Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Manufacturers and suppliers of process (in-line, on-line) analytical equipment, process analytical instruments, composition analyzers, moisture analyzers (process GC instruments, on-line GC systems for gas analysis, NGA, RGA, process mass-spectrometers, on-line MS systems for gas analysis, online photometric analyzers, process FT-IR, NIR spectrometers, Raman spectrometers, refractometers, fluorometers, drinking water quality monitors, wastewater analyzers, continuous emission monitoring systems, CEMS). Производители и поставщики промышленного аналитического оборудования, поточных, промышленных аналитических приборов (промышленные газовые хроматографы, масс-спектрометры для анализа газов, газоанализаторы, фотометрические анализаторы, ИК-Фурье, БИК, Рамановские спектрометры, рефрактометры, флуориметры, анализаторы питьевой воды, промышленных стоков, анализаторы промышленных газовых выбросов, дымовых газов).
Manufacturers and suppliers of process mass spectrometers and residual gas analyzers (in-line, on-line mass-spectrometry gas analysis instrumentation, process mass-spectrometer systems for continuous gas analysis). Производители и поставщики промышленных масс-спектрометров для непрерывного анализа газов, анализаторов остаточных газов (поточных масс-спектрометрических газоанализаторов).
International companies index. Международный указатель компаний.
AMETEK Process Instruments.
AMETEK Process Instruments is a manufacturer of process analytical instrumentation - UV, visible, infrared, NIR photometric process analyzers, flue gas analyzers, continuous emission analyzer systems (continuous emission monitors, CEM systems), process mass spectrometers (online mass-spectrometer systems), mass spectrometers - residual gas analyzers (RGA systems), trace moisture analyzers, process oxygen analyzers, trace oxygen analyzers (zirconium oxide based oxygen analyzers for combustion control, air / fuel mixing control, furnace atmosphere control, trace oxygen measurement for pure gases). 
AMETEK Process Instruments manufactures natural gas analyzers (portable and in-line gas chromatographs for natural gas analysis, GC NGA systems), gas gravitometers, hydrocarbon dew point analyzers, liquid densitometers, portable gas moisture analyzer for natural gas processing and transmission industry. AMETEK Process Instruments also manufactures gas-purity monitoring systems - gas chromatographs for contamination monitoring of high and ultra high purity gases (gas purity analyzers, trace gas analyzers, GC systems for analysis of impurities in fixed, permanent gases).
CFTI Analytic (ЦФТИ "Аналитик").
CFTI Analytic (St.-Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of process gas analyzer systems based on time-of-flight mass-spectrometer (TOF MS systems for on-line gas analysis), mobile TOF MS systems for gas analysis, flue gas analyzers, portable gas analyzers. The company manufactures TOF MS gas analyzer systems, quadrupole mass-spectrometers for residual gas analysis (residual gas analyzers, quadrupole RGA systems), magnetic sector mass-spectrometers for gas analysis. The company manufactures TOF MS gas analyzers for metallurgical furnace control, flue gas analyzers, continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS), gas sampling equipment. CFTI Analytic manufactures transportable, mobile TOF MS gas analyzer (mobile time-of-flight mass-spectrometer for gas analysis). The company manufactures portable, handheld gas analyzers. The company also manufactures vacuum components, high vacuum valves.
Diablo Analytical Inc.
Industrial solutions for GC, GC/MS. Diablo Analytical, Inc is an independent company that provides R&D level analytical application development services on a project basis. Diablo Analytical provides analytical project management services to industrial and commercial clients, filling the gaps being created as firms either downsize or eliminate analytical support staffs. Areas of expertise include analytical separations, on-line, in-situ, and process analysis, sample preparation, and computer applications. Specializes in the development and integration of custom analytical measurement applications and instrumentation- Gas Chromatography, Atomic Emission Detection for Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography, Ion Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Infrared / FTIR. For example the Agilent Technologies 5000A Real-Time Gas Analyzer combines Agilent's proven 5973N Mass Selective Detector technology, a specially-designed process sampling interface, and Diablo's MS Sensor 2.0 process analysis software for  Real-time chemical measurement for continuous improvement. MS Sensor 2.0 Multi-Sensor Process Analysis Software for Real-Time Gas Analyzers is designed to allow simple, yet flexible acquisition and display of real-time process data using the Agilent Technologies 5973 MSD and other kinds of instruments and sensors like pressure and flow meters.
