrometer based on the acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF). This line of products includes the “PlastiScan” handheld plastics identifier for plastics recyclers and a portable infrared spectrometer for scientific and industrial applications. The PlastiScan SH software for plastics identification is installed for PlastiScan SH. The following types of plastics can be included in a typical data base: ABS, PP, PS, PC, PVC, PBT, PA, PET, PC/ABS, AS, POM, PMMA, PUR, PE, PVD, PPO and PVC/ABS. Other types are possible by custom order.
Infrared Focal Systems is a manufacturer of AOTF (Acousto-Optic-Tunable-Filter) Spectrometer - This spectrometer boasts exceptional speed and stability while maintaining low noise. It has applications in both industry and laboratory. Handheld infrared spectrometer based on the AOTF. Features include high speed, no moving parts, and battery operation. This handheld instrument is very fast and convenient to use. The instrument operates by scanning the near-infrared spectrum of the sample, using an acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF).
The AOTF is a birefringence crystal capable of rapid and precise wavelength selection. It may be used as the heart of a spectrometer or monochromator for applications in the UV through mid-IR. Advantages over a filter wheel or grating monochromator include high resolution, high speed, random or sequential wavelengths access, no moving parts, compact size, and imaging capabilities.
Infrared Fiber Systems, Inc produces the Germanium Oxide glass fiber (HP fiber) for use with the Er:YAG and Er:YSGG lasers. These lasers coupled with HP fiber delivery systems can be used for painless dentistry and precise ablation without thermal damage in laser surgery procedures. Infrared Fiber Systems, Inc also manufactures fluoride glass fibers (SG fiber) for use in a variety of industrial and scientific sensor systems such as temperature sensing and remote chemical analysis. These fibers transmit from the ultraviolet through 5 microns in the mid-infrared.
InPhotonics is a manufacturer of Raman fiber optic sampling probes and accessories, and fiber optic Raman spectrometers for industrial,  laboratory and field chemical analysis. InPhotonics has developed numerous specialized Raman systems to meet specific customer requirements for analytical, quality control, and process monitoring applications. InPhotonics is a manufacturer of the InPhotote, a portable Raman system for field identification of unknown chemicals. Several fiber optic probes for sampling under difficult environmental conditions and constrained space have been successfully engineered and installed. InPhotonics manufactures a complete line of fiber optic probes based on the original RamanProbe optical design. The RamanProbe II is a versatile solution where solids and liquids need to measured through containers or by immersion. For reaction monitoring, a high pressure RamanProbe enables in situ measurement at elevated pressures. InPhotonics manufactures process probes to withstand demanding chemical and physical environments.
The RS2000 Raman spectrometer features high resolution and full spectral range capabilities in a system with no moving parts or throughput-limiting slits. Unique to the system is an echelle spectrograph that offers light dispersion in two dimensions to fully exploit the CCD detector area. The result is better than 1 cm-1 spectral resolution from 200- 3500 cm-1 (Raman shift). Combined with the RamanProbe for remote sampling, the RS2000 is the ideal Raman spectrometer for difficult environments where portability and insensitivity to vibration are required. The RS2000 is also perfect for applications requiring high resolving power and complete spectral range coverage.
The RamanProbe product line offers measurement capabilities for hand-held, immersion, and reaction monitoring applications. The patented optical design provides complete removal of silica background, high throughput, and experimental versatility.
The InPhotote is a complete, field portable chemical identification system. Incorporated into the carrying case are a laser, spectrograph, TE-cooled CCD detector, RamanProbe sampling probe, and notebook computer for the on-site identification of unknown chemical species. Although compact and portable, the InPhotote boasts 6 cm-1 spectral resolution over a 2000+ cm-1 range making it capable of discriminating mixtures and detecting contaminants. The portable device can be powered by a 12V outlet (e.g. car battery) or a separate portable power pack as well as conventional 110V-AC power. Designed for field identification of forensic chemicals, the InPhotote can be used in many applications where rapid analysis through packaging materials is required.
J.A. Woollam Co., Inc.
J.A. Woollam Company, Inc is a manufacturer of spectroscopic ellipsometry hardware and software. J.A. Woollam Company, Inc manufactures equipment for thin film characterization by spectroscopic ellipsometry. J.A. Woollam Company, Inc is a manufacturer of spectroscopic ellipsometers in the infrared, visible, and deep ultraviolet region. Non-destructive materials characterization of multi-layer thicknesses, optical properties (complex dielectric function), composition, anisotropy, doping concentration, and much more. The VUV-VASE - The J. A. Woollam Company now has a second generation Vacuum Ultraviolet ellipsometer designed to accommodate large samples and photomask or wafer mapping.
Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc.
Kaiser Optical Systems (KOSI) is a developer and manufacturer of process Raman instrumentation (process Raman analyzers), laboratory Raman systems,  holographic optics and holographic optical components. Kaiser Optical Systems, Inc (KOSI) develops and manufactures a wide variety of instruments and components for Raman spectroscopy. The company products range from single holographic notch and bandpass filters and high-performance military and commercial holographic optics, to robust process Raman instrumentation and high-performance laboratory Raman systems. 
Kaiser Optical Systems manufacture on-line process Raman analyzers for the chemical, polymer, and pharmaceutical industries. The HoloProbe family of Raman analyzers utilize remote fiber-optic probes for in-situ, contact or non-contact measurements in single or multipoint formats. Also the HoloLab family of laboratory instruments for methods development or at-line analyses. Versatile HoloLab sampling accessories include a remote fiber-optic probe for reaction monitoring, a Raman microscope, and a class 1 sample compartment for routine analysis.
