Аналитические приборы и лабораторное оборудование, газовые хроматографы, хромато-масс-спектрометры, газохроматографические анализаторы, приборы для ВЭЖХ, высокоэффективные жидкостные хроматографы, препаративные жидкостные хроматографы, ИК-Фурье спектрометры, Рамановские спектрометры, БИК спектрометры, промышленные БИК анализаторы пищевых продуктов, УФ спектрофотометры, флуориметры, спектрофлуориметры, атомно-абсорбционные спектрофотометры, элементные анализаторы, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры для анализа металла, оптико-эмиссионные анализаторы элементного состава металлов, сплавов, спектрометры ИСП, масс-спектрометры, газоаналитические приборы, масс-спектрометрические газоанализаторы.
Manufacturers and suppliers of analytical equipment (gas chromatography instruments, process GC systems, liquid chromatography instruments, HPLC systems, electrophoresis systems, mass-spectrometers, GC-MS, LC-MS systems, NMR spectrometers, atomic-absorption spectrometers, ICP-AES, optical-emission spectrometers, X-ray fluorescence spectrometers, XRF metal analyzers, spark metal analyzers, FTIR, NIR, Raman spectrometers, UV-Vis spectrophotometers, fluorescence spectrometers, refractometers, polarimeters, flow injection analyzers, FIA, SFA systems, electrochemistry instruments). Производители и поставщики аналитического оборудования (газовые хроматографы, жидкостные хроматографы, приборы для электрофореза, масс-спектрометры, хромато-масс-спектрометры, ЯМР, атомно-абсорбционные спектрометры, оптико-эмиссионные спектрометры, рентгенофлуоресцентные спектрометры, анализаторы металлов, ИК-Фурье, БИК, Рамановские спектрометры, УФ-Вид спектрометры, спектрофлуориметры, рефрактометры, поляриметры, проточно-инжекционные анализаторы, рН-метры, иономеры).
Manufacturers and suppliers of electrochemical equipment, instruments, systems (electrochemical instrumentation, electrochemical analyzers, sensors and electrodes for electrochemistry, pH, conductivity, ion measurements). Производители и поставщики оборудования, приборов, систем для электрохимии (электрохимических анализаторов, электродов для измерения рН, электропроводности, концентрации ионов).
International companies index. Международный указатель компаний.
ABB process control instrumentation, process analytics.
ABB (ABB Instrumentation and Analytical) is the process control instrumentation, process analytics manufacturer and instrumentation solutions supplier. Instrumentation includes actuators and positioners (a complete family of valve automation products), flowmeters (gas flow meters, steam, liquid, slurry flow meters), temperature transmitters and sensors, pressure transmitters and remote seals, remote sensing measurement devices, industrial process signal monitoring and logging devices, process recorders and controllers, process gas analyzers (continuous gas analysis and emission monitoring instruments, SEMS, hydrogen purity analyzers, purge gas analysers, combustibles analyzers, zirconia oxygen analyzer), at-line gas chromatographs, laboratory gas chromatographs, process gas chromatographs (GC system for simulated distillation, sulfur in fuel GC analyzer), gas chromatograph sample handling systems, multiwave process photometers (fiber optic photometer, IR, UV photometers), laboratory and process FTIR-NIR spectrometers (FT-IR / Near-IR composition and moisture measurement analyzers, on-line gasoline analyzer), physical property measurement analyzers (on-line Reid vapor pressure analyzers), hydrogen sulfide analyzer for the measurement of hydrogen sulfide in gas streams, water quality analyzers.
ABB Instrumentation and Analytical manufactures and supplies a broad range of process analytical instruments and complete analyzer systems for quality control of water: ammonia monitors, chloride monitors, dissolved organics, dissolved oxygen monitors, pH, conductivity, ORP monitors, fluoride analyzers, hydrazine monitors, nitrate monitors, phosphate monitors, silica monitors, sodium monitors, turbidity systems, water hardness monitors.
Packaged Analyzer Systems (pre-assembled water analysis and monitoring systems)- complete instrumentation for water analysis. These systems can be used to measure everything from pH and conductivity through to silica and phosphate. Supplied fully pre-manufactured and pre-tested, the water analysis system assemblies are delivered to site ready for operation. Only connection to samples, drains, power supply and signal outputs is necessary on site.
Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc. (ASTI)
Advanced Sensor Technologies is a manufacturer of pH, ORP and Ion Selective sensors for industrial applications. ASTI manufactures specialty, rugged pH, ORP and Ion Selective sensors for difficult process control and difficult measurement applications, such as mining, pulp and paper and petrochemical industries. The company services pH, ORP, Ion Selective, Conductivity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen measurements for the process control industries with full line of transmitters, sensors and related equipment. Products: Explosion-proof, programmable instrumentation for pH, ORP, ion, conductivity, resistivity and DO measurements. Immersion pH/ORP sensors - rugged line of pH & ORP sensors for in-line measurements, available for slurry / viscous, sulfide, high-temperature, cyanide and organic applications. Ion selective sensors - a complete line of industrial quality ion selective sensors, available in immersion and twist lock configurations. Custom buffer solutions and pre-programmed  instrumentation available. Twist lock pH/ORP sensors for high maintenance pH & ORP applications requiring frequent cleaning or calibration. Valve retractable pH/ORP sensors with blow-out protection for pH & ORP measurement. Sanitary pH/ORP sensors. Digital pH measuring systems for continuous monitoring and datalogging applications (wastewater monitoring).
Akvilon (Аквилон).
Akvilon (Moscow, Russia) is a manufacturer of HPLC instruments, IC instruments, electrochemical instruments, UV-visible spectrometers, automatic titrator, flame photometer, moisture analyzer. The company manufactures modular HPLC systems, ion chromatography systems, process IC analyzer, portable ion chromatograph, portable pH-meters and ion meters electrochemical analyzer, automatic titration system, UV-visible spectrophotometers, flame photometer, moisture balance analyzer. The company also manufactures laboratory water purification system. Akvilon offers fully equipped mobile analytical laboratories for air analysis, water analysis, soil analysis. The company also supplies a broad range of laboratory equipment.
Analytical Sensors & Instruments Ltd.
Analytical Sensors & Instruments Ltd. is a manufacturer of laboratory and process electrochemical sensors (industrial electrochemical sensors) for pH, ion concentration, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature measurment. Analytical Sensors & Instruments manufactures process electrochemical sensors, process electrodes for environmental monitoring, process monitoring and control, water purity monitoring. Analytical Sensors & Instruments offers a complete line of rugged pH, Ion Selective, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature sensors designed to interface with various industrial meters.
Applikon is a manufacturer of a complete range of bioreactor systems for biotechnology, process and environmental on-line analyzers, on-line titrators, on-line colorimeters, on-line ion selective analyzers. Applikon Biotechnology manufactures: Laboratory scale bioreactor systems, pilot plant scale bioreactor systems, production scale bioreactor systems. Glass autoclavable vessels, vessel constructions, stirrers, agitation equipment, stainless steel autoclavable vessels, bench top steam-in-place vessels. Controllers and software for data logging and supervisory control of bioreactors. Also utility cabinet, sensors (Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Carbon Dioxide, redox temperature, pressure, level, weight, anti-foam), cell separation devices, samplers for on-line analysis, auxiliary equipment, accessory equipment (pumps, rotameters, mass flowmeters and controllers, temperature recirculator, heating blankets, sample system, addition bottles, draft tubes and aerators).
