Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Manufacturers and suppliers of biotechnology equipment and microbiology equipment (laminar flow hoods, laminar flow biological safety cabinets, boxes, biological safety hoods, glove boxes, fermentors, bioreactors, cell culture systems, incubators, food microbiology equipment, microbial analyzers, laboratory equipment for the microbiological analysis of foods, water). Производители и поставщики оборудования для биотехнологии и микробиологии (ламинарные шкафы биологической безопасности, ламинарные боксы биологической безопасности, стерильные боксы, ферментеры, биореакторы, инкубаторы, лабораторное оборудование для микробиологического анализа пищевых продуктов, воды).
Manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory freeze dryers, high vacuum freeze dry systems, laboratory lyophilizers. Производители и поставщики лабораторных лиофильных сушилок, (сублимационных сушек).
International companies index. Международный указатель компаний.
FTS Systems|Kinetics.
FTS Systems is a manufacturer of precision-controlled cooling and heating equipment. FTS Systems is a manufacturer of automated laboratory freeze-dryers and lyophilizers, laboratory temperature control equipment including baths, immersion coolers, and recirculating coolers, temperature control equipment for x-ray diffraction and NMR studies.
GFL (Gesellschaft fur Labortechnik mbH.)
GFL is one of the leading manufacturers of constant temperature laboratory equipment: deep freezers, shakers, water baths, shaking water bath, incubators and water stills. GFL is a manufacturer of deep freezers (Chest freezers & Upright freezers), incubators, shakers and shaking water baths, tempering baths, thermostats, water stills. Chest and Upright Freezers especially suitable for long term storage of organic substances- for temperatures up to -85 °C, 30 to 500 litres capacity. Storage systems (accessories) for more orderly organisation of samples.
Shakers with orbital, reciprocating, orbital rocking, rocking or rotating motion. A wide variety of accessories. Test Tube Rotator. Rotating Shaker for processing soil samples.
Water Baths with and without circulation system, Water Baths for evaporation, Water Baths for fume hoods, Multiple Water Baths. Tissue Float Bath for stretching and drying cut tissues. Precision Thermostat. Shaking Water Baths with orbital or reciprocating motion. THERMOLAB- quadrothermal Shaking Water Bath with reciprocating motion- four individually settable temperatures. Shaking Incubators with orbital motion. Hybridisation Incubator for exact Detections of DNA and RNA probes. Mini Incubator and Tube Roller Incubator.
Water Stills with and without storage tank, Glass Water Stills. Water Stills for single and double distillation- for ultrapure, bacteria and pyrogen free distillate with very low conductivity.
Labconco Corporation.
Labconco Corporation is a manufacturer of biological safety cabinets, clean benches, chemical fume hoods and enclosures, laboratory equipment, apparatus, and accessories. Labconco Corporation has been a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory equipment and apparatus for 80 years. Labconco Corporation manufactures laboratory chemical fume hoods and enclosures, biological safety cabinets, HEPA-filtered safety cabinets, enclosures and clean benches, work stations, carbon-filtered enclosures, non-ventilated enclosures, balance enclosures, laboratory animal enclosures (HEPA filtered enclosures offer allergen protection), glove boxes, blood drawing chairs, laboratory carts and benches, centrifugal sample concentrators and cold traps, evaporation systems, freeze dry systems, vacuum desiccators, density gradient fractionators, digital chloridometer, Kjeldahl nitrogen determination apparatus, fat determination apparatus, crude fiber determination apparatus, laboratory glassware washers, water purification systems.
Martin Christ Gefriertrocknungsanlagen GmbH.
Freeze drying in laboratory and production scale. From the 2kg bench-top unit to the 300kg steam-sterilizable production unit. Martin Christ is one of the leading manufacturers of freeze drying units world-wide, with an experience of more than 50 years and offers an entire program of laboratory, pilot and production plants for all applications. The units comply to international regulations such as FDA and GMP. On request, they can also be supplied with steam sterilization. All units from Christ fulfil highest standards on materials used and functional safety and can be extended for future operations.
Another business activity since over 15 years is the production of rotational-vacuum-concentrators ("RVC"). The Christ RVC-series is well structured in size and combination with different cooling traps and vacuum pumps. Rotational Vacuum Concentrators - RVC 2-18 designed for efficient concentration of DNA/RNA-samples, Alpha RVC „IR" with infrared heating, -85°C cooling trap and vacuum pump (Combinatorial Chemistry).
VirTis Company.
VirTis Company is a manufacturer of laboratory, research and production-scale freeze drying systems. VirTis manufactures laboratory freeze dryers, pilot plant and production scale lyophilizers. VirTis also supplies a wide range of freeze drying accessories including freeze drying flasks and 96-well plates.
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Analytical and laboratory equipment companies, scientific instrument companies. Производители и поставщики аналитического и лабораторного оборудования.