Kett US.
Kett manufactures process (online), desktop (lab), and handheld (portable) instruments for chemical composition analysis, moisture measurement, coating thickness measurement, powder and granular whiteness / color measurement, tribology. Kett is a manufacturer of NIR (Near Infrared) chemical composition analyzers, NIR moisture analyzers (handheld, desktop, and on-line NIR moisture analysers), moisture determination balances (moisture balances), portable wood moisture testers and paper moisture testers, concrete and mortar moisture testers, grain moisture analyzers, coating thickness testers, whiteness meters-colorimeters, tribometer and surface property analyzers for tribology science. Kett US is a manufacturer of a full line of mixing systems for process and laboratory use (lab mixers). Kett manufactures laboratory mixing systems, including reciprocating, high-torque and programmable laboratory mixers.
Near Infrared Composition Analyzers - These devices provide instantaneous, non-contact measurements of moisture, fat, protein and other components for both solids and liquids by using optical absorbance. Optional data analysis software and specialized sensors for process control systems.
Near Infrared Moisture Analyzers - Handheld, desktop, and on-line production models of NIR moisture analysers are available.
Moisture Determination Balances - These instruments provide continuous, accurate, and repeatable moisture measurements. The FM300 moisture balance allows for measurements as low as 1 part per million and will accurately measure products with volatiles other than water.
Wood and Paper Moisture Testers - Compact, handheld, one-piece units provide portable moisture measurement of over 80 types of wood. Kett also supplies the only non-invasive meter available for applications requiring measurements on rare and exotic woods, or, where non-invasive testing is desirable.
Paper Moisture Testers - Two portable, digital models are available depending on the moisture range. Both use electric resistance to measure the moisture of both kraft and corrugated paper. Direct moisture readings, special calibrations, and relative moisture measurements are standard features.
Grain Moisture Analyzers - Kett is internationally recognized for agricultural moisture testers and inspection instruments. Handheld, laboratory, and production models are available. All use electrical resistance principles. Digital displays, multiple calibrations, and rugged, ergonomic designs are standard.
Concrete-Mortar & Multi-Purpose Moisture Testers - A portable, handheld, non-invasive model provides unmatched performance and versatility. Utilizing the dielectric principle, this unit can determine the average moisture content to a depth of 40mm. One model will test for leaks in walls and slabs.
Coating Thickness Testers - A complete line of handheld nondestructive coating thickness gauges for testing ferrous and nonferrous substrates. Digital displays and rugged, industrial designs are standard. Specific models include memory, statistics, integrated printers, and wireless probes.
Surface Analyzers - Precise evaluation of friction, abrasion, adhesion, scratch and peel resistance is available in several benchtop designs.
Tribometer - The handheld battery powered model calculates the coefficient of static friction in under 10 seconds.
Whiteness Meters/Colorimeters - Using photodiodes and reflective index principles, two models are available for powder and granular measurements.
K-Patents is a manufacturer and supplier of the process on-line liquid analyzers for various on-line liquid measurements, such as concentration and liquid density measurement, and digital process refractometers for industrial process control. K-Patents is the instrument company, designs, manufactures and supplies a variety of specialized process analyzers (such as the Black Liquor Analyzer) and digital process refractometers for in-line liquid measurement in sugar and sweeteners, food and beverage, pulp and paper, chemical, petrochemical and textile industries. These process instruments are enclosed, interfacing with other elements of a control system. The digital K-Patents Process Refractometer provides truly accurate means for measuring liquid concentrations of various mediums. Measuring parameters - concentration (% by weight), liquid density (% solids), refractive index (R.I) and BRIX. K-Patents manufactures the Sanitary Process Refractometer for measuring Brix and concentrations in the pipe line. Easy to install in any pipe size directly or via flow cell, the Sanitary Probe Refractometer provides truly accurate Brix and concentration measurements in tanks, kettles and other vessels. The inline refractometers for all food and beverage processing applications where on-line monitoring and control can help to improve product quality and reduce costs. Typical applications are jams, preserves, sauces, beer wort, pharmaceuticals, sugar molasses, fruit and berries preparation, starch sweeteners (cooling crystallizers). The flush mounted sensor allows the use of scrapers and mixers. The product quality and batch time can be controlled precisely without costly sampling.
K-Patents manufactures process refractometer for measuring various concentrations in the pulp and paper mills, e.g. starch, sizing chemicals and paper additives. The final concentration and quality of the cooked starch can be verified. The starch the size press can be optimized for different paper grades and the best quality for each grade achieved. K-Patents is a manufacturer of the Black Liquor Measurement System for measuring black liquor dry solids % b.w. in kraft chemical pulp mill. The system consists of Black Liquor Analyzer Sensor, Isolation Valve with Retraction device HIMP-2, Steam Wash system, and Indicating transmitter. K-Patents also manufactures the Green Liquor Measurement System for measuring green liquor density or TTA in kraft chemical pulp mill. The system consists of Green Liquor Analyzer Sensor, Isolation Valve with Retraction device HIMP-2, High Pressure Wash system, and Indicating transmitter. K-Patents is a manufacturer of Digital Divert Control System for safe operation of a kraft chemical recovery boiler requires a digital divert control system. K-Patents manufactures the Digital Divert System is built strictly according to BLRBAC's recommended practice and compact process refractometer for measuring the concentration, dry solids or liquid density in paper sizing, cooking control and size press control applications in paper mills.