Applikon Analyzers Division manufactures a broad range of on-line analyzers for chemical industry, metal mining, metal surface, food, pulp, paper, textile, water: Process titrators for all kinds of titrations from ppm level upto g/l (titration analyzers for on-line titrations, ion-sensitive and colorimetric analysis). Ion-Analyzer for ion analysis of ammonia, nitrate, fluoride, chloride, cyanideby means of ion-sensitive electrode (ISE). Process colorimeter for colorimetric analysis of silica, phosphate, ammonia, iron, aluminium. COD Analyzer for measurement of the chemical oxygen demand level. All models of Applikon Analyzers developed for the harsh industrial environment (CE-marked and IP65). Sample conditioning systems.
Atago Co. Ltd.
ATAGO is a manufacturer of refractometers and polarimeters (Brix meters, saccharimeters). ATAGO manufactures a line of portable refractometers: digital hand-held pocket-size refractometers - saccharimeters (sugar content meters), digital hand-held pen-size refractometers, clinical refractometers, and a family of portable wine refractometers. ATAGO manufactures Abbe refractometer, multi-wavelength Abbe refractometer, digital refractometers, automated digital refractometers, automated polarimeters - saccharimeters. ATAGO manufactures process in-line refractometers (sugar content meters, online Brix monitors). ATAGO also manufactures portable digital pH meter, portable digital conductivity meter, portable digital salt-meter.
Bibby Scientific Limited.
Bibby Scientific Limited (UK) is a manufacturer of science equipment - analytical instrumentation, laboratory instrumentation, benchtop laboratory equipment (furnaces, incubators, ovens, heaters), scientific instruments (colony counters, melting point apparatus, thermal cyclers). Bibby Scientific Limited manufactures laboratory furnaces and ovens, a broad range of temperature control equipment: block heaters, contact thermometers, block heater - sample concentrator device, water baths, recirculating coolers, hybridisation ovens, hybridisation incubators, orbital shaker incubators, benchtop shakers, microtitre plate shaker, tube rollers, rockers, blood tube rotators, thermal cyclers. Bibby Scientific Limited manufactures colony counters, melting point apparatus, flocculators. Bibby Scientific Limited manufactures liquid handling equipment, hotplates, ceramic top hot plates, large capacity hotplates, stirrer hotplates, large capacity stirrer hotplates, magnetic stirrers, heating mantles, laboratory mixers, overhead stirrers. Bibby Scientific Limited manufactures rotary evaporators. Bibby Scientific Limited manufactures laboratory water treatment, water purification equipment - water stills. Bibby Scientific Limited offers the Jenway UV-Visible spectrophotometers, colorimeters, flame photometers, laboratory and portable dissolved oxygen meters, pH-meters, specific ions meters, conductivity meters.
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. (BAS).
Bioanalytical Systems, Inc (BAS) is a manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for studies in pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, drug metabolism, and toxicology. Bioanalytical Systems manufactures a full line of in vivo sampling (whole blood, plasma, microdialysis and ultrafiltration) laboratory instrumentation, including fully automated in vivo sampling system (the system can automatically collect blood, bile, metabolites, dialysates and more from awake and freely moving animals as small as mice and as large as swine). Bioanalytical Systems manufactures electrochemical analyzers (automatic workstation for voltammetry and polarography, cyclic voltammetry, potentiostat / galvanostat, analog potentiostats), electrochemical detectors for HPLC (amperometric detector for high performance liquid chromatography). Bioanalytical Systems offers analytical and microbore columns for high performance liquid chromatography.
Bioanalytical Systems manufactures fully computer-controlled electrochemical detector for high performance liquid chromatography features the thin-layer flow cell working with chromatographic columns ranging from microbore to standard bore (0.32 - 4.6 mm ID). The PC-controlled electrochemical detector can perform constant potential amperometric detection, pulsed amperometric detection (PAD), and can acquire data from external devices. Up to 4-channel electrochemical detection is available (1-channel and 2-channel instruments can be easily upgraded to 2 or 4 - channel electrochemical detector).
Bourevestnik (St. Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of X-ray diffraction and X-ray spectroscopy instruments, X-ray analyzing crystals, X-ray detectors, high voltage power supplies, electrochemical analysis equipment, osmometers (milliosmometers).
BVT Technologies a.s.
BVT Technologies is a manufacturer of TFT (Thick Film Technology) electrochemical sensors, electrochemical measurement system and bio-sensor substrates. Product lines: Electrochemical sensors and Biosensors, portable and laboratory electrochemical measurement system, miniature peristaltic pumps with PC control capabilities, classical electrochemical electrodes and related accessories.
Features products: A complete electrochemical measurement system solution based on these miniaturised sensors is offered to the customers. This portable system arrangement consists of a microflow system, analyzer with memory facility and PC analysis software and can be uses for field experiments. Alternately the Microflow system can also be connected to any standard Polarographic analyser or similar equipment. A range of  Special miniaturised pumps up to motor diameter of 10mm, complete with electronic housing and PC control software. Supply of classical electrodes in bulk quantities to interested distributors.
Chemel AB.
Chemel AB is a manufacturer of electrochemical instruments. Chemel AB specialized in development, manufacturing and sales of electrochemical analytical instrumentation (Biosensors) for laboratories, industry and hospitals.
CH Instruments Inc.
CH Instruments is a manufacturer of electrochemical instrumentation (computerized electrochemical analyzer - workstation, electrochemical detector, AC impedance analyzer, bipotentiostat and multi-potentiostat; Scanning Electrochemical Microscope or SECM), and accessories  for electrochemical measurements including flow cell, cell stands, working electrodes, reference electrodes (aqueous and non-aqueous), counter electrodes.
The Model 700A series bipotentiostat can be used for rotating-disk electrodes (RRDE) and other cases where dual channel measurements are essential. The Model 800 are suitable for either single or dual channel electrochemical detection for flow cell, biosensor, capillary electrophoresis and HPLC. Model 800 Series Electrochemical Detector for liquid chromatography and flow injection analysis can also be used for other electroanalytical applications.
Colloidal Dynamics, LLC.
Colloidal Dynamics is a manufacturer of instruments measuring particle size and zeta potential (laboratory and process instruments for colloidal chemistry). Colloidal Dynamics manufactures instrumentation for direct measurement of particle size and zeta potential in concentrated colloidal dispersions without dilution. Instrumentation can analyze colloids in situ, without interrupting the underlying industrial processes. Measurements can be made on flowing colloids. The instruments based on Electroacoustic Spectroscopy and featured automatic potentiometric and volumetric titration of the sample. Colloidal Dynamics manufactures zeta potential analyzer featured sample measurement without dilution or sample preparation at concentrations up to 60% volume. Colloidal Dynamics manufactures turnkey system provides thorough characterization of concentrated colloidal dispersions (measurement of particle size, zeta potential, pH, conductivity, temperature, potentiometric titrations, and simple volumetric titrations with chemical reagents). The AcoustoSizer - a complete turnkey instrument for determining particle size and zeta potential in concentrated colloid suspensions. This highly-integrated measurement system includes sensors for measuring the pH, conductivity, and temperature of the sample, in addition to the particle size and zeta potential. The AcoustoSizer II- a new generation laboratory instrument, based on a flow-through concept for determining particle size and zeta potential in concentrated colloid suspensions.