Extrel CMS, LLC.
Extrel CMS, LLC (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) is a manufacturer of flange mounted quadrupole mass-spectrometers, process (online) and laboratory MS gas analysis systems, residual gas analyzers (RGA systems). Extrel manufactures a range of flange mounted quadrupole mass-spectrometers (100 amu, 200 amu and 500 amu versions with a number of options available), process gas analyzers, lamp analyzer, trace gas purity system, custom MS systems and components (RF power supplies, RF/DC power supplies, ion optics, EI, CI, API ion sources, quadrupole mass filters, ion guides and collision cells). Extrel manufactures atmospheric pressure ionization mass-spectrometer for ultra high purity (UHP) gas contamination analysis and trace pollution studies - trace gas purity system featured low parts per trillion detection limits for gas contaminates (the system is also offered in an MS/MS configuration). Extrel manufactures molecular beam systems and plasma analysis systems for stable, accurate and high sensitivity analysis of processes from 10-4 Torr up to above atmospheric pressure. The systems include a full quadrupole mass spectrometer system (mass ranges from 20 amu to 14,000 amu), equipped with complete software, sampling system and sampling orifice. Extrel also manufactures quadrupole MS/MS systems. The company offers a wide range of options, including the ability to connect to multiple ionization sources using different ionization techniques (EI, CI, API) and to perform analysis and deposition. Extrel also offers a complete turnkey research MS/MS/MS system. The company manaufactures thermal desorption systems including mass spectrometer, vacuum system and pumps, mounting rack, sample heater with control and pressure measurement (sample sizes up to 300 mm).
Hamilton Sundstrand - Applied Instrument Technologies (AIT).
Hamilton Sundstrand - Applied Instrument Technologies is a manufacturer of process and laboratory FT-IR and NIR, process mass spectrometers, process gas chromatographs and FIA analyzers. Hamilton Sundstrand - Applied Instrument Technologies (formerly AIT is the process analytical business unit of the Sensor Systems Division of Orbital Sciences Corporation) manufactures Analect FTIR / NIR Analysers, MGA Process Mass Spectrometers, PIONIR Near-Infrared Analyzer, Foxboro Process Gas Chromatographs (the AIT/Foxboro 931 Series PGCs) and CS 200 Amine Stream Analyzers. High reliability, high precision and the ability to perform in harsh environments are common features of all AIT analyzers and analytical instruments. Hamilton Sundstrand's chromatographic and spectroscopy technologies can monitor gases, liquids, solids, slurries, and supercritical fluids in a broad range of temperatures and pressures, as well as in hazardous environments. 
The MGA (Multiple Gas Analyzer) Process Mass Spectrometers is a series of on-line analyzers (multicollector magnetic mass spectrometers MGA 1200EC, MGA 1600ES and MGA iSCAN uses double focusing, magnetic scanning) designed for a wide range of process gas analysis applications. MGA iSCAN is the first process unit with double focusing, magnetic scanning. MGA iSCAN provides scan range from 1 to 200 AMU and dynamic range that allows components to be measured at detection limits ranging from 100% to below 1 ppm. A proprietary ion source design allows measurement of reactive gases, such as H2S and HCl. Analyser meets all area classifications including explosion-proof and CE requirements.
Hiden Analytical Ltd.