LT Industries, Inc.
LT Industries Inc is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of laboratory, portable at-line and on-line near infrared analyzers (portable, lab and process NIR analysers) for the pharmaceutical industry, food, beverage, chemical and petrochemical industries. The NIR instrument system is a smart, multi-point chemical analyzer with electronic and software ties into the refinery’s distributed control system. The LT PetroScan system for gasoline refinery is a continuous monitor for blending of gasoline from refinery components. The Iso-Chem systems are portable NIR analyzers with remotely triggered testing probes. They are designed to provide confirmatory chemical analysis, in seconds, at-line. The Iso-Pharm NIR analyzer is the pharmaceutical material monitor. The Iso-Pharm, LT Industries’ NIR pharmaceutical analysis system are built for GMP compliance, with cleaning validations and ease-of-use in mind. Iso-Pharm also meets the critical business tests of the increasingly vigorous raw material quarantine world. Also LT Industries Inc is a manufacturer of the FREEDOM NIR raw material analysis probe, the first non-contact probe, which preserves the chemical integrity and safety of the tested product. The FREEDOM system can be used with both the Iso-Pharm and Iso-Chem low-cost NIR analyzers.
Lumex (St. Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of chromatography and electrophoresis instrumentation (gas chromatography instruments, HPLC systems, capillary electrophoresis and electrochromatography systems), optical spectroscopy instrumentation (mercury analyzer systems, portable mercury in air analyzer, GF AAS system, FTIR spectrometers, FTNIR composition analyzers, FT-NIR whole grain analyzers, fluorimeters - luminometers, fluorescence spectrometers). Lumex manufactures field and process water analysis instrumentation (fluorescence instruments for water analysis, oil in water monitors, continuos flow water analysers, electrochemical on-line, in-line water analyzers, water quality monitors, turbidity monitors). Lumex also manufactures biochemistry analyzer.
Mercury Instruments GmbH.
Mercury Instruments GmbH is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory mercury analyzers, process mercury analysers, continious emission monitors for measurement of mercury in air and other gases, mercury cellroom monitoring systems. Mercury Instruments GmbH also manufactures calibration gas generator for mercury analysis. The instruments are designed both for the laboratory and harsh industrial environments, provided measurement of mercury in air and other gases, "cold vapor atomic absoption spectroscopy" (CVAAS) mercury determination in soil, geological samples, waste samples, food and medical samples, on-line determination of mercury in liquids, monitoring of cellroom and cellroom ventilation air, continious emmission monitoring for mercury in stack gases.
Midac Corporation.
Midac Corporation (USA) is a manufacturer of laboratory (benchtop) FTIR spectrometers, industrial, process FTIR spectrometer systems, on-line FTIR gas analyzers, open-path FTIR spectrometer systems. Midac Corporation manufactures FTIR spectrometers and application-specific FTIR spectrometer systems: in-line, on-line FTIR gas analyzer systems, process analyzers for moisture in corrosive gases (moisture in gas analysers), open-path air monitioring system for continuous emissions monitoring, remote analysis of stack gases (open-path FTIR CEMS), mobile air monitoring system (long-path FTIR air analyzer).
MKS, Spectra Products.
MKS Spectra Products (formerly Spectra International) is dedicated to the development and manufacture of an innovative range of in situ process monitoring instruments promoted and sold as fully-integrated, application-specific packages. MKS Spectra Products is a manufacturer of component residual gas analyzers (RGA), analytical equipment, and in situ process monitors. MKS Instruments, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of instruments and integrated subsystems that measure, control, power and monitor critical parameters of semiconductor and other advanced manufacturing process environments. In addition to semiconductors, MKS products are used to manufacture a diverse range of products, such as optical filters, flat panel displays, magnetic and optical storage media, medical imaging equipment, architectural glass, solar panels and gas lasers. Spectra Products  manufactures an innovative range of in situ process monitoring instruments promoted and sold as fully integrated, application-specific packages. Products include component residual gas analyzers (RGA), analytical equipment, and process RGA. MKS On-Line Products designs and manufactures an advanced range of gas analysis and wafer metrology products based on FTIR spectrometry, as well as complementary analysis and control software.
NDC Infrared Engineering.
NDC Infrared Engineering is a manufacturer of process analytical and measuring instrumentation for continuous on-line measurement and control of moisture, oil and protein, coatings weight, coating thickness, plastic film thickness, barrier layer. NDC Infrared Engineering is the comprehensive source of on-line continuous process measuring instruments for the paper, plastics, converting, food, tobacco, timber, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. NDC Infrared Engineering manufactures the backscatter sensors for moisture measurement in bulk materials such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, wood products, animal feed, minerals, building materials, explosives and many more. The Infragauge Pro for complete web measurement, scanning and profile display system solution, features s range of sensors for accurate on-line measurement of moisture, coat weight and film thickness in web applications (including sensors for the measurement of thin lacquer coatings on aluminium foils and steel sheet, for accurate measurement of coatings on paper, plastics and textiles or moisture content in paper, non wovens or textiles, for measurement is silicone coating weight on paper, for measurement of plastic film thickness, barrier layers in co-extrusions, resin impregnation in glass fibre and moisture content of paper and non wovens, for the accurate measurement of blown plastic film). The Food Sensor is a backscatter sensor designed specifically for the food industry (moisture, fat and protein are typical measurements), features hygienic design in stainless steel with FOOD SAFE sapphire optical window. The on-line sensor for the measurement of moisture and other parameters in tobacco. The Infralab at-line analyser for accurate, operator independent measurements in a fraction of the  time taken by conventional laboratory wet chemistry analysis (dedicated versions are available for tobacco and food applications). The Liquidata fibre optic probe for the accurate analysis of liquids in line. The Moistrex for the accurate, instantaneous measurement of moisture at line. Slimline scanners made for scanning applications where there is not much space on the plant for installation. Also manufactures narrow bandpass filters, wide bandpass filters, laser diode filters, edge filters, color separation filters, dichroic filters, hot mirrors, cold mirrors, antireflection filters. Also offer remote sample and display unit and calibration check standards.