CONSORT nv is a manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for electrochemistry and electrophoresis (electrochemical and electrophoresis equipment for research, analysis, laboratory and industrial purposes). The well-known meters and controllers for pH, mV, ion analysis, rH2, temperature, conductivity, salinity, resistivity and dissolved oxygen. For the molecular biology field, Consort offer a wide range of electrophoresis equipment such as high voltage power supplies, horizontal and vertical apparatus, DNA sequencers, blotting units, UV-tables, darkrooms, beta / gamma protection products. Products: Instrumentation for measurement of pH, mV, Ion, Conductivity, Salinity, Resistivity, Dissolved oxygen- Bench and portable, basic and multi-parameter analysers, industrial controllers and electrodes. Bio-electronic rH2 Bench, multi-parameter analysers. Thermometers- Bench, scanning and Portable models. Electrophoresis Power supplies, Mini power supplies and Apparatus.
Corning Science Products.
Corning Science Products is a manufacturer and supplier of labware, lab equipment and laboratory instrumentation for electrochemistry. The Science Products Division of Corning Incorporated encompasses three business segments serving the laboratory science market: Corning Labware and Equipment, Corning Costar and Corning Samco. Products are include a new line of bench meters as well as hotplates and stirrers, PYREX laboratory glassware, and disposable plastic products for use in tissue culture and sampling applications. Corning offers a complete line of scientific instruments including: Portable meters for pH, conductivity, total dissolved solids, temperature and dissolved oxygen. A completely new line of bench top pH and ISE meters. An innovative bench top conductivity meter. A redesigned line of electrodes meeting a broad range of applications.
Costech International.
Costech International develops analytical technologies for materials characterization. Costech International is a manufacturer of process and laboratory analytical instrumentation for the chemical and physical characterization of materials and catalysts. Product Lines:
Elemental Analysis products line- Instruments, products and accessories for elemental analysis and sample digestion for stable isotopes. Line is complete for contents of organics in aqueous samples, in gas streams and in combustion fumes. Consumable Products for CHNS-O Organic Elemental Analysis.
Micro Surface Line (Porous Solids Characterization)- Dedicated systems and accessories for analysis of microstructure of materials: porosity, specific surface, wettability, surface reactivity, particle size distribution, density, acidity / basicity of surface, water adsorption, catalysts and materials ageing.
Bio Mass Line (Fermentation)- Systems for evaluating fermentation process and oxygen demand of organics, food and waste materials, biogas. Full range of sensors (O2, CO2, CH4, pH, T, Pressure, Humidity) and accessories. Major systems are: Biofermenters, Respirometer, Automatic Rumen System.
Also Ion Chromatograph for automatic lab and process ion analysis, Process Monitoring Systems, Environmental Technologies (Industrial Air Treatments, Ozone Abatement, Indoor Air Treatment).
DeltaTRAK Inc.
DeltaTRAK is a manufacturer of innovative portable instrumentation to enhance total quality management and food safety products such as digital thermometers, hygrometers, ISFET, pH meters, temperature and humidity recorders, electronic data loggers, thermolabels, disposable temperature recorders, infrared non-contact thermometers. Portable Infrared Thermometers- Non-contact IR Themometers from industrial to food use.
DeltaTRAK offers ColdTRAK, an information management program that includes high quality test instruments and software for monitoring environmental and processing conditions of temperature-sensitive commodities throughout the cold chain. Monitoring, recording, and validating the data of these conditions are essential to maintaining the safety and quality of perishable and temperature-sensitive products. Follow-up support and value-added services are an integral part of the ColdTrak program. A report of archived data is available upon request, including Web-hosted access, and free post-trip calibration services are provided to support insurance claims.
Denver Instrument Company.
Denver Instrument Company is a manufacturer of a broad range of laboratory equipment, including analytical and toploading balances, benchtop meters, titration systems, portable pH meters, calibration weights and moisture analyzers. Product lines: balances, calibration weights, electrochemistry meters, moisture analyzers, and titrators. Microwave Moisture / Solids Analyzer- The New M2 Microwave Moisture/Solids analyzer offers results in a fraction of the time of conventional microwave methods- Most samples yield results in less than 1 minute. IR-200 Moisture Analyzer offers standard performance for general purpose applications. Mark 2 Moisture Analyzer offers superior performance for more difficult applications. Mark 2HP Moisture Analyzer offers high performance in measuring low-level moisture and solids (below 0.5%).
Econix-Expert (Moscow, Russia) is a manufacturer of lab and portable instruments for electrochemical analysis, electrodes for pH and ion measurements, nitrite, nitrate measurement. Econix-Expert manufactures laboratory and portable instruments for measurements of dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, BOD, chemical oxygen demand, water hardness, pH, conductivity. The company manufactures voltametric analyzers, polarographs, pH-meters.
Emerson Process Management.
Emerson Process Management is a supplier of products, services, and solutions that measure, analyze, control, automate, and improve process-related operations. Emerson Process Management (formerly Fisher-Rosemount) specializes in process-automation products and technology as well as measurement, analytical, and control instrumentation. Emerson Process Management offers engineering, consulting, maintenance, and project management services.
ESA Biosciences, Inc.
ESA, Inc is a manufacturer of electrochemical detectors for HPLC, evaporative light scattering detector for HPLC (nephelometer detector system), and electrochemical analyzers. ESA manufactures high sensitivity detectors for HPLC based on electrochemical sensors- the Coulochem II and CoulArray detectors are based on the company's exclusive, patented flow-through coulometric electrode technology. Unlike other electrochemical detectors in which electrodes commonly "see" 10% or less of the analyte, coulometric sensors convert 100% of the analyte. This leads to enhanced sensitivity and the ability to use multiple electrodes in series for screening, reduction-oxidation, and array detection. The Coulochem II and CoulArray detectors are incorporated into HPLC systems which include pumps and autosamplers which have been optimized for electrochemical detection. These systems offer unique detection capabilities to people working in pharmaceutical, neuroscience, clinical, food and environmental disciplines. Coulochem III Electrochemical Detector for HPLC - The latest in electrochemical detection platforms for HPLC from ESA  This powerful new system is the next generation, modular electrochemical detector platform that is configurable for either DC, Pulse/Scan or both.  It incorporates discrete, optimized electronic circuitry for each detection mode to give enhanced stability and sensitivity.  The Coulochem III provides reliable, low maintenance operation with Coulometric and amperometric detection techniques for standard to microbore HPLC. Gradient, Multi-channel Electrochemical Detector for HPLC - The CoulArray Multi-electrode Array detector is the only electrochemical detection system that can give you true 3-D analysis with individual peak purity for multiple analytes while using gradient elution HPLC. And, with the extreme sensitivity of the CoulArray, many compounds including: drugs, vitamins and micronutrients, can be analyzed in complex biological samples.
Extech Instruments Corporation.
Extech Instruments Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and portable test and measurement istruments (pH-meter, oxygen meter, refractometer, portable viscometer, conductometer). Heavy duty dissolved oxygen meter, heavy duty pH/mV temperature meter, digital refractometer for measurement concentration of sugar, oil, brine, and extracts in the food and drink, pharmaceutical, automotive, and sola (0-45% Brix). Portable Printers.
Galvanic Applied Sciences Inc.
Galvanic Applied Sciences (formerly Galvanic Analytical Systems) is the process analytical instrument company. Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures process analytical and contol instrumentation for the natural gas industry (process on-line gas chromatograph for natural gas BTU measurement, natural gas flow and pressure measurement system, H2S and total sulfur in natural gas analyzer), chemical and petrochemical industries (gas chromatographs - sulphur analysers for lab and process sulphur measurement, H2S and total sulphur in liquids analyzer, on-line amine analyzer), emissions monitoring (continuous emission monitoring systems, CEMS), water treatment process (water quality monitors). Galvanic Applied Sciences is a manufacturer of equipment, instruments, systems for composition measurement for gases and liquids, continuous natural gas analysis, sulphuric gases analysis, determination of hydrogen sulphide and total sulphur levels in process gas streams and liquids, measurement of the both rich and lean amines content in process gases.
Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures at-line, in-line, on-line gas chromatographs (GC systems with sulfur chemiluminescence detector), GC natural gas analyser, infrared gas analyzer (CO2, CH4, and CO analyzer), volume correctors and pressure recorders for the natural and process gas streams, in-line viscometers, in-line optical and acoustic transmitters for process liquids. Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures the lead acetate series of total sulphur analyzers for low-level sulphur measurement in pipeline and process gases, the acid gas analyzer system for continuous and accurate determination of the hyrogen sulphide concentration in the sulfur plant inlet acid gas stream, and the sulfur plant tail gas analyzer system.
Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures equipment, instruments, systems for continuous viscosity measurement of liquids (the Nametre in-line viscometers, viscosity sensors and transmitters), continuous turbidity, suspended solids and color measurments of liquids (the Monitek in-line turbidity, suspended solids and color monitors and sensors). Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures the Tytronic dual wavelength UV-Color analyzer provides accurate measurements of dissolved organics and colored species in drinking water, process water, surface water, wastewater).
Hach Company.
Hach Company is a manufacturer and supplier of measurement instruments, analytical instruments, test kits, reagents and chemicals for water quality testing, drinking water industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater analysis. Hach Company manufactures a complete selection of portable, laboratory and on-line process instruments for water testing and analysis of water quality. Hach Company is a manufacturer of rugged, field portable test kits, portable water quality testing instruments and on-line, continuous process analyzers of drinking water, boiler water, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater. Hach supplies prepared chemical reagents for water testing and analysis of water quality, microbiological analysis of water, electrochemical analysis or ion selective analysis of water, test strips and test kits. Hach Company is a manufacturer of portable datalogging colorimeters, portable spectrophotometers, UV-VIS laboratory spectrophotometers, portable turbidimeters, laboratory turbidimeters, process turbidimeters, particle counters for chemical analysis and conrol of water turbidity, chlorine contents, BOD, COD, pH, soil sodicity or soil salinity. Hach Company is a manufacturer of continious analyzers for nitrate, ammonia, alkalinity, monitor hardness of water, and on-line turbidimeter.
Hamilton Company.
Hamilton Company is a manufacturer of the manual and automatic liquid handling laboratory equipment, ranging from analytical syringes to robotic sample processing instruments, valves and fittings, diluters and dispensers, industrial electrochemical sensors, HPLC columns, and OEM components.
Hamilton Company manufacture: Precision syringes for automated or manual use in GC, HPLC, TLC, and electrophoretic methods. HPLC columns in sizes from microbore to process scale, and custom functionalized resins for HPLC and solid phase synthesis. Polymeric HPLC Columns, HPLC Column Selection, Application Chromatograms and Separation Conditions. Electrodes for pH, ORP, and DO measurements in laboratory, field, and process environments. Hamilton's Sensor Technology Division manufactures pH, redox, conductivity, and oxygen sensors (electrodes) for field, laboratory, and process control applications. Hamilton robotic instruments manufactures a range of automated instrumentation for: Genomics, Proteomics, Pharmaceutical, Forensics, Clinical, Blood Bank, General Liquid Handling. Robotic instrumentation for 96-well plate filling, automated SPE, and oil sample preparation for ICP.
Hamilton Company is a global company specializing in the design and manufacture of products for manual, semi-automated, and robotic precision fluid measuring. Hamilton's engineering and manufacturing facilities are located internationally with headquarter operations in both Reno, Nevada, USA and Bonaduz, Switzerland. Branch offices are located in Germany, the United Kingdom, and France.
Hanna Instruments Inc.
Hanna Instruments is a manufacturer of analytical instruments for electrochemistry, measurement instruments, pocket testers, hand-held meters and benchtop analyzers for pH, temperature, conductivity, TDS, dissolved oxygen, relative humidity, food care control and water analysis. Hanna Instruments manufacture: Conductivity Meters, Sodium Meters, Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Standardization Solutions, Hygrometers, Magnetic Stirrers, Continuous Indicators, Chemical Test Kits, Ion Specific Meters, pH Meters, pH & ORP Electrodes, Titrators, Digital Thermometers, Turbidity Meters, Pocket Meters, Accessories, Probes. A production facility that is ISO 9002 certified.
Hanna Instruments Ltd.
Hanna Instruments Ltd is a supplier of instruments for measuring conductivity and dissolved oxygen, pH meters, thermometers and environmental analytical instrumentation. Chemical Test Kits for more than 20 parameters. Colorimeters- portable meters for over 40 parameters. Conductivity Meters- choose from pocket, hand-held, bench and process meters. Dissolved Oxygen Meters- a range of waterproof hand-held instruments. pH meters- choose from pocket, hand-held, bench and process meters. Relative Humidity Meters- hand-held and waterproof meters. Thermometers. Magnetic Stirrers.
Horiba is a manufacturer of optical spectroscopy instruments (fluorescence, Raman spectrometers and microscopes, NIR spectrometers, NDIR, FTIR gas analyzers, UV spectroscopic process gas analyzer, ambient ozone monitor, UV fluorescence sulfur in-oil analyzer), electrochemistry instruments, elemental analysis instruments (ICP-OES, glow discharge spectrometers, XRF spectrometers, EDXRF microspectrometer, XRF sulfur in-oil analyzers, C, H, N, O, S analyzers), environmental analysis instruments, emissions measurement instruments (air pollution analyzers, engine exhaust gas analyzers, stack gas analyzers, continuous emission monitoring systems, CEMS), water analysis instruments (handheld water quality meters, process water analyzers, water quality monitors), particle size, particle shape, zeta potential, and surface area analysis instruments (particle size, particle shape analyzers, surface area analyzers, zeta potential analyzers), thin film measurement instruments (ellipsometers). Horiba also manufactures gratings and OEM mini CCD spectrometers.
I.Q. Scientific Instruments, Inc.
I.Q. Scientific Instruments is a manufacturer of pH measurement instruments based on non-glass pH meter technology. I.Q. Scientific Instruments manufactures non-glass pH systems with stainless steel pH electrodes, and a full line of pH meters which accept both glass and non-glass probes. Non-glass probes store dry, require no maintenance and are easy to clean. Measure liquids, semi-solids, and viscous samples.
Jenway Limited.
Jenway Limited is a manufacturer of scientific instrumentation and analytical instruments, includes UV/Vis spectrophotometers, life science and environmental spectrophotometers, fluorimeters, flame photometers, colorimeters, portable and laboratory meters for the measurement of dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity and specific ions. Jenway Limited manufactures chloride analysers, ion analysers, spectrophotometers, thermometers, flame photometers, psychrometers, hotplates and stirrers, dissolved oxygen meters, conductivity meters, pH meters, fluorimeters, colorimeters, turbidimeters, humidity meter.
Labfit is the Western Australian analytical instrument company, manufacturer of laboratory analytical equipment: carbon and sulphur analysers for mineral ores, soils, coke, coal, using representative sample sizes of up to 5 grams; automated pH and EC analysers for soils, plants, water, for very large batches of samples, up to 120 samples. Labfit also manufacture OEM autosamplers. Simultaneous Carbon and Dual Range Sulphur Determinator- The Labfit CS-2000 combines the latest technology into a truly modern and reliable instrument which is easy to operate and maintain. The software includes powerful statistical and diagnostic functions as well as a comprehensive on-screen instruction manual. The entire instrument, including the Furnace and Autosampler is housed in a single Cabinet with easy access to all instrument components. Three Infra-red Cells to cover a wide range of Carbon and Sulphur. Automatic Sulphur Infra-red Cell selection. Multipoint Calibration over a wide range of Carbon and Sulphur. Interfaced four place Analytical Balance.