Hiden Analytical Ltd is a manufacturer of quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas analysis and secondary ion mass spectrometers (SIMS) for surface analysis, sorption characterisation instrumentation (gravimetric analysers) and multistream valves. Hiden Analytical Ltd is a manufacturer of DSMS series gas analyzers (dynamic sampling mass spectrometers) for high precision gas purity analysis, residual gas analysis, quantitative gas analysis for gas reaction studies, on-line process control and gas composition measurements. Hiden Analytical Ltd is a manufacturer of SIMS systems (secondary ion mass spectrometers) for surface & interface analysis, fundamental surface studies and routine industrial sample analysis. Hiden Analytical Ltd is a manufacturer of sorption characterisation instrumentation measuring gas and vapour sorption and moisture sorption, sorbent characterisation. Hiden Analytical manufactures intelligent gravimetric analysers for gas & vapour sorption characterisation.
The Hiden Analytical’s HPR-20 dynamic sampling mass spectrometry system is a bench mounted, cart mounted or console configured system for continuous analysis of gases at pressures upto atmosphere. Features high sensitivity and stability together with wide dynamic range.
The Hiden Analytical’s EQS secondary ion mass spectrometer for static and dynamic SIMS applications features combined sector field analyser and triple filter quadrupole mass spectrometer. Ionised species with masses up to 1000 amu may be analysed. An integral electron impact ion source is utilised for conventional RGA, leak detection and Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry (SNMS). The EQS employs a high performance triple quadrupole filter and sector field analyser with DC quadrupole input focusing lens. Ions passing through the instrument have simple curved trajectories with virtually 100% transmission within the pass band.
The Hiden Analytical’s SIM Probe is a compact bolt-on probe combining an in-line energy analyser with a quadrupole mass spectrometer for surface mapping, depth profiling and interface analysis. Features in-line Bessel Box energy analyser and triple filter quadrupole mass spectrometer. A built-in ion source permits the analysis of sputtered neutrals as well as standard RGA for vacuum chamber diagnostics. In Multiple Ion Detection (MID) mode, positive and negative ions of different mass and energy can be selectively and simultaneously monitored. This allows the user to optimise the SIMS analysis for each ion of interest and to do trend analysis of the selected ions for depth profiling applications.
The Hiden Analytical’s Moisture Sorption Analyser IGAsorp is designed to accurately measure the magnitude and kinetics of moisture sorption onto materials. It is fully automated and combines an ultra sensitive microbalance with precise measurement and control of both humidity and temperature. The IGA series of instruments uniquely utilise the IGA method to intelligently determine equilibrium uptakes and kinetics. It is a bench top system specially developed for the pharmaceutical, food and packaging industries. Suited to QA testing and product R&D. Optional Upgrade to run with Organic Vapours.
INFICON Inc. (formerly Leybold Inficon Inc) is a manufacturer of field portable analytical instruments for on-site environmental monitoring and process instrumentation for analysis, monitoring and control. INFICON Inc manufactures specialized instruments such as in-situ gas analyzers and sensors for semiconductor, thin films and other manufacturing processes; helium and halogen leak detectors for vacuum and AC & refrigeration applications; vacuum gauges for total pressure measurement; and field-portable gas chromatograph - mass spectrometer for environmental testing. INFICON Inc manufactures a variety of field portable and process gas analyzers (gas analysis instruments) includes: Quadrupole mass spectrometers (RGA) for monitoring and controlling residual gases in vacuum environments used for semiconductor manufacturing and other processes, high-end quadrupole mass spectrometers for research, and plasma process monitors for plasma diagnostics. The Transpector Gas Analysis System provides superior levels of performance for process control, including multiplexing, PPM analysis and even reliable in situ CVD process monitoring. Featured products:
The HAPSITE - Field portable gas chromatograph - mass spectrometer (GC-MS) for on-site environmental characterization and monitoring, air pollution analysis, easy and dependable on-site analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Battery-powered, lightweight, and weatherproof, HAPSITE can speciate and quantify VOC in minutes, significantly reducing the cost, time, and difficulties of environmental testing.