TM5000E - InfraLab At-Line Analyzer for the Food Industry. InfraLab provides fast, accurate and dependable measurements of moisture, fat and protein. The system uses proven NDC Infrared Engineering measurement technology, a robust sampling system and MS Windows NT software for simple operation. Full networking facilities for easy integration into modern Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) is standard. Multiple measurements on every sample provide statistical confidence limits with each analysis, minimizing the need for replicate testing. Also lnfraLab provides fast, accurate and dependable measurements of moisture, nicotine and sugars at all stages in GLT and Primary processing.
The TM710 tobacco gauge. The TM710 is pre-calibrated for tobacco and can be applied universally throughout leaf and primary processing. From leaf processing of individual grades through cut stem and cut lamina processing, from high to low moistures, the TM710 gauge provides the measure of qaulity.
An advanced on-line multi-constituent infrared gauge. The MM710 near infrared (NIR) backscatter gauge for on-line measurement unlike other IR Sensors, can tolerate changes in lighting, product or ambient temperature and variations in relative humidity (RH).
The Liquidata In-Line Beer Analyzer for in-line measurement of alcohol and original extract. The system comprises a sensor, containing the fiber optic based insertion probe and optics assembly, a control unit and a self-contained dry air purge module. The sensor is directly inserted into the beer main using the supplied retractor assembly and adapter, or a fixed mounting flange. Because all liquid contact areas will withstand a wide range of temperatures, pressures and brewery cleaning procedures, hygiene is assured. Liquidata can be integrated with most blending stations and process control systems.
neoplas control GmbH.
neoplas control GmbH (Germany) is a manufacturer of quantum cascade laser measurement and control system. neoplas control manufactures the Q-MACS, a compact and user-friendly Quantum cascade laser- measurement and control system, has been developed for various applications, like the analysis of plasma processes or the high sensitive trace gas analysis. It combines the benefits of absorption spectroscopic methods in the mid infrared with the favorable properties of quantum cascade lasers and is therefore, in combination with thermoelectrically cooled infrared detectors, well suited for industrial applications, in particular for real-time process control. The Q-MACS is a line of spectroscopy instruments developed by the INP-Greifswald.
Q-MACS Basic - QCL spectrometer for absorption spectroscopy in the mid infrared region. Consisting of laser head, supply and connector cable. Supports QCL-mounts of AlpesLasers and LaserComponents. Software package TDLWintel (Aerodyne Research Inc.) for control and data analysis.
Q-MACS Trace - On-site or mobile system designed for user defined application. Trace gas measurements for environmental studies and high sensitive gas analysis (measurements of concentrations down to the ppb range). Long path cell for increased sensitivity.
Q-MACS Enviro (planned) - Trace gas monitoring analytical system for environmental control and high sensitive gas tracing (monitoring of concentrations down to the ppt range). 3-Channel configuration with measuring, reference and normalization channel. Long path cell for increased measurement sensitivity. 
Q-MACS Process (planned) - Analytical system for monitoring and control of gas and plasma processes. Features 3-Channel configuration with off-board measuring, reference and normalization channel. Thermoelectrically cooled detectors.
optek-Danulat, Inc.
optek-Danulat, GmbH (Essen, Germany) is the process analytical instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of in-line photometric-based process analyzers (in-line process UV photometers, colorimeters, NIR sensors and probes, scattered light turbidimeters). optek-Danulat, GmbH manufactures the in-line photometric analyzers for industrial liquid and gas-processing applications. optek-Danulat is a supplier of the cost-saving solutions for virtually every type of industrial liquid and gas process. optek-Danulat, GmbH manufactures process analyzers for in-line, real-time analysis of liquids and gases for absorption, %T, concentration, color and suspended solids. optek-Danulat, GmbH provided a spectrum of in-line sensor and probe configurations to meet virtually any process specification such as line size, process fittings, electrical interface, ratings and certifications.
Process colorimeters: optek Colorimeters monitor color for precise product quality control and detection of contaminants. The AF26 Dual Beam In-Line Colorimeter - optek's AF26 Colorimeter is a VIS / NIR Absorption photometer featuring dual selectable wavelengths for precise color measurements. Automatic compensation for turbidity and fouling assure consistent and accurate readings, even in demanding applications. NIST-traceable validation filters provide easy verification of system performance during uninterrupted processing.
Process turbidimeters: Turbidity photometers from optek-Danulat monitor scattered light continuously and accurately, saving time and reducing or eliminating the need for sampling. The TF16 Dual Beam Scattered-Light Sensor - optek's TF16 turbidimeter provides accurate color-compensated turbidity monitoring in-line and in real time. Combine with any of several optek converters  for a complete in-line turbidimeter system. The TF56 Dual Beam Scattered-Light Sensor - The 556/TF56 Turbidimeter is an economical pre-configured turbidity monitoring system, providing real-time, in-line monitoring and control that is unaffected by process color. Designed for high temperatures and pressures. Options are also available for all hazardous area classifications.