Labfit carries a wide range of products for the laboratory market, ranging from fittings and sieves through to full instrumentation systems. Labfit supplies and supports several types of analytical equipment for Elemental Analysis, pH & Conductivity Analysis, Oil Analysis. Labfit supplies and supports several types of Sample Preparation equipment - Digestion Systems, Sampling and Dilution Systems, Heating and Drying Systems, Solvent Extraction, Fibre Extraction. Also supples of Environmental monitoring equipment (Kipp & Zonen, Velp), Equipment for Food Analysis (CEM, Velp), On-Line Analysers (Applikon, Grabner, Phase Technology), Consumables and standards for AA and ICP (Alpha Resources), columns and accessories for GC and HPLC (Chrompack), Consumables and Spare Parts for various elemental analysers, Complete range of Auto Analyser accessories and a range of Connectors and Filters (Gradko).
Lumex (St. Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of chromatography and electrophoresis instrumentation (gas chromatography instruments, HPLC systems, capillary electrophoresis and electrochromatography systems), optical spectroscopy instrumentation (mercury analyzer systems, portable mercury in air analyzer, GF AAS system, FTIR spectrometers, FTNIR composition analyzers, FT-NIR whole grain analyzers, fluorimeters - luminometers, fluorescence spectrometers). Lumex manufactures field and process water analysis instrumentation (fluorescence instruments for water analysis, oil in water monitors, continuos flow water analysers, electrochemical on-line, in-line water analyzers, water quality monitors, turbidity monitors). Lumex also manufactures biochemistry analyzer.
Man-Tech Associates, Inc.
Man-Tech Associates, Inc is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of titration, ion analysis and BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) analysis instrumentation for the analytical laboratory. Man-Tech Associates, Inc manufactures the PC-TitratIon Plus family of titrators. The PC-Ion Plus, PC-Titrate, QC-Titrate and TitraSip systems for ion analysis and / or autotitration. A variety of robotic autosamplers and sample preparation options are also available. The innovative TitraSip module converts the XYZ robotic autosamplers into an automated sample transfer station. This robotic device provides automatic pipetting of samples to the analysis vessel, saving operator time and improving accuracy. It has also increased sample capacity up to 350 samples, and allows for the detection of up to six (6) different analytes in one sample. Typical applications include pH, fluoride, alkalinity, conductivity, hardness, cyanide, sulfide and more. Automating color and turbidity measurements, new QC-Titrate, PC-Titrate and PC-Ion Plus software for Windows 95.
Metrohm AG.
Metrohm AG is the Swiss electrochemical instrument company, manufacturer of analytical instrumentation for electrochemistry and ion analysis. Metrohm specialized in Ion Analysis and Electrochemical Analysis. Supplier of electrochemical analysis instruments, is proficient in the fields of titration, voltammetry and ion chromatography, as well as in the techniques of pH, ion and conductivity measurement and a wide range of sensors for all these methods. Products: Potentiometric Titrators, Karl Fischer Titrators. Conductivity-, Ion- and pH-Meters. Piston Burettes, Titration Stands and Stirrers. Laboratory Automation. Polarographic and Voltammetric Apparatus. Ion Chromatography instrumentation. Special Instruments and Sensors.
Ion Chromatography products- The IC Pump, IC/HPLC Suppressor Module "MSM", IC Autosampler, IC Sample Processor, IC Pump Unit, IC Dialysis Unit and Metrodata for Windows software. Metrosep anion & cation separation columns. The New 761 Compact IC- injection valve, double piston pump, columns, Metrohm suppressor module, high-performance detector, peristaltic pump, data processing - all grouped together in a very small space.
The 732 IC Detector is the conductivity detector specially designed for use in both non-suppressed and chemically suppressed ion chromatography. The detector block is thermostatted to a temperature above ambient (25 to 45 °C) with a temperature stability better than 0.01 °C. The auto zero function allows to compensate for eluent background automatically with both suppressed and non-suppressed eluents. Conductivity ranges from 100 µS/cm to 10 mS/cm with signal amplification up to 2000 times allow to record an ion chromatogram under optimal conditions regardless of the method chosen.
Mettler-Toledo International Inc.
Mettler-Toledo International is a manufacturer of laboratory equipment (analytical balances, laboratory balances, moisture determination balances, pipettes), lab robotics and instrumentation for general titration, Karl Fischer titration, water analysis, TOC, dissolvent oxygen, CO2 measurement, pH, ion, conductivity measurement, density measurement (portable density meter, lab density meter), melting point determination, dropping point determination, refractometry (portable refractometers - Brix meters, lab refractometer). Mettler-Toledo International manufactures automatic melting point analyzers and modular system for thermo-optical analysis and the determination of boiling point, cloud point, clear point, thaw point, softening point. Mettler-Toledo International manufactures thermal analysis instruments (DSC, TGA, TMA, DMA systems), reaction calorimeters, particle characterization instruments, in-situ mid-infrared based reaction analysis systems. Mettler-Toledo International manufactures lab reactors, automatic equipment for high throughput solid and solution phase synthesis (automatic synthesizers). Mettler-Toledo International manufactures laboratory automation systems, robotic workstations for automated sample preparation, solid phase extraction, SPE, drug discovery, parallel organic synthesis. Mettler-Toledo International also manufactures process analytical instruments: dissolved oxygen, DO monitors, dissolved ozone monitors, dissolved CO2 monitors, pH, conductivity / resistivity monitors, turbidity monitors, in-line total organic carbon sensor, on-line total organic carbon analyzer (portable / process TOC analyzer system). Mettler-Toledo International offers solutions for pure water treatment measurement and control in pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor industry, food and beverage industries.
Myron L Company.
Myron L Company is the water testing instrument company, manufacturer of portable and industrial conductivity and pH measurements instruments for water quality analysis and water purity testing (water quality meters, process in-line conductivity and resistivity monitors, field portable pH-meters and ORP measuring instruments). Myron L Company instruments are used in a variety of applications, including water treatment, metal finishing, agriculture, printing, hemodialysis, electronics and environmental protection. Portable water testing instruments - conductivity meters, resistivity meters, TDS meters, pH-meters, ORP meters, temperature meters, conductivity-TDS-pH-meters, dissolved solids meters. Myron L Company manufactures the AgriMeters for water and soil pH measurement, salinity, conductivity, and fertilizer concentration measurements. Dialysate solution conductivity meter. LITHO-KITS for fountain solution control. Standard solutions and buffers for water testing and analysis. Process (industrial) water testing instruments - conductivity monitors-controllers and resistivity monitors-controllers for the ultrapure water treatment systems, electronic industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, food processing and power plants. Myron L Company manufactures automatic monitor-controller for rinse water. 
Nico 2000 Ltd.
Nico 2000 Ltd (London, UK) is a manufacturer of the ELIT brand electrochemical sensors, pH and ion selective electrodes, and computer based analytical instrumentation for electrochemistry. Nico 2000 Ltd manufactures all solid-state, plug-in ion selective electrodes, multiple electrode heads and "meter-less" multi-channel electrode-computer interfaces for connecting sensor arrays to desk-top and lap-top computers and software for complex, simultaneous data processing and display. Simultaneous on-line measurement of multi-sensor arrays with graphical and tabular output.