InProcess Instruments GmbH (IPI).
InProcess Instruments GmbH (IPI) is a manufacturer and supplier of process mass spectrometers for online gas analysis (mass spectrometry gas analyzers) includes: the ESD 100 Element specific detector coupled to an elemental analyser for the sensitive determination of elements and stable isotopes, GAM 200 Multi-component Gas Analyser, GAM 300 Process gas mass spectrometer for gas analysis from percentage to ppm level, GAM 400 Mobile bench-top mass spectrometer for R&D application (modular concept with open design), GAM 500 UT On-line mass spectrometer for ultra trace analysis in pure gases and gas mixtures, GAM 600SI On-line mass spectrometer with soft ionisation, LGA407 Lamp gas analyzer for the analysis of lamp fillings, GIA 522, Gas inclusion analyser for the analysis of micro gas inclusions, IMU 200 Uranium mass spectrometer for isotope composition of uranium hexafluoride. 
Featured product: The ESD 100 is a powerful addition to elemental analysis (EA) for coupling to elemental analysers from many manu-facturers. Depending of the EA configuration it is possible to analyse the concentration of C, H, N, O, S and Ar as well as their isotopic ratio. This measurement can be performed rapidly and easily in soil and plant samples over a wide dynamic range and without any interferences from memory effects. The ESD 100 system can be easily coupled to new and existing elemental analysers and optimised for the specific applications.
InProcess Instruments GmbH (IPI) manufactures quadrupole mass spectrometers with a variety of measuring parameters; gas inlets with pressure and temperature control as well as multi-port gas inlet systems for the addition of different gases; various coupling options; and analogue ports for data exchange in connection with InProcess QUADSTAR Software, which allows optimized equipment operation and the automization of the whole analytical process. The perfect combination of IPI mass spectrometers and InProcess QUADSTAR Software allows software support for all product groups, fully automated calibration and analysis, efficient data analysis, easy generation of reports, as well as modem support for remote diagnosis and maintenance. InProcess QUADSTAR also supplies application-specific modules. The main areas of application are online process gas analysis, quality control and special applications for the coupling with other analytical technologies such as elemental analysis and thermogravimetry. The functions include process control, quality control and environmental protection. 
Ionwerks Inc.
Ionwerks, Inc is a mass-spectrometry instrument company, manufacturer of time-of-flight (TOF) surface analysis instrumentation, gas analysis and plasma analysis instrumentation, MALDI TOF mass-spectrometer and electronics for TOF mass spectrometers. Ionwerks Inc manufactures a complete line of instrumentation and electronic equipment for use in time-of-flight mass spectrometry includes: the CompactTOF mass spectrometer for gas analysis and plasma analysis, mass spectrometer for surface analysis combined the mass spectrometry of recoiled ions (MSRI), direct recoil spectrometry (DRS) and secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) in one compact analytical instrument, neutral atom beam source (NABS), position sensitive detector (PSD), 4-anode detector and one anode detectors, beam buncher, Poschenrieder TOF/Electrostatic energy analyzer, time-to-digital converter (TDC) and software to use it, TOF timing controller, high voltage pulser, power supply for beam steering, capacitive decoupler for detectors and detector power supply.
The CompactTOF is the orthogonal extraction reflector time-of-flight mass spectrometer (ORTOF) for gas and plasma analysis, features compact and inexpensive design. Ionwerks Inc manufactures PlasmaTOF for plasma and gas analysis, GasTOF RGA with EI source, Mobility-TOF with MALDI source. Ionwerks Inc also offers the electronics to run this instrument - voltage supplies, a high voltage pulser, PC card timing controller, and time-to-digital converter (TDC) for data acquisition. Other products include a complete alkali ion beam line based on surface ionization sources, and a new 4-channel time-to-digital converter which makes it possible to use DRS and MSRI to monitor surface structure and composition during thin film growth. The instruments provide the in-situ structural and elemental analysis necessary for the growth of superior wide-bandgap materials, including diamond, gallium nitride, and silicon carbide.