Systems and Specialty Products: FERMENTER CONTROL series - Bioprocess Analyzer. optek's FERMENTER CONTROL System reduces sampling and maximizes harvest through highly precise analysis and control in bioreactors from 2 to 200 liters. Engineered to precisely and repeatably monitor biomass concentration from inoculation to harvest, the FERMENTER CONTROL System helps maximize cell culture expression through highly accurate monitoring of cell growth. The durable design easily handles the rigors of sterilization, and is ideal for the most demanding high pressure and high temperature fermentation environments. optek's FERMENTER CONTROL System is available in versions to accommodate nearly all types of fermenters, from headplate mountings in glass lab-scale fermenters to side safety-ports in production-scale bioreactors. The durable FERMENTER CONTROL System easily withstands the steam-sterilization of CIP and SIP procedures in production-scale facilities, and the autoclavability requirements of lab-scale and pilot-scale projects.
AF SMA - In-line Process Spectroscopy - A sub-miniature fiber-optic interface connects this optek in-line sensor to your spectrophotometer, for true in-line, full-spectrum spectrophotometry without process interruption, and without sampling. With a wide variety of configurations, optical path-lengths and materials of construction, the AF-SMA brings true in-line spectral scans to some of the most difficult industrial settings.
Perten Instruments AB.
Perten Instruments is a manufacturer and suppliers of the quality control instruments for feed, food, flour, and grain including: falling number, near infrared filter and near infrared whole grain analyzers, glutomatic gluten analyzer, single kernel characterization system and laboratory mills. Products: 
The Falling Number System - provides the international standard method for determination of alpha-amylase activity in grain and flour. The Glutomatic System - provides the world standard test for gluten quantity and quality in wheat. A rapid and accurate quality test on wheat whole meal and flour. The Single Kernel Characterization System 4100 - is the unique instrument for hardness classification and determination of uniformity in grain. The Diode Array 7200 System - is the second generation Diode Array based NIR Analyzer. A full-spectrum instrument for 3-second multiparameter analysis without the need for sample preparation. The Inframatic System - Near Infrared analyzers in the grain, flour and food industry for determination of protein, moisture, hardness, ash, fat. Laboratory Mills - A range of laboratory mills for correct and convenient sample preparation for most tests used in the grain industry.
Petroleum Analyzer Company L. P. (PAC)
Petroleum Analyser Company L P (formerly Varlen Instruments Inc) combined  the leading manufacturers of petroleum test equipment - Alcor Petroleum Instruments, ISL, Walter Herzog GmbH, PetroSpec and Precision Scientific Petroleum Instruments into a single manufacturing, marketing, and service organization. PAC Petroleum Analyzer Company is a Roper Industries Inc company. Petroleum Analyzer Company (PAC) is a supplier of petroleum testing equipment, manufactured by Alcor, Herzog, ISL, PetroSpec and Precision Scientific Petroleum Instruments. Petroleum Analyzer Company offer assortment of automatic, semiautomatic and manual instruments for laboratory and online petroleum testing available from PAC companies. 
PAC offer a full range of instruments and calibration samples for determining many of the following properties- Distillation, Flash Point, Viscosity, Pour Point, Cloud Point, Freezing Point, Cold Filter Plugging Point, Vapor Pressure, Penetration, Softening Point, Salt in Crude Oil, Saybolt and ASTM Color, Oxygenates in gasoline, Octane number, Benzene, Aromatics, Olefins, Saturates, Napthalenes, Density, VOC, Thermal Oxidation, Carbon Residue, Cetane number, and many more.
The PetroSpec line of petroleum analyzers are the first real-time, on-line instruments that measure the properties of diesel fuel/gasoline/turbine fuel and other liquids quickly, accurately, and require no special training or calibration maintenance. Laboratory scale products manufactured by PetroSpec include; GS series for determination of octane, oxygenates, benzene, aromatics, olefins, saturates and other properties in gasoline. DT series for red dye and ASTM color in diesel fuel. JT series for red dye and Saybolt color in aviation fuel in cooperation with Alcor. JFT series for aromatics and other properties in aviation fuel and CET series for cetane and other properties in diesel fuels. The GS 1000 is a multi-function analyzer designed for the fast and accurate compositional analysis of gasoline. It utilizes sophisticated mid-infrared technology to differentiate and quantify the individual fuel components, including oxygenates, benzene, total aromatics, olefins, and saturates. The GS 1000 also determines the fuel's Research Octane Number (RON), Motor Octane Number (MON), and (R+M)/2 value.
PetroMetrix, Ltd.
PetroMetrix, Ltd is the process analytical instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of process analyzers based on Near Infrared (NIR) technology for the petroleum and petrochemical industries. The Beacon-2000 II NIR Analyzer for refineries, petrochemical plants and pipeline companies. Intrinsically safe, low cost sample probes, combined with unique fibre optic technology, allow the measurement of physical and chemical properties even in hazardous and remote locations. The Beacon Lab System is a free-standing, comprehensive and high-performance petroleum analyzer, capable of simultaneously measuring multiple hydrocarbon properties, under laboratory conditions. It is used for both Quality Assurance testing and model development to support the Beacon 2000-II On-Line System. The sample system itself is highly flexible - handling extremely volatile liquids such as light Naphtha as well as heavy distillates such as Heavy Gas Oil.
Polytec GmbH.