NICO2000 supplies pH electrodes which give maximum performance with the ELIT Electrode-Computer Interfaces but are also 100% compatible with all existing pH meters. ELIT Electrode Heads are a practical and cost-effective way of connecting electrodes to measuring systems. They are manufactured from a  robust plastic material fitted with low noise cables and connectors and can be re-used many times with any ELIT 8 mm plug-in electrode. The reference element is housed separately from the sensor and either one can be replaced without affecting the other.
Nico 2000 Ltd is a manufacturer of Ion Analysers - ELIT Ammonium Analyser and ELIT Nitrate Analyser.
Providing an information source for theory and practice Ion-Selective Electrode measurements. Includes a 12,000 word Beginners Guide to Ion-Selective Electrode measurements, a 6,000 word Glossary and numerous data sheets on analytical techniques for specific applications.
Nico Scientific.
Nico Scientific is a manufacturer of dry ion selective electrodes (solid state ion selective electrodes). The detectION line of ion selective electrodes introduces the utilization of "dry" (solid state) contact replacing conventional liquid electrolytes. This innovative technology offers longer life and greater stability. Company's original conductive medium, integrated with the classic ion selective membrane results in a superior probe, durable and user friendly. Consequently, the  electrode retains all the benifits of traditional membrane sensors while eliminating the limitations of conventional probes. The  line consists of 21 ion selective electrodes. All probes are available in both mono (half cell) and combination design and function with any standard millivoltmeter or ion meter.
O.I. Corporation. .
O.I. Corporation (OI Analytical) designs, manufactures, markets, and supports analytical instruments used for sample preparation, detection, and measurement of chemical compounds. Products: GC Detectors, GC Analytical Systems, GC Sample Introduction Devices, GC Continuous Monitoring Systems, TOC Analyzers, Water Analyzers, Meters, Probes, Microwave Digestion Systems, Automated Ion Analyzers, Cyanide Analyzers, Gel Permeation Chromatography Clean-up Systems, Soxhlet Extraction Systems, Software and Accessories.
Aqua-Check and Triple Check Water Analyzers, which simultaneously measure the pH, conductivity, and temperature of water and aqueous solutions. These analyzers are hand-held, computer-controlled, digital recording field instruments that are ideal for applications ranging from well water to seawater.
The hand held Aqua-Check Water analyzer can go anywhere and will operate at depths up to 50 feet. It operates on an 8-hour rechargeable battery, automobile cigarette lighter, or AC line voltage adapter. Simultaneous water measurements - pH dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and temperature. The Triple-Check Water Analyzer is a hand-held, computer controlled, digital recording field instrument that simultaneously measures the pH, conductivity, and temperature of water and aqueous solutions. The parameters are measured with a set of easily replaceable sensors. The operator can display either uncompensated or auto-compensated results on the large multifuncion LCD display, and store up to 250 sets of readings for review and recording at a later time. Readings can be displayed either as pH or millivolts, °C or °F, conductivity, or TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).
Palm Instruments.
Palm Instruments BV is the analytical instrument company, developer and manufacturer of electrochemical sensors and portable handheld electrochemical instruments. Palm Instruments provides developers of electrochemical sensors with portable, batterypowered and fully programmable electronic devices. This device can be modified according to specifications given by users. Such electrochemical sensors can be used outside dedicated laboratories. Product lines: PalmSens is a portable electrochemical instrument or potentiostat. It is used as an interface for electrochemical sensors and as field deployable voltammetric analyzer. It provides all important voltammetric and amperometric methods for analysis by means of electrochemical sensors.
Features products: PalmSens is a batterypowered, handheld electrochemical interface or potentiostat. PalmSens can be used with virtually all amperometric and voltammetric sensors. These sensors have been developed for many different applications. The PalmSens instrument is used for sensors or cells with two or three electrodes. The wide dynamic range allows application of micro- as well as macroelectrodes. The response time of the instrument is short enough to apply fast techniques as square wave voltammetry. Its noise level is low enough to measure dc-currents with a resolution of a picoamp.
The instrument is controlled by a Pocket PC. The Pocket PC software provides easy control of PalmSens. All relevant parameters can be edited. The measured curves as well as the calibration are graphically displayed. The software allows determination by means of standard addition or using a calibration curve. The instrument has connections for control of external equipment like valves or a stirrer. PalmSens is expandable with an optional module. This provides the possibility to adjust the instrument for specific electrochemical sensors but also to develop a complete integrated analytical instrument with flow control.
Petrolaser Corp.
Petrolaser (St. Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of laboratory instrumentation, veterinary and medical equipment. Petrolaser manufactures laser medical equipment (laser therapy devices), veterinary and foodstuff testing equipment (projectional trichinelloscope, helminthologic device, projectional microscope, UV-cabinet for food quality control - luminoscope), analytical instruments (portable ionometer / pH-meter, portable nitrate meter, laboratory pH-meter).
Photovolt Instruments.
Photovolt Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of moisture analyzers and instruments for the measurement of color and appearance characteristics. Photovolt Instruments Inc manufactures the Aquatest 2010 Karl Fischer coulometric moisture titration system and the Model 577 color, opacity, brightness, and reflectance meter. These instruments are used to measure moisture content and the appearance characteristics of materials. Instruments are used in many industries including: pharmaceuticals, biomedical, plastics, chemical, petrochemical, utilities, food & beverage, transportation, aerospace, paint & varnish, packaging, cosmetics, pulp & paper, and textiles. Technologies include Karl Fischer coulometry, reflectometry, colorimetry, and methods conforming to ASTM and TAPPI standards for various appearance characteristics. 
Photovolt products for quality control and testing in industrial applications: Aquatest 2010 Karl Fischer coulometric titrator (and associated reagents), a device which measures trace amounts of water in liquid, solids and plastic materials. Optional vaporizer analyzes challenging materials, like lyophilized proteins, pharmaceutical powders or biomedical, pharmaceutical and plastic industry solids. Model 577 Reflection Meter, an instrument to measure color, brightness and opacity in paper, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The Model 577 has applications that conform to ASTM and TAPPI standards.
PID Analyzers LLC.
PID Analyzers LLC (formerly HNU Process Analyzers, LLC) manufactures field portable, laboratory and process online analytical instruments for monitoring of VOC's in Air, Water and Process Streams. PID Analyzers LLC is a manufacturer of field portable analytical instrumentation, continuous monitoring instruments, field portable and process gas chromatographs.
Laboratory analytical instruments and portable instruments for environmental monitoring: field portable gas chromatograph, portable photoionization detectors for the measurement of VOC in air. A line of battery operated, handheld meters for the measurement of pH, NH3, F, NO3, S, Ag, CN, Cl, dissolved O2, and conductivity. Portable pH-meter / Ion meter, Dissolved O2 Meter, and pH-meter / Conductivity meter. 
Analytical instruments for gas chromatography: The Model 301-A compact and transportable automatic GC with choice of PID and 5 other detectors (FUV, TCD, FID, FPD, ECD) for continuous monitoring for PEL, leaks, stacks, process- interfaces with process control computers. The Model 501-A Process GC with remote diagnostics, remote control, choice of PID and 5 other detectors (FUV, TCD, FID, FPD, ECD) for continuous monitoring for PEL, leaks, stacks, process- interfaces with process control computers. An automated, multi-point continuous GC monitor can monitor 10 or 20 sample points. For use at the process fenceline or for area monitoring. The Model 311 Portable GC that has temperature programming and Peakworks for Windows software for industrial hygiene, process evaluations, manufacturing, fence line monitoring. The microprocessor controlled HNU Model 311 D portable Gas Chromatograph has a dual detector capability, chosen from four interchangeable detectors - Photoionization (PID), Flame Ionization (FID), Electron Capture, (ECD) or Far-UltraViolet Absorbance (FUVAD). Also the PID Model 52 Ultra-sensitive photoionisation GC detector, can be added to any laboratory GC. PID Model 321 compact Lab GC with temperature programming and Peakworks for Windows software. Also the HNU Model 650 sparging system for analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water.