Kurt J. Lesker Company.
Kurt J. Lesker Company manufactures high vacuum equipment, ultra high vacuum equipment and thin film deposition systems. Kurt J Lesker Company is a manufacturer of vacuum systems, vacuum chambers, vacuum fluids, vacuum pumps, vacuum components, vacuum valves, traps and filters, sputter sources, sputter targets, evaporation sources, evaporation materials, process instruments, surface sciences products, pressure measurement instrumentation, residual gas analyzers, electrical feedthroughs and motion feedthroughs, sample manipulation equipment, gas liquid management equipment, and system components. Kurt J Lesker Company manufactures a wide range of vacuum systems, vacuum chambers, vacuum pumps, vacuum drying ovens and vacuum components. A variety of vacuum laboratory equipment, small vacuum pumps, glass bell jar systems and a wide range of other vacuum products. Kurt J Lesker Company is a manufacturer of gauges for high vacuum (HV) measurements and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) measurements includes convection gauges, thermocouple gauges, thermocouple tubes, pirani gauges, diaphragm manometers, capacitance manometers, vacuum switches, cold cathode gauges, hot filament ion gauges, multiple gauges, ion gauge tubes. Kurt J Lesker Company manufactures the AccuQuad, a quadrupole RGA (residual gas analyzers), RGA inlet systems, leak detectors, and replacement filaments. The AccuQuad quadrupole RGA's provides analog and histogram mass scans, single gas monitoring and total pressure measurement. Its smart microprocessor control automatically handles all hardware-dependent decisions during measurements, eliminating the guesswork from measurement routines. AccuQuad's built-in RS232 interface and high-level ASCII command set make it easy to integrate into any existing control program. AccuQuad provides complete multiplexing capabilities, monitoring up to eight units from one PC.
Process Instruments: crystal sensors which use the piezo-electric properties of quartz to measure rate of deposition and final film thickness on substrates; and equipment for spectroscopic ellipsometry which uses polarized monochromatic light in multiple wavelengths to investigate bulk solids, thin films, and material roughness. Other process instruments include monitors, controllers, and recorders.
Sample manipulation equipment: a range of devices for moving samples through a vacuum system without breaking vacuum integrity. These include XYZ manipulators, rotary drives, linear positioners, rotary platforms, linear drives, wobble sticks, mechanical hands, rack and pinion transporters, adjustment mechanisms, and complete transfer systems.
Surface Sciences Products: a full range of components and systems for most spectroscopic, spatial, and ellipsometric surface science techniques used today such as the Phoibos electron energy analyzers, ion energy analyzers, photon sources, electron sources, equipment for diffraction techniques, and the Woollam's variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer (VASE).
Gas Liquid Management Products: calibrated leaks, mass flow control devices, liquid valves, liquid nitrogen handling equiment, fluid feedthroughs, compress air handling equipment.
MA Tech Services, Inc.
MA Tech Services offers service and support for process mass spectrometers - gas analyzers (in-line, on-line MS systems for gas analysis): InProcess Instruments GAM 300 mass spectrometer - gas analyzer, Perkin-Elmer MGA 1100 and MGA 1200 gas analyzers (Medical Gas Analyzer and Industrial Gas Analyzer). MA Tech Services is a supplier of spare parts and electronic components for process mass spectrometers - gas analysers. 
MA Tech Services supplies process mass spectrometers - gas analysers manufactured by InProcess Instruments GmbH - GAM 300 process gas mass spectrometer, GAM 500UT process gas spectrometer for ultra pure gas analysis, GAM 400 mobile bench-top mass spectrometer, GIA 522 gas inclusion analyzer for the analysis of micro gas inclusions, LGA 522 lamp gas analyzer for the analysis of lamp fillings, IMU 200 uranium mass spectrometer. InProcess Software for gas analysis by mass-spectrometry.