Polytec GmbH (Waldbronn, Germany) is a manufacturer of optical measurement and analytical equipment (modular diode array NIR spectrometer systems and components, laser surface velocimeters, laser vibrometers, microscope-based systems to measure the dynamics and topography of microsystems and micro-electromechanical systems, MEMS, dynamic stress and strain measuring instruments, surface metrology instruments, 3-D profilometers for surface characterization, HDD media tester, optical surface analyzer for nano-defect and topography measurements of HDD media). Polytec GmbH manufactures modular NIR spectrometer systems for online process control and laboratory measurement. The modular NIR spectrometer system includes sensor head (remote reflection sensor head, contact reflection sensor head, transmission sensor head, immersion probe) + diode array NIR spectrometer and software.
Process Instruments, Inc.
Process Instruments Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial Raman systems without moving parts, optimized for fiber-optic coupling in process control application. Process Instruments Inc manufactures stable, high-performance, and affordable fiber-coupled Raman analytical system based on proprietary frequency-stabilized, narrow linewidth, diode-laser and spectrograph technology. Raman systems incorporating TE-cooled CCD detection and low noise. Frequency-stabilized, narrow linewidth laser sources for any wavelength from 640 to 980 nm. For additional stability both laser and spectrograph can be temperature controlled. The rugged, stainless steel remote Raman probe can be used as either a hand held probe or in a permanent process control installation. The spectrograph is compatible with most commercial Raman fiber-optic probes (Visionex, EIC) and the fiber-coupled input can be multiplexed.
P S Analytical Ltd.
P S Analytical Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of analytical instuments (elemental analysers), for the analysis of mercury, arsenic, selenium, antimony, tellurium and bismuth at ultra trace levels. P S Analytical specializes in the design and manufacture of instruments for elemental analysis, from individual analysers to automated systems tailored to customer requirements. Manufactures and supplies complete automated systems for the ultra-trace determination of Hg, As, Se, Sb, Te and Bi. These analytical instruments are mainly based on atomic fluorescence spectrometry. Featured products:
The Millennium systems have the ability to detect in widely varying sample concentrations, from a single part per trillion to more than ten parts per million, without the need for instrument adjustment and carryover from one sample to another. Can be coupled to capillary GC and HPLC for the speciation of mercury and hydride forming elements respectively. Continuous On-Line Mercury Analysers. The on-line mercury analyser provided continuous mercury analysis of either liquid or gaseous sample streams from ppt to ppm levels.
Q-Interline (Denmark) is a manufacturer of FT-NIR analyzers and accessory sampling equipment for food, feed, dairy industries. Q-Interline manufactures a line of specialized FT-NIR spectrometers, diffuse reflectance probes and immersion probes for at-line, on-line analysis of food stuffs, dairy products (butter).
Remspec Corporation.
Remspec Corporation is the spectroscopy instrument company, manufacturer and supplier of high performance fiber-optic spectroscopy systems for reaction monitoring and rapid chemical analysis, that operate in the mid-infrared, and probes for fiber optic infrared (FTIR, NIR and Raman) spectroscopy. Remspec Corporation manufactures and supplies turnkey analytical systems for reaction and process monitoring and in situ analysis of solids, liquids, gases, and coatings. Portable, laboratory, and pilot plant analytical systems are available.
Remspec Corporation also manufactures and supplies high performance NIR and NIR / FT Raman probes. Remspec Corporation offers a range of different fiber-optic sampling probes depending on the system to be studied. In addition to fully integrated turnkey systems, Remspec Corporation supply modular systems that can be coupled to almost any FTIR spectrometer. The Interferometer light source - a choice of standard interferometer light source that is rugged and portable or a rugged transportable system with a sample compartment. The units come with a computer and data collection and analysis spectroscopy software. ATR probes, liquid transmission probes, gas transmission probes, reflectance probes.
Schmidt & Haensch.
Schmidt & Haensch is the German analytical instrument company, industry leader in sugar laboratory saccharimeters and other sugar laboratory instruments. Schmidt & Haensch is a manufacturer of opto-electronic measurements instruments: polarimeters (saccharimeters) and refractometers. Schmidt & Haensch manufactures laboratory and process control instrumentation includes refractometers for laboratory and process applications and a full range of Automatic Circle Polarimeters. Featured product: the Saccharomat is a fully automatic sugar polarimeter with quartz wedge compensation.
Sigrist-Photometer AG.
Sigrist-Photometer AG is a global supplier of process photometers, fluorometers and turbidimeters for continuous monitoring of safety, purity and quality optimization and control of your process steps. Sigrist-Photometer AG has developed a number of systems for eliminating the effects of window contamination under specific measurement conditions (differential measurement method; dichromatic method; color compensation). Features instruments: The DualScat Ex In-Line Turbidimeter for flammable atmospheres. Provides dual-beam measurement for compensation of coloration and window fouling. Single- or dual-angle measurement with one sensor head. Easy installation using in-line housing. Protection class EEx d II. The new Visibility Monitor VisGuard - SIGRIST has redeveloped their visibility monitors following the scattered light principle from scratch. The new VisGuard is the first instrument for this application offering local sampling in the tunnel or sample extraction up to several 100 meters with its two versions In-situ and Extractive. Product lines:
Process photometers- Ozone Meter, UV Absorption/DOC Monitor, Absorptiometers for the visible wavelength range, hinged, bypass and in-line.
Process fluorometers- Oil Trace Monitors for mineral oils, bypass, hinged and in-line, Oil Trace Monitor for mineral oils, with free-fall flow cell.