Princeton Applied Research.
Princeton Applied Research is a manufacturer of electrochemical instrumentation and instruments for materials characterization and corrosion measurement. Princeton Applied Research manufactures multi-purpose potentiostats and galvanostats, multiple potentiostat and galvanostat system, analog multi-purpose potentiostats and galvanostats, polarography and analytical voltammetry instruments, ancillary equipment and accessories for electrochemistry, and electrochemical software.
The QCA917 system for Simultaneous Weight / Resonant Frequency and Electrochemical Measurements- Track potential, current and frequency or admittance intensity. Sensitive enough to measure weight changes in a monolayer. Quantify elastic and viscous changes in your system. Well-type and dip-type crystal holders.
Static Mercury Drop Electrode- Renewable mercury electrode surface for higher sensitivity and greater operating convenience than the traditional dropping mercury electrode (DME). Converts to Hanging Mercury Drop Mode (HMDE) or traditional DME mode with flip of a switch. Manual or automated contol of purge time, drop size, drop dispensing and dislodgement.
The Systems Approach to Rotating Electrodes and a variety of electrode assemblies for a wide range of experiments, including: high-precision corrosion measurements, ultra-trace analytical determinations, automated Levich plots, Hydrodynamically-modulated voltammetry, Cyclic stripping voltammetry. Also Dual-phase analog lock-in amplifier with two independent line frequency rejection filters, Frequency Response Detector designed for EIS experiments, Power Boosters compatible with Electrochemistry PowerSuite software.
PALS1000 - Solid matter nanometer-sized void detection system for non-destructive characterization of materials. Probe free volume along polymer systems. Study defects in metals, alloys, and non-metal composites, investigate ceramics and amorphous materials and characterize oxide layer in semiconductors. Measurement of barrier properties of protective coatings.
Radiometer Analytical S.A.
Radiometer Analytical SA is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of multipurpose and dedicated potentiometric titrators, coulometric Karl Fischer titration system, pH meters, ion and conductivity meters, portable dissolved oxygen meter. Radiometer Analytical SA is a manufacturer and supplier of  electrochemical instrumentation for impedance studies including the new potentiostats/ galvanostats for corrosion studies. Radiometer Analytical manufactures a polarographic analyzer for trace organics analysis. Product lines: MeterLab - reliable pH, ion and conductivity measurements. TitraLab - dedicated to titration and automation. TraceLab- the intelligent approach to trace analysis. VoltaLab - versatile instrumentation for electrochemistry.
Reagecon is a manufacturer and supplier of standards, reagents and electrodes for applications in the analytical chemistry, molecular biology and clinical chemistry markets. Reagecon manufactures a comprehensive range of reagents and sensors targeting both the process and laboratory electrochemical test markets. Reagecon is a manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and process electrodes together with electrochemical monitoring and control system. Reagecon product range includes: reagents and electrodes for the measurement of pH, Conductivity, Redox, and Specific Ions. Most of products are fully traceable to a primary standard, and are manufactured in an ISO9000 and ILAB (NAMAS) accredited environment. A wide range of colourmetric development Reagents and Standards for use on on-line chemical Analysers. A wide range of Standards, Controls and Calibrators for AA / ICP, CO2 Measurements, Total Organic and Inorganic Carbon and Turbidity. Additionally Reagecon manufacture an extensive range of Analytical Volumetric Solutions (ready to use).
Reagecon also offer LaMotte Company's Water Quality Testing Products. Test Methods- Colourimetric and Titrimetric. Individual Test Kits- Alkalinity to Zinc. Smart Colourimeter incorporating 40 Pre- programmed tests and 25 end-user entered tests. Specialty Products: Air quality sampling and measurement equipment. Aquaculture and Aquarium Testing Products. Enviromental Science Equipment. Pool and Spa Water Test Equipment. Soil Testing Products. Water Conditioning Testing Products. Waterway Monitoring Equipment.
Sanda Corporation.
Sanda Corporation manufactures thermometric titration instruments. Sanda Corporation manufactures three different models of titrators: the QC manual thermo-titrator, the FACTS (Fully Automated Computerized Titration System) multi-titrator and the FloTrol process analytical titration system. The QC is a manually operated digital electronic instrument; the FACTS system contains many of the components of the QC titator, but is controlled by computer with software written on the Labview platform;  the FloTrol is the on-line analytical system which is designed individually for each project. The F.A.C.T.S. system includes a single buret and control module with four application channels that can be used for thermometric, pH, conductometric, and optical applications. SandaWin SW fully exploits the capabilities of SANDA F.A.C.T.S. for more sensitivity, precision and accuracy. Auto-sampler also available with 12, 16 and 24 position carousels, titration head and data cable.
Sensorex is the electrochemistry instrument company, manufacturer of electrochemical sensors and electrodes for pH, REDOX, ORP, conductivity, resistivity and dissolved oxygen measurements in the lab and industry. Sensorex manufactures pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen sensors and electrodes for portable, laboratory and industrial process applications.
Featured products: Self cleaning pH electrodes, Toroidal conductivity, Galvanic dissolved oxygen and other specialty sensors and electrodes. Process pH electrodes - flat surface electrodes, in-line mounted, side stream mounted, submersion mounted, insertion (wet tap) and fluoride resistant electrodes.
Sentron Europe b.v.
Sentron Europe manufactures pH measuring systems based on ISFET (Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor) technology and pressure sensor chips. Sentron Europe is a manufacturer of pH meters, solid state pH sensors and probes. All Sentron pH measuring systems are based on the high-tech Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) solid state pH sensor. Sentron Europe manufactures benchtop and handheld pH Meters and ISFET-based probes for use in the lab, in the field or at the production line. These instruments can handle a virtually unlimited number of tasks ranging from single sample measurements to multi-point datalogging for process monitoring, quality control or research work. 
Three families of ISFET pH probes are available for pH measurements under different circumstances: The Red-Line series is a range of non-glass, virtually unbreakable ISFET pH probes, providing faster, safer and more reliable measurements. The Red-Line probes are available in five different shapes. Although all suitable for general pH testing, each is designed for specific applications. The Hot-Line series is a range of high temperature rated ISFET pH probes. In this series there are three different shapes of the probe available. The Stream-Line series of ISFET pH probes incorporate a flow type reference system, offering solutions for a wide variety of applications.
SIEMENS AG. Process Automation and Instrumentation Division.
SIEMENS AG - Process Automation and Instrumentation Division (Process Analytics) manufactures process gas chromatography instrumentation, process gas analyzers, process liquid analysers and instruments for automotive emission measurement. RGC 202 edition II Gas chromatograph for process and laboratory with temperature programming. PGC 302 edition II Explosion-proof 2-channel process gas chromatograph. PGC 302 edition II - The natural gas analyzer. The PGC 302 edition II for advanced chemical applications. SGC 3000 Compact explosion-proof process chromatograph. Process Gas Analyzers - Rack mounting gas analyzers. Total Hydrocarbon Analyzers. ULTRAMAT Series Gas Analyzers for IR-active Components, Multi Component Gas Analyzers, Gas analyzers for IR active components in field houses. ULTRAMAT / OXYMAT 6E Combination of Oxygen and NDIR Gas Analyzers. OXYMAT Series Oxygen Analyzers. Process Liquid Analyzers for dissolved oxygen measurement, conductivity measurement, redox measurement and pH-measurements. Equipment for automotive emission measurement- OPACIMAT Smokemeter, SIBENCH- NDIR bench for exhaust tester.