MA Tech Services not only provides expert field service but also has a fully equipped electronic & mass spectrometer repair shop that enables us to completely refurbish your mass spectrometer. Also software development. Offer custom design and built custom sample systems. Offer sample systems from CBISS. The CBISS Sniffer 8/16 is a wall mounted gas sampling system designed to operate with infra-red & electrochemical point sensors to form an area gas monitoring system. The signal from each sensor is monitored and HI or LO alarm relays are provided for each gas monitored. The Sniffer can be supplied as an 8 or 16 channel system thus with four sensors this could be equivalent to having 32 or 64 point sensors cabled back to a central location.
METTEK (Russia) is the mass-spectrometry instrument company, manufacturer of time-of-flight mass-spectrometers for continuous (in-line, on-line) gas analysis. METTEK manufactures industrial TOF MS systems for gas analysis, process mass-spectrometer - gas analyzers. The TOF-MS gas analyzers identify any gas components within 1-800 a.m.u. mass range. High rate of TOF MS operation enables to display data on 200 masses within 0.1 sec.
The company also manufactures technological vacuum systems, cryogenic oilless vacuum system, high-voltage power supplies, automatic charging units, high-voltage discharge devices, test-discharge devices.
MKS Instruments, Inc.
MKS Instruments, Inc is a manufacturer and supplier of instruments and integrated subsystems that measure, control, power and monitor critical parameters of semiconductor and other advanced manufacturing process environments. In addition to semiconductors, MKS (MKS Instruments, Inc) products are used to manufacture a diverse range of products, such as optical filters, flat panel displays, magnetic and optical storage media, medical imaging equipment, architectural glass, solar panels and gas lasers.
MKS Materials Delivery Product Group in Methuen, Massachusetts manufactures Mass-Flo gas phase MFCs and advanced products for the precise delivery of gases, vapor, and liquids.
MKS Pressure Measurement & Control Products in Andover, Massachusetts manufactures Baratron process capacitance manometers and gas delivery pressure transducers; upstream and downstream and self-tuning pressure controllers; butterfly and throttling poppet valves; and calibration systems for vacuum-pressure-gas flow rate instruments.
MKS PICO Products in Methuen, Massachusetts manufactures portable mass-spectrometer-based helium leak detectors.
MKS provides sophisticated measurement technologies to monitor and control manufacturing processes in the semiconductor and opto-electronic industries. Spectra Products in Morgan Hill, California and Crewe, U.K. manufactures an innovative range of in situ process monitoring instruments promoted and sold as fully integrated, application-specific packages. Products include component residual gas analyzers (RGA), analytical equipment, and process RGA's. MKS On-Line Products in Bloomfield, Connecticut, designs and manufactures an advanced range of gas analysis and wafer metrology products based on FTIR spectrometry, as well as complementary analysis and control software.
MKS HPS Products in Boulder, Colorado manufactures HPS vacuum components and valves in a wide variety of standard sizes and configurations; a broad range of high vacuum gauges, including Pirani, convection Pirani, MicroPirani, hot cathode and cold cathode; and Effluent Management Subsystems for manufacturing productivity enhancement, utilizing HPS vacuum pumping line heaters and traps.
MKS ENI Products in Rochester, New York and Colorado Springs, Colorado, manufactures: RF power supplies for semiconductor and other thin film processing applications and for the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) market, and DC power supplies for IC, storage media, flat panel display manufacturing, and other coating applications. The ENI product portfolio also includes impedance matching networks and plasma metrology products.
MKS ASTeX Products in Wilmington, Massachusetts manufactures innovative solutions for plasma, power, and reactive gases. ASTeX's product portfolio includes reactive gas generators, ozone generators and ozone liquid delivery subsystems, and microwave and specialty power generators and subsystems.