Dust monitors: Dust Emission Measuring System, Black Smoke Monitor for light oil fired boilers, VisGuard Extractive Visibility Monitor and VisGuard In-situ Visibility Monitor.
Process turbidimeters (for liquids)- Turbidimeters VIS, hinged, bypass and in-line, Precision Turbidimeter VIS, hinged, in-line, DualScat In-Line Turbidimeter and DualScat Ex In-Line Turbidimeter for flammable atmospheres, LabScat Dual-Angle Lab Turbidimeter, WTM500 On-line Turbidimeter (ISO 7027).
Particle monitors- On-line Particle Monitor.
Product monitors- RAMS In-line Product Monitor.
Skalar Inc.
Skalar Inc is the Dutch analytical instrument company, manufacturer of analyzers for the laboratory and process industry. Skalar manufactures a range of analyzers (automatic wet chemistry analyzer, carbon & nitrogen analyzers, protein - nitrogen analyzer, robotic analyzer, spectral fluorescent analyzer, toxicity analyzer, on-line analyzers of drinking water, waste water, boiler water) for the environmental, pharmaceutical, agricultural, detergent, food and beverage laboratory. The Skalar range of in-line analyzers is used in the control of water treatment, measuring oils, phosphates, nitrogen, cyanides, phenols, chlorophyll.
Products: the Skalar AquaPRO - dedicated nutrient / environmental analyser. SanPLUS flow analyzer - automated ion analyzer for all wet chemistry applications. SP100 robotic analyzer - automated BOD (US EPA accepted), COD, conductivity, color, all titrations, features sample preparation. TOC analyzer with high temperature combustion and IR detection. TOC analyzer with low temperature, UV persulfate digestion and IR detection. Solid carbon analyzer with its own IR detection. Nitrogen Analyzer for both liquid and solid samples. SA 9000 continuous on-line process analyser.
The FLUO IMAGER analyzer, an on-line analyzer for the measurement of oil in water. The FLUO IMAGER uses a Spectral Fluorescence Signatures (SFS) technique and is able to determine, against a reference library of various SFS's of different types of oils, not only the type, but also the concentration of each particular oil in a water sample. The method is quick and easy and does not involve time and labor intensive extraction techniques giving detection limits in the low ppm levels. This is due to the fact that the FLUO IMAGER uses direct fluorescence measurements. The Tox Tracer Analyzer for rapid determination of toxicity in food and environmental samples, using bioluminescence.
StellarNet Inc.
StellarNet Inc is a manufacturer of spectroscopy instrumentation - miniature fiber optic spectrometers, industrial process probes, optical fibers, light source accessories. Also SpectraWiz software for process control and quality control. StellarNet Inc manufactures analytical instrumentation measuring light wavelength absorbance, transmission, reflection, color, emission, irradiance, and fluorescence. StellarNet Inc manufactures a line of rugged, modular, portable, miniature spectrometers and software can be used for remote sensing and process applications in the factory or field. Measurements for ranges in the ultraviolet (UV 190-400nm), Visible color (VIS 350-850nm), short-wave Near Infrared (NIR 500-1000nm), and Near Infrared - InGaAs detectors (NIR 900-2200nm) are easily performed by the portable EPP2000 (high speed parallel & USB-2) or ISA2000 (Multi-Channel Box) fiber optic spectrometers. Up to 8 EPP2000 spectrometers may be daisy chained thru a digital IEEE1284 parallel or USB-2 port. Up to 8 ISA2000 spectrometers may be installed in the industrial rackmount, or 4 in the portable spectro box.  These instruments easily handle process applications requiring simultaneous multi-beam configurations.
CCD and Photo Diode Array spectrograph optics have no moving parts or detector sockets. Spectrometers are designed to be vibration tolerant and use thermal stabilization suitable for process applications. The EPP2000C spectrometer has no mirrors. It uses an aberration corrected holographic concave grating for superb imaging while minimizing stray light. This instrument covers the UV and VIS ranges in one unit (190-850nm) with high grating efficiency at both ends of the spectrum using miniature UV-VIS light sources.
tec5 AG.
tec5 AG is the German spectroscopy instrument company, specialized in the developement and production of innovative optical sensor systems, operating OEM electronics for detector arrays or spectral sensors and OEM spectrometer systems. tec5 manufactures a wide range of products for the optical spectroscopy from single OEM components like preamplifier boards for detector arrays up to complete OEM Spectrometer Systems for a wide range of applications and demands. Also tec5 is distribution partner of Carl Zeiss for spectrometer modules in Germany. 
Product lines: UV/VIS spectrometers, NIR spectrometers, optical spectroscopy, operating electronics for diode arrays, optical multiplexers, process measurement systems, On Line Analysis, customer specific OEM measurement systems, portable optical sensors. Features products: MultiSpec spectrometer systems in 19" technology with various electronic platforms for UV/VIS and NIR based on diode array technology, customer specific high-quality OEM spectrometer systems.
Custom Designed Systems such as: Compact measurement device, CompactSpec UV-VIS for on-line concentration determination in liquids. Portable spectrometer system, HandySpec VIS, a high-quality hand-held device for spectral analysis, allows the performance of exact transmission measurements in liquids.
Tekran Inc.
Tekran Inc is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory, field portable and process mercury analyzers (continuous monitoring of mercury), calibrators and accessories for mercury analysis. Tekran Inc manufactures a full line of analytical instrumentation for the measurement of ultra-trace amounts of mercury in ambient air, water, and virtually any combustion source). Analytical equipment for mercury analysis:
The Series 2600 Automated Water Analysis System- modular, fully automated total mercury analytical system is Method 1631 compliant.