Teledyne Analytical Instruments.
Teledyne Analytical Instruments offers scientific solutions for chemical analysis problems. Teledyne Analytical Instruments is the analytical instrument company, manufacturer of gas and liquid analytical instrumentation, electrochemical sensors, analyzers, and custom analytical systems for process control, air separation, medical life support systems, and automotive emissions test equipment. Teledyne Analytical Instruments manufactures electrochemical sensors, oxygen analyzers (trace, percent, portable, online oxygen analysers); flue gas and emission monitoring analyzers and systems, process photometric analyzers (UV, VIS, NIR, IR process photometric analysers), carbon monoxide and flammable gas analyzers, trace hydrogen and thermal conductivity gas analyzers, hydrocarbon analyzers, nitrogen oxide emissions monitoring, sensors and detectors. Series IR7000 Non-dispersive Infrared Gas Analyzers. Portable gas analyzers. Teledyne Analytical Instruments offers a wide selection of options and custom systems to support your special needs.
Tomanalyt (Томьаналит).
Tomanalyt (Tomsk, Russia) is a manufacturer of laboratory instruments for electrochemical analysis, ion measurement, pH measurement. The company manufactures electrochemical analyzers, pH-meters, ion meters. The company also manufactures heating block devices for sample digestion and ashing.
TRACE Analytics GmbH.
TRACE Analytics GmbH is the analytical instrument company developed biosensor, analytical device for micro analysis and lab-on-a-chip integrated systems for applications in the life sciences (clinical diagnostics, food quality control, environmental analysis). TRACE Analytics GmbH manufactures the Alcotrace- Analysis system for Alcohol in wine and beer. Glucotrace- Online glucose analysis in biotechnology. TAS 2000- Modular flow analysis system. Trace Flowcell- Electro-chemical biosensors. TED 4020- Programmable electro-chemical detector for HPLC (including a biosensor option). TED 2020- Electro-chemical detector for HPLC (including biosensor option).
Alcotrace works automatically, does not need expensive reagents and is easy to operate due to its menue controlled display. Three ranges are available to achieve an optimal resolution for each measuring task: 0,01- 1 vol.% for soft drinks and non-alcoholic beer, 0,01- 7 vol.% for beer, 0,01- 18 vol.% for wine and champagne.
Van London-pHoenix Company.
Van London-pHoenix Company is a manufacturer of high quality electrochemical analytical sensors. Van London-pHoenix Company manufactures pH, ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), Conductivity, Oxygen and Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE). Laboratory pH and ORP Electrodes- These electrodes are compatible with all manufacturers' pH meters. Submersible pH and ORP Electrode Assemblies is intended for industrial pH and ORP measurements in open vessels, setting basins, effluent treatment plants, tanks, or canals. Inline pH and ORP Electrodes- The inline electrodes are designed for mounting on standard 0.5", 0.75", or 1" pipe tees for continuous pH and ORP flow-thru monitoring. Retractable Lock-N-Load pH and ORP Sensor Assembly- This assembly is all you need to install a pH or ORP electrode into any pipeline. High-Purity Water pH Sensor- This high purity water pH sensor is designed for continuous in-stream pH measurement of pure and ultrapure water. Self Cleaning pH and ORP. Industrial Replacement Electrodes. Autoclavable pH and ORP Electrodes - Sealed and Refillable. pH and ORP In-Situ Electrodes for Pressurized Chambers. Sealed Steam Sterilizable In-Situ pH / ORP Combination Electrodes. Autoclavable pH Flow Through Electrode Cells. Stainless Steel Dissolved Oxygen Electrodes.
Volta Co. Ltd. (Вольта).
Volta Co. Ltd. (Saint Petersburg, Russia) is a manufacturer of electrochemical analysis instrumentation and laboratory equipment for sample preparation. Volta manufactures electrochemical analyzers (voltammetric analyzers, polarographs), potentiostats, ion selective electrodes (ion selective electrodes without internal electrolyte), glassy carbon rotating disk electrode, interface module for data handling. The company also manufactures microwave samples digestion system and ultra-violet digester for trace metal analysis.
VZOR (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia) is a manufacturer of portable and process instrumentation for water analysis in industry, quality control of potable water, surface water. The company manufactures portable and process water analyzers, field water quality testers, in-line, on-line water monitors (single-channel and multi-channel water monitors with IP30 to IP65 protection class rating). VZOR manufactures dissolved oxygen analyzers (dissolves oxygen meters), dissolved hydrogen analyzers (dissolved hydrogen meters), pH-meters, conductometers - salinity meters, sodium meters. Also manufactures H-cation (ion-exchange) columns and modules for water purification in the labs.
WTW (Wissenschaftlich-Technische Werkstatten GmbH).
WTW (Wissenschaftlich-Technische Werkstatten GmbH) is a manufacturer of physico-chemical measuring and analytical systems for research, quality control and water and wastewater analysis. WTW is a manufacturer of a complete measuring stations for checking surface waters and portable mains-independent measuring and monitoring instruments for on-site use. Pocket sized meters, field portable meters and laboratory meters for measurement of pH, D.O. and conductivity. BOD meters and multi parameter instruments for water and wastewater analysis and control. Photometers and spectrophotometer for wastewater analysis as well as routine measurements. On-line instruments for continuous measurement of pH, D.O., conductivity, nitrate, phosphate and ammonium in surface water, drinking water and wastewater.
YSI Incorporated.
YSI Incorporated is a manufacturer of analytical and measurement instruments, sensors, and real-time systems for the global biosystems market. YSI's Environmental Monitoring Products monitor water quality parameters in wastewater, drinking water, aquaculture, surface water, groundwater, oceans, and estuaries. YSI's Environmental Monitoring Products are used in a variety of applications such as real-time in-situ measurement, sampling, field, and laboratory. Custom-designed systems meet special applications and conditions.
Handheld Field Instruments- YSI Handheld Instruments for field work include oxygen, conductivity, salinity, and pH meters. The YSI Handheld meters have multi-parameter capability in single probes, and offer temperature compensation. The YSI Handheld Instruments have rugged cases, push-button calibration, and built-in probe storage chambers. The instruments are waterproof to IP-65 standards and are battery-operated. Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Dissolved Oxygen & Conductivity Meter, Stirring Independent Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Salinity / Conductivity / Temperature Meter, pH Meter, pH Salinity / Conductivity / Temperature Meter Multi-Parameter Monitoring Systems, Dissolved Oxygen Accessories.
Biotechnology Products- Clinical Glucose and Lactate Analyzer, Sports Lactate Analyzer, Biological Oxygen Monitor, In Situ Dissolved CO2 Monitor, Biochemistry Analyzer. Food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies use YSI analyzers to optimize their production of drugs, vaccines, and food and beverages.
ZIP Gomel (Гомельский завод измерительных приборов).
ZIP Gomel (Gomel, Belarus) is a manufacturer of laboratory and process instruments for electrochemistry, lab and industrial electrodes for electrochemical analysis, pH and ion measurements. ZIP Gomel also manufactures accessory equipment for electrochemistry, online process monitoring and control.
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Manufacturers and suppliers of electrochemical equipment, electrochemical instruments and systems (lab, portable, process online electrochemical analyzers, electrochemistry instrumentation, sensors and electrodes for electrochemistry, pH, conductivity, ion measurements, water quality analysis).