The Control & Information Technologies group of MKS enables customers to more completely monitor and analyze, and more precisely control, the process chamber environment by integrating critical process components, technologies and data around the process chamber. TeNTA Products process controllers collect data on the process chamber environment by connecting through D.I.P. Products digital process control network products to the instruments, components and subsystems surrounding the chamber. With the addition of IPC Products' connectivity hardware and software, MKS can enable the distribution of that process data in real time across the factory network.
MKS Telvac Engineering in Telford, U.K. manufactures complex vacuum subsystems and offers design and manufacturing outsourcing to OEMs.
Vacuum, pressure and flow measuring instrumentation: mass flow meters and controllers, vacuum gauges, pressure transducers, pressure control, vacuum valves and hardware, mass spectrometers, primary and secondary calibration standards. Orion Partial Pressure Transducer (PPT) Series Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA). The Orion Compact Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) is designed for the monitoring of pressures less than 10-4 Torr and is typically used for equipment monitoring in loadlock and buffer chambers.
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology, Inc.
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of vacuum pumps, vacuum measuring instruments, vacuum hardware, vacuum systems, leak detectors, quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas analysis. Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology is a one of the world's largest manufacturers of turbopumps: turbomolecular-drag pumps, split flow turbopumps, magnetic coupling rotary vane pumps and Roots pumps. Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology is the worldwide representative for Balzers Instruments featuring gas analyzers, mass spectrometers, compact vacuum gauges and leak detectors.
Quadrupole mass spectrometers for gas analysis and process monitoring, including MS gas analyzer (mass range 1-200 amu) for corrosive and explosive gas monitoring, for exhaust monitoring of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) processes, process control during production and service/maintenance of CDV tools. The compact system monitors all key functions including purge gas flow and ensures that the scrubber is functioning properly and removing all contaminents. Qualitative analysis of all gases. MS gas analyzer features low detection limit even for condesable gases and temperature controlled gas inlet.
Stanford Research Systems.
Stanford Research Systems (SRS) is a manufacturer of test and measurement instruments, scientific instruments, time and frequency instruments, vacuum instruments. SRS Product Categories: Test and Measurement Instruments - FFT Spectrum Analyzers; Synthesized Function Generators; LCR Meters; Thermocouple Monitors; Dual Channel Programmable Filters. Scientific Instruments - Digital Delay Generators; Lock-In Amplifiers; Gated Integrators / Boxcar Averagers; High Voltage Power Supplies; Optical Chopper; Photon Counters; Preamplifiers; Small Instrumentation Modules, Quartz Crystal Microbalance. OptiMelt MPA100 - Automated Melting Point System features accurate measurements of melting point & melting range, automatic and visual determination, PID-controlled temperature ramping, digital movie of each melt, stand-alone operation and computer control (by USB), conforms to Pharmacopeia and GLP, printer output. Time and Frequency Instruments - Time Interval and Frequency Counters; LORAN-C Frequency Standards; Benchtop Rubidium Frequency Standards; Rubidium Oscillators; Ovenized Crystal Oscillators. Vacuum Instruments- Residual Gas Analyzers; Closed Ion Source Gas Analyzers; High Pressure Sampling Systems; Ion Gauge Controllers; Ion Gauges; Pirani Gauge, Partial Pressure Monitor for RGA. 
SRS manufactures gas analysis instruments. Stanford Research Systems offers a complete line of scientific and engineering test and measurement instrumentation, including: lock-in amplifiers, FFT spectrum analyzers, dynamic signal analyzers, time interval counters, boxcar averagers, rubidium atomic clock, preamplifiers, function generators, digital delay generators, LCR meters, frequency standards, power supplies, programmable filters, photon counters, multichannel scalers, optical choppers, 10 MHz oscillators, thermocouple monitors, residual gas analyzers (RGA), closed ion source (CIS) analyzers, process monitoring systems (PPR), ion gauge controller. Vacuum Products and Residual Gas Analyzers product lines: Residual Gas Analyzers - Residual Gas Analyzers, Closed Ion Source Gas Analyzers, PPR Series Vacuum Process Monitoring Systems and QMS Series Quadrupole Mass Sampler Systems. Ion Gauge Controllers - IGC100 Ion Gauge Controller, SRS Bayard-Alpert Gauges and SRS Pirani Gauges.