The Model 2500 Cold Vapor Atomic Fluorescence Spectrophotometry (CVAFS) Mercury Detector has an absolute detection limit of <0.1 pg of mercury.
The Model 2505 Saturated Mercury Vapor Calibration Unit allows calibration of any low level gas phase measurement system.
The Model 2537A Ambient Mercury Vapor Analyzer provides continuous ambient monitoring of total gaseous mercury (TGM) with a detection limit of < 0.1 ng/m3 (25 PPQ vol). The analyzer is suitable for laboratory, field or mobile use and is designed to integrate easily into existing monitoring networks.
The Tekran Model 1130 Mercury Speciation Unit provides the Model 2537A Mercury Vapor Analyzer with the ability to simultaneously monitor elemental and reactive gaseous mercury (RGM) in ambient air.
Speciating Mercury Continuous Emissions Monitor (CEM) - The Series 3300 can measure total, elemental and ionic mercury in virtually any combustion source. The system is sensitive enough to measure levels at any coal fired power plant and is immune to the interferences that plague conventional mercury CEM systems.
Teledyne Analytical Instruments.
Teledyne Analytical Instruments offers scientific solutions for chemical analysis problems. Teledyne Analytical Instruments is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of gas and liquid analytical instrumentation, electrochemical sensors, analyzers, and custom analytical systems for process control, air separation, medical life support systems, and automotive emissions test equipment. Teledyne Analytical Instruments manufactures electrochemical sensors, oxygen analyzers (trace, percent, portable, online oxygen analysers); flue gas and emission monitoring analyzers and systems, process photometric analyzers (UV, VIS, NIR, IR process photometric analysers), carbon monoxide and flammable gas analyzers, trace hydrogen and thermal conductivity gas analyzers, hydrocarbon analyzers, nitrogen oxide emissions monitoring, sensors and detectors. Series IR7000 Non-dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzers. Portable gas analyzers. Teledyne Analytical Instruments offers a wide selection of options and custom systems to support your special needs.
Turner Designs Inc.
Turner Designs Inc is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory fluorometers and portable fluorometers, process fluorescence analyzers and research grade luminometers. Turner Designs Inc manufactures lab, process and portable analytical instruments for the measurement of fluorescent tracers, algal pigments, hydrocarbons, and other naturally occurring fluorescent compounds.
Turner Designs Inc manufactures of fluorometers and luminometers for field, laboratory, and process control applications in the environmental and biotech markets: 10-AU Field Fluorometer for chlorophyll measurement and dye tracer studies; TD-700 Lab Fluorometer for chlorophyll measurement, DNA/RNA quantitation and general lab assays; TD-360 Mini- fluorometer for DNA/RNA quantitation and general lab assays and TD-20/20 Luminometer for genetic reporting and ATP measurements; AlgaeWatch On-line Fluorometer for real-time measurement of algal biomass in water; SCUFA Submersible Fluorometer for chlorophyll and dye tracing applications; Picofluor Handheld Dual Channel Fluorometer; Aquafluor Handheld Fluorometer/Turbidimeter; Laboratory, portable and on-line fluorometers for the detection of oil in water (hydrocarbon monitors).
The AlgaeWatch On-Line Fluorometer is the ideal tool for water resource managers and scientists interested in real-time monitoring of water quality, provides a continual indication of the algal biomass in water. The SCUFA (Self-Contained Underwater Fluorescence Apparatus) is an accurate, simple-to-use and versatile submersible fluorometer for chlorophyll and dye tracing applications. The SCUFA has been designed to operate in a wide range of concentrations and environmental conditions.
The Turner Designs TD-4100 on-line oil in water monitor reliably detects BTEX, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and oil in water. The TD-4100 is a nonfouling continuous, on-line monitor that provides hydrocarbon and oil in water monitoring down to low ppb. The TD-4100 is installed for applications that require monitoring of treated and untreated wastewater streams ranging from industrial wastewater, groundwater, process water, produced, potable water intakes, and storm water run-off. The TD-4100 XD is a ruggedized version of the TD-4100 continuous on-line oil in water monitor. The XD is designed specifically for offshore oil production, refining, petro-chemical, mining, and other industries that require robust on-line hardware for severe duty and hazardous area locations. The monitor is skid mounted and constructed of 316 stainless steel, including an external keypad, for operation in corrosive environments. The TD-4100 XD detects and measures crude oil, refined fuels, fuel oils, lubricating or hydraulic fluids, and aromatic solvents in water. Detection limits range from low ppb (µg/L) to high ppm (mg/L). The system is easily configured for hazardous area locations: Class I Division I and Class I Division II.
WTW (Wissenschaftlich-Technische Werkstatten GmbH).
WTW (Wissenschaftlich-Technische Werkstatten GmbH) is a manufacturer of physico-chemical measuring and analytical systems for research, quality control and water and wastewater analysis. WTW is a manufacturer of a complete measuring stations for checking surface waters and portable mains-independent measuring and monitoring instruments for on-site use. Pocket sized meters, field portable meters and laboratory meters for measurement of pH, D.O. and conductivity. BOD meters and multi parameter instruments for water and wastewater analysis and control. Photometers and spectrophotometer for wastewater analysis as well as routine measurements. On-line instruments for continuous measurement of pH, D.O., conductivity, nitrate, phosphate and ammonium in surface water, drinking water and wastewater.
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