QMS Series gas analyzers offer efficient, cost effective solutions for gas analysis and monitoring in vacuum or atmospheric pressure processes. These mass spectrometers simplify the task of on-line process monitoring, leak detection, troubleshooting and analysis of gas species. The QMS system continuously samples gas at low flow rates (several milliliters per minute) making the instrument ideal for on-line analysis. The inlet can be equipped to sample at pressures from above atmospheric to as low as 10 mbar. Data is acquired continuously, as opposed to batch sampling which is employed by gas chromatographs. An advanced quadrupole mass spectrometer design, coupled with state-of-the-art pumping technology, allows the entire system to be packaged in a small, transportable system. The QMS systems are supported with a real-time Windows® software package that runs on IBM compatible PCs. The intuitive graphical user interface allows measurements to be made quickly and easily. Data is captured and displayed in real-time or scheduled for acquisition at specified time intervals. Features include analog and histogram modes, pressure vs. time scans, leak detection, audio and visual alarms, relay output options and comprehensive on-line help.
The Monitor Instruments Company.
The Monitor Instruments Company (formerly The Monitor Group) is the mass-spectrometry instrument development and manufacturing company focusing on development of cycloidal mass spectrometer technology. The company’s modern CMS designs offer exceptional stability and sensitivity, making them ideal chemical monitors. The company currently manufactures a series of linear cycloidal mass spectrometers that are used to monitor chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and in sophisticated clinical applications, worldwide. Products Series 3000L Laboratory Mass Spectrometer (Lab & Field  Mass Spectrometer), Series 3000I Industrial Mass Spectormeter (Fixed Location Mass Spectrometer, enclosure: steel cabinet, NEMA type; optional hazardous location cabinets), and Series 3000C Clinical Mass Spectrometer (Automated Isotope Ratio Analyzer).
The Automated Isotope Ratio Analyzer applications: Medical diagnostic testing for H. Pylori infection using C-13 labeled urea and analyzing breath for C-13 enriched CO2 (UBT). The Series 3000C Automated Isotope Ratio Analyzer was developed to meet the needs of point-of-care diagnostic screening and confirmation for a number of disease states using breath testing. These include the current UBT, but also a host of other very significant tests to characterize gastric motility, diagnose infant galactosemia, and early stage liver disease. The Series 3000C is a fully automated double focusing magnetic mass spectrometer designed for this and other isotope ratio work requiring high precision, accuracy, and throughput. 
Hardware & Software Features: A one inch pitch cycloid mass analyzer is used which is equipped with special slit con- figurations to optimize peak shape and resolution at mass 44/45. A multi-gain electrometer with noise characteristics approaching Johnson noise limits and a 4 MHz V/F converter is used for ion detection. The instrument control and data handling is performed with an embedded processor sup- ported with solid state flash memory. This provides a high degree of reliability. An automated gas inlet system provides for on-line unattended mass calibration, primary isotope ratio calibration, inlet purge functions, and full sample handling. Versatile gas sampling head uses a membrane drier to remove water from samples for improved precision and accuracy. Sample is introduced into the mass spectrometer using a deactivated direct capillary without contact with valves or other adsorptive surfaces, the sample capillary is tem- perature stabilized for constant flow characteristics and excellent short and long term precision. The software system completely automates the process with graphical user setup of autosampler functions and vial type (sample, calibration, challenge) with replicate analysis and replicate summary reporting. Transfer of data to an external computer system for record management and retention via RS-232